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Composer Murray Gold Confirms 'Doctor Who' Series 10 Soundtrack IS On its Way

Incoming Bill's theme!

By Lewis JefferiesPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Doctor Who is notable for a number of things. The adventures through time and space, the police box shaped TARDIS, and of course, that epic theme tune. Over the years, we’ve been taken to many planets, seen new worlds, met new people, laughed, cried been shocked.

So many stories from the entire run of the show remain fan favourites, but what also remains a fan favourite is the soundtrack that accompanies the episodes. Each series since the revival had an Original Television Soundtrack album that was released alongside the DVD of the series. But, as time went on, the slower these soundtracks were released.

Series 10 of the hit BBC show started broadcasting in April 2017. Three years on, and fans are still waiting patiently for the soundtrack to be released. There has been no word on it being released until recently…

'Doctor Who' [Credit: BBC]

Murray Gold – the composer for Doctor Who – wrote the music to every series starting from the revival in 2005, all the way to Series 10 in 2017 where he bowed out alongside Steven Moffat and others. His departure appeared to put the soundtrack release in jeopardy as he went to work on new projects, most recently being Quiz on ITV.

The tenth series saw Peter Capaldi regenerate and introduced Pearl Mackie as Bill Potts, before she too, departed the show. Bill’s theme instantly became a popular track the moment it was first heard in the opening episode “The Pilot”. Recently, Gold replied to fan on Twitter asking where the soundtrack was, and he replied with this exciting news:

“stage one: idly considering.

stage two: concrete wondering.

excited to report we are at stage three: move closer to an actual thing happening.

keep toe.”

This is, of course, fans have been excited for this soundtrack for many years now, and to get confirmation is music to fans ears. Pun intended. Let us remember that it took roughly three years for the Series 9 soundtrack to be released. Putting that aside, let’s look at some of Gold’s iconic tracks during his tenure of the show.

Murray Gold on Twitter

The Series 10 finale saw an epic battle between the Doctor and the Cybermen. An eerie finale, but stunning music. With a remastered version of the soundtrack by a fan available on YouTube, the finale had some of the most hard-hitting music we’ve had. Notably when Bill departed the Doctor in “The Doctor Falls”. The piano keys when they kick in give immediate goosebumps.

Next up is THAT track from “Heaven Sent” in Series 9. ‘The Shepherd’s Boy’ was and still is a personal favourite to so many fans. The epic montage of the Doctor breaking out of the confession dial to that powerful and electric track speaks a thousand words. You could not make that scene any better than it is. This track is something that will forever remain with many fans. ‘The Shepherd’s Boy’ made a return for Capaldi’s final episode, but it also featured in the 50th Anniversary special “The Day of the Doctor”.

Finally, ‘Song of Freedom’ from the Series 4 finale “Journey’s End” is just so exciting to listen to on its own, but when hearing it in the episode, you can’t help but smile. Pulling Earth home using so many companions and the TARDIS is a beautiful moment to encounter, and the score just adds to that chemistry. In the episode, the TARDIS team cheer and hug, alongside everyone else on Earth as their home is returned home. As everyone celebrates, the score takes the spotlight and creates something that is pure Doctor Who.

Murray Gold is an absolutely fantastic composer, and fans all across the world appreciate his work. Just like the current situation in the world, patience is absolutely vital. We will get the Series 10 soundtrack, it is on it's way, but for now, we continue to wait patiently by listening to some of Gold's most iconic music numbers across the years.

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