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Comparison Between Dark and 3 Body Problem: Who Wins?

Dark Vs 3 Body Problem

By Ayush VermaPublished 16 days ago 4 min read

Guys, believe me, today's topic will prove to be an enjoyable ride for all of you because today I have decided to do a comparison between Dark and 3 Body Problem because the genres of both series are the same.

And the audience wants to know whether the 3 Body Problem series is able to match the level of Dark or not, so stay connected because we will talk about everything from budget to story.

So first of all, let me tell you that the 3 Body Problem series is based on a novel named Three Body Problem, which has been written by Liu Cixin, and the story has been slightly changed in the series, which you actually get to see inside the novel.

If we start the comparison according to the story, then both 3 Body Problem and Dark belong to the sci-fi category, and both of them depict a time-travel scenario. But in 3 Body Problem, time travel has been presented to the audiences in a different way.

In 3 Body Problem, we get to see multiple timelines that are interlinked with each other, and an alien ship is seen coming that is going to take four hundred years to reach the earth and has already started the process of controlling the earth people. Now what is this whole matter? I will not reveal it because this is not an end-of-explanation topic.

Overall, the 3 Body Problem series' major focus is on aliens, aliens' technology, and humanity, which are in danger due to aliens' inventions, plus the lives of scientists are also in danger. So here the audience will see time travel being used more as a term, but here we will not see much focus on time travel.

If we talk about the Dark series, then the major focus of the show is on time travel, which talks about human relationships or complex structures. So in both series, we see somewhat similar patterns, but the way of storytelling in both has been presented to us completely different.

Time travel is a central point in both series, but we get to see its implication or mechanism completely differently, which is a good point in my view.

Now if we talk about the main comparison where we compare both the series according to their budget, cinematography, or rating, then if we first talk about the iMDB rating, currently the rating of Dark is seen to be 8.7. The rating of 3 Body Problem is completely opposite, i.e., 7.5.

Now that's why 1 point goes to the Dark series.

Comparing budgets, "3 Body Problem" spent around $160 million, possibly hitting $200 million with promotions, while "Dark" managed just $20 million. Despite the huge difference, "Dark" gained fame worldwide thanks to its multilingual dubbing, developed in Germany. However, it's a bad thing that "Dark" hasn't yet hit Hindi screens in India, unlike "3 Body Problem," which caters to Hindi-speaking audiences.

When it comes to budget and extras, "3 Body Problem" is ahead. With its big budget and the bonus of dubbing, it's got an advantage. Right now, "Dark" has one point, while "3 Body Problem" is at 1.5 points.

Now, to be honest, within 20 million dollars, the dark series has presented very good cinematic and sci-fi experiences to us, but to be honest, when any of you go to watch the 3 Body Problem series, then you will see some such strong visuals in it, which you may hardly have seen in any sci-fi show or movie before today.

The main reason for this is that the budget of this series, especially the scenes involving VR games, looked almost unreal.

So cinematography-wise, I would like to give the point to 3 Body Problem, but in terms of budget, Dark also does not lag behind.


To sum up, if you're all about a charming sci-fi storyline, then "Dark" wins. But if you want a sci-fi series that's got everything, "3 Body Problem" is the way to go.

Some folks find "3 Body Problem" boring, but its second season is still on the way. While "Dark" nails its storyline, "3 Body Problem" offers a wider range of goodies. Plus, it's available in Hindi, which "Dark" isn't.

So if you definitely want, you can check out 3 Body Problem, and Netflix is also promoting it a lot. There must be some reason behind it.

You guys tell me how many people have watched 3 Body Problem. Although this comparison does not mean at all that Dark is not a good series, this is just a comparison.

You guys, tell me which is your favorite show if you have watched 3 Body Problem completely.

That's all for today. I'll meet you soon.

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