Comes A Horseman

Lucifer Comes

Comes A Horseman

On a night as black as pitch comes the Horseman. It is said that all through-out history man has been tormented by the constant struggle between good and evil. Where good intentions are swept away by selfish desires. These selfish desires are now embedded in the conscious thoughts of man coursed by the temptations that the Horseman offers.

Time and time again man's selfish desires are a result of being deceived into accepting the temptations that the Horseman brings. Where there is power and wealth to be had the more temptations the Horseman offers. An unquenchable thirst now consumes the soul of man. History is written by the evil intentions where mankind accepts and follows through with actions of the temptations set forth by the Horseman.

Man's first great sin occurred in the Garden of Eden when Eve followed through in succumbing to the temptation of the forbidden fruit. When Jesus came and gave his life for man's sins was the first and only attempt at rebutting the temptations of the Horseman. Yet, to this day mankind continues to be seduced by the temptations of the Horseman.

An age of technological marvels has only cemented the materialization for more in society. An insatiable appetite has been manifested out of accepting temptation. The human experience continues to be ruled by the actions of the powers that be, many of whom have surrendered to the temptations brought by the Horseman. So far wave after wave of torment besieges too much of humanity as a result of the few already powerful that are beguiled by the Horseman.

As the world hurdles its way into a future that is predictably bleak, where too much of humanity will continue to wither and die on that vine of lost opportunities much of which is a result of the few who continue to be delusional to the fact of what the Horseman offers. If there is any hope left for humanity it can only come when the great inequality that exists today is eliminated, the vine of opportunity is fed and nourished back to full blossom, and the moral virtue of man is restored. But, as it stands today more of humanity are succumbing to the temptations of the Horseman. Will the night of the Horseman push mankind back into the cave of the Neanderthal? A most sobering question indeed.

His name is Lucifer. A strikingly handsome fellow at first glance. His slick black hair combed in the Valentino style of the 1920's dressed in an Edwardian suit so often the Victorian fashion with piercing black eyes that always draws attention away from his wicked smile has once again set his sights on man's vanity. Yet it is his demeanor that always left people guessing. But, it was on this one blustery rainy cold November night that the world would soon come to know that the horseman has arrived.

For John Hughes, a mild manner inventor and founder of Warp Drive Enterprises whose international success has earned him billions, when the Horseman comes knocking there will be no escape. But, for now he can only envision that devoting his remaining years to easing the pain and suffering caused by humanity's misuse and almost total depletion of the earth's natural resources is his earthly cause.

On this cold rainy night on his estate in Long Island while in his library where the warmth of the fire in the hearth the cares of the world seemed a whole world away. As John was about to pour a glass of Scotch in walked Ferguson, the butler "Sir there is a gentlemen waiting in the foyer Mr. Lucifer he calls himself. Says it is of utmost importance that he speaks directly with you." "This late! Very well, show him in." When Ferguson step out of the library the bottle of Jameson sat on the table, John Hughes' favorite Scotch. Reaching for the Scotch in walked Ferguson and Lucifer. "I was just about to pour a glass would you care to join me?" John turned to face Ferguson. "I don't mind if I do" came the deep voice standing in the doorway. Dressed in that Edwardian black suit with a purple lined black cape which he handed Ferguson Lucifer stepped into the library.

"Tell me Sir what is so urgent that you come this way, this late?" "Well Mr. Hughes I have a business proposition I know you would be most interested in. Your Warp Drive engines are revolutionary. They have made it possible for man to reach for the stars and actually get there. I am here to make you an offer you can't possibly refuse." "Please sit" motioned John.

In opposite chairs as the fire blazed in the background Lucifer spoke "Your recent contribution to the United Nations has to be commended, but, how would you like to more than triple that investment?. I am prepared to offer you over $400 billion for majority share holder of Warp Drive Enterprises." What John Hughes doesn't realize is that he is about to hand over the world's greatest invention since the computer and Internet to the worlds most diabolical man.

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