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Could Padme Have Redeemed Anakin If She Lived Past 'Episode III'

by Culture Slate 5 months ago in star wars

What Could Have Been

Many people forget that the main reason Anakin Skywalker actually turned to the dark side of the Force was out of pure fear of loosing Padme, just as he lost his mother in Tatooine. The sole mission of Vader, was to become powerful enough so he could stop his wife from dying. Yet that same fear blinded him at the end, and actually led him to essentially kill his own wife before his duel with Obi-Wan in Mustafar.

After Padme had the twins, she died, having lost the will to live. She gave the universe the twins who would bring the Chosen One back to the light side of the Force. Although Padme did die, Vader spent many years trying to bring her back to life, even going behind the Emperor’s back as he searched the galaxy for answers. Vader was now a machine full of hate and anger, but deep down, he still loved his late wife so much.

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But what if Padme had survive childbirth? What could have happened if she continued on after Revenge of the Sith? In this humble writer’s opinion, yes, she would have helped him come back to the light. Like her daughter Leia, Padme never gave up on anything she did, and even when Anakin had given up on all the light within himself, Padme wanted him to come with her and to join him, as she loved him.

If Padme had survived, she would have joined the Rebellion, and together with her son Luke, her daughter Leia, and Obi-Wan, would have fought the Empire, and they all would have brought Vader back to the light and redeemed him. Vader would have seen the power within his children, especially if Leia and Luke were trained by Obi-Wan since birth. If the two had been Jedi since youth, they both would have joined Obi-Wan, and altogether, they would have defeated Emperor Palpatine. And if it was too late for Vader, he also would have been defeated.

Padme would have been a high ranking member of the Rebellion, and she would have led many attacks against the Empire that would have allowed her to meet in the battlefield with Lord Vader. Vader seeing Padme would have been a huge distraction, and would have helped the Rebellion take advantage of the mission, and it would have given Padme a chance to try and persuade Vader to join her, to leave the darkness, and to come home with her and their children.

This of course could have served as an alternate version of the original trilogy, as trying to persuade Vader come back to the light could have taken Padme a whole trilogy on its own. The amazing love story between Padme and Anakin could have lived on in an alternate universe, as we would have seen them both dealing with the distance between each other, and we would have seen many flashbacks to their love life during the Clone Wars, and of course flashbacks to the pain that those same days brought to the two of them.

Vader would might have tried fighting his feelings for his wife in many ways, just to please the Emperor. But at the end, the love he had for Padme would be greater than any power, and would have made him join his family in the fight between against the Empire, redeeming himself and coming back to the light. After the defeat of the Emperor, Padme would make sure the galaxy sees Vader for who he is, and not for who he was before, bringing balance to the Force once it for all, and joining the Skywalker family, forever.

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Written By Christopher Giron

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