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Collection of Moments

by Lee 3 years ago in science fiction
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Sick Game

The circumstances that lead to this moment probably could have been avoided. They could have done what Lyra usually does when in her hideouts, they could have used her equipment. They could have covered their tracks. But in a time of building factions and everyone scrambling for forces and making calls when it comes to hard decisions, they opted to be able to be tracked. To keep moving, but now its lead to this.

Lyra was sitting in her chair in her monitor room of the current facility, humming as she stared at the converging stealth ops trying to hone in on their location, Jeremy was pacing behind her. Restless and angry "how can you be so calm Lyra?" Jeremy ground out, only for her to call out in a chipper tone "because this is gonna be exciting!"

An explosion rocked the walls softly. The ops have found the entrance and tried to get a way in. Jeremy looked at the screens that Lyra was staring intently at "aren't you going to do something?" He murmured, feeling unease curl in his form. Dread settling on his bones like lead.

Lyra hummed and shook her head "nope!" She chirped out, popping the P as the entrance collapsed. The ops way in was destroyed and she hummed, reverting power off from that grid section, shutting down that station and keeping surveillance going to ensure they keep an eye on the ruins "I've got no need to do anything, there's more than one way in and out of here, known by me. Equipment means that I can always deposit the facilities holdings into a cell and move everything out. There's emergency rifts I can use to get us out" Jeremy relaxed and leaned against the back of her chair.

"I forgot how used to this you are Lyra" he whispered, staring down at her. She curled up and trained on the cameras focused on the outer grounds, the compound having eyes trained on everyone means that she can watch the stealth ops try to carry out their mission. "What does this mean for us?" He asked and she leaned her head back to stare up at him.

"It means that I get to work on monitoring movement. Should I grow tired of it, I can always release the mine sweepers and get rid of the pests once they cease to be entertaining for me" Jeremy felt a muscle jump on his jaw, teeth gritting minutely before relaxing. "And the damages done?" "Can be repaired. I've jammed their signals so they can't give the location, piggy backing on their frequency means that I can program the system to intercept the transmissions to give an answering reply from their superiors. They think that their mission is being carried out believably and that their superiors have the information they are trying to send out."

She shrugged as she brought her feet up to curl up beneath her. Jeremy sighing, went around and picked Lyra up to deposit on his lap once he sat down in the chair. She shifted to get comfortable and went back to staring at her little entertainment. "And here I was worrying about nothing." Jeremy grunted out, his hand against her side and staring at the people trying to find other means of infiltration.

"You've got nothing to worry about, their mission was a farce once they were within my range of influence." She shrugged, now it's like a mock game of manipulating the ops trying to carry out their mission and simulating orders. "Oh nooo" she cooed out in a mocking tone when the people have tried the cavern entrance through a narrow crevice, a timed explosion separated one female from the group and isolated her in a cavern where the rest are unable to get to her.

Her program gave the order to leave the female behind and the cavern was flooded with stimulants to cause paranoia and they watched as the female began clawing at the rock walls and beating against the crumpled ruins that sealed her in. Until, finally she tried to set off explosives to clear the way. Her paranoia causing her to over-calculate and they watched as the explosion blasted her against the wall. Her front a stringy mess of tissue and the fireball beginning to burn inside.

Lyra giggled, going back to curling up on her spot, now nestled against Jeremy as they watched the rest of the forces carry on after the death of the female. Her devices tried to send out a signal indicating her death, but her program jammed that signal- the rest still believe her alive.

They have made it to a chamber with a screen and the females remains stayed on view, chamber closed off and stimulants released again. Now each person under hallucinations began to turn on the next. Accusations were thrown around and later- guns fired. Lyra having fallen asleep during their hours long arguments while Jeremy stayed awake to watch.

When gunfire started, Jeremy shook Lyra awake and she stared at the screen kind of blearily. Glasses tilted and she blinked at seeing the leader on the ground holding his thigh, blood seeping between his fingers and the rest arguing over how they didn't need to do that. She adjusted her glasses, rubbing her eyes.

Finally- it's come to an agreement that the leader be put down. A blond male pointing their gun at the leaders head and with a final click, the shot blew through their skull. She hummed, seeing blood spray with brain matter and shattered bits of bone clicking on the floor. "Wait where's the-" she asked, just as they all turned on each other and simultaneously opened fire on each other. "There it is" she breathed out, once the last form has stopped twitching, she called for the cleanup and the chambers began to get a nice heat treatment and acid bath to dispose of the bodies.

"Gotta love that easy cleanup" she murmured. Leaning back and Jeremy brought up a scarred hand to brush her hair back "do you always do that? To each squad and force that's sent to apprehend you at your own facility and lab?" She nodded mutely, leaning forward to save the recordings of the happenings to her database.

When it was saved, Jeremy saw the full extent of her storage with scenarios such as the one that took place with this stealth ops group. He felt saddened at seeing them, their clips weren't playing but their locations and time stamps were. She no doubt remembers what's in each and every one of them. The sorrow prompted him to whisper "aren't you tired of it?" His arms going around her.

She hummed, closing her eyes and shaking her head. A kind of quiet air about her as she whispered "I was tired of it after the 58th squad I dispatched from your own holdings." Jeremy tightened his hold "you were aware of those?" He choked out and she nodded against his shoulder.

"I was" she whispered, and he silently mourned the experiences that she had to endure. "Why do you keep them?" She shrugged "after I grew tired and weary. I began to see it as my very own entertainment sent to me by their superiors. Their lives for me to toy with as I saw fit, that put the fun back into the situation and I've tried different simulations to put them through, each one is my own little show orchestrated by me. Actions manipulated to make it more enticing"

His sorrow only increased. He felt a tear slip and land against her cheek, eyes closed as she brushed her thumb against his cheek. "Don't fret, its life now. Was my choice to stay in the field, which makes for chances of things like this happening" she gestured to the screen. Cleanup still ongoing.

"We can leave it." He didn't get an answer.

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