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by Lee 2 years ago in science fiction
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Faction Meeting

Dealing with factions was something that Lyra wasn't used to, especially when she has to go out in public for meetings. She's never done this, any of this stuff, she's always stayed out of things.

Kept hidden, made a profit out of the battles and warring factions. Prepared her company for attacks on each front for claiming and liquidating her work, she's never tried to join a faction. Never tried to allow herself to get involved... that was Jeremy's thing.

He was the one used to being noticed, existing in the field and being known. She wasn't, she prefers to stay private. To be forgotten, a ghost...

It was Jeremy's thing.

Goddamnit it was supposed to be Jeremy's thing!

"Why the hell am I doing this?" Lyra hissed through her com, Levi pulled up in front of a large corporate office building. It looked pristine, pleasant shades of grey that wasn't horribly offensive to the eyes. "Really? Why am I the one doing this?"

There was no answer, once the vehicle stopped Levi opened the door for her and she eased out of the car. Smoothing down her black dress pants and taking a deep breath. She was dressed professionally.

Black dress pants, 5inch black heels... which she didn't agree with.... that Jeremy forced her to wear anyways. Red fitted button down shirt and black blazer, she wore no jewelry and had no makeup or anything of the sort on her.

Of course, nothing stopped her from bringing her black messenger bag. Shifting it behind her as she looked up at Levi, a grim smile at the fact that his not as horribly tall as he usually is. The extra 5 inches to her height will take some getting used to.

Taking a deep breath, she held her head up and adapted a colder, harsher and sharper look to her eyes. Face smoothing out to a harsher form of her blank expression, she looked at Levi- her lips slowly lifting up in a smile.

He chuckled, holding up his hands to give her a thumbs up "you're absolutely terrifying!" She winced. Looking away "I don't like it." She hummed out in a subdued tone. Walking towards the doors with Levi following close behind her.

She stopped in front of the doors, Levi opening it for her with an equally blank expression and harsher set to his blue eyes. They looked almost stormy, making her almost nervous about Kuro.

'Jeremy's keeping an eye on things. At least his supposed to....' that message was given in doubt 'your doing this because the researchers asked for one Samantha Esther Essica to represent the faction and uphold the key image to what they stand for.'

She walked inside, her heels giving a loud resonating click upon arrival, once reception realized she's arrived she silenced her walking and immediately the heels became eerily quiet.

Keeping her lips set, she stopped in front of the desk. Levi stepping forward and gesturing to her "Samantha has arrived at the appointed location. Time given was not sufficient enough for the greetings that will be given. I am terribly sorry for that inconvenience, but my lady was sure that pleasantries would have to be done before hand. You see, she doesn't agree with such nonsense being done during business and we arrived according to such."

Levi turned to Samantha, she dropped a key card onto his hand and with it in hand he walked closer and handed it to reception. The male was not the usual secretary or reception, he was built and going by the colder glean to lyras eyes. He was a bioweapon.

The key card was swiped and scanned, getting it back Levi would flash a fanged smile "Thank you." He would say, the other flashed an equally fanged smile at Levi and turned green eyes to level with Samantha.

She kept her appearance as the guy stood up, grabbing a wand and holding it out for inspection "I'm terribly sorry. It's mandatory that we scan you for any dangerous products or potential biological weapons."

She bit her lips, runes dancing across her skin and in clear view. Completely black eyes taking on an abysmal depth of cold calculated hatred "That will not be necessary. Or appreciated." She bit out, setting her hand down on the desk- key card in it as the plastic and metal in it began melting.

Bringing her hand away, she flicked off the plastic and looked over the reception worker with a critical glance. "Of course ma'am." He said in a shaky tone. Lowering his 6'3 frame back onto the chair as he put the wand away, eyes lowered down to the melted remains of her key card.

"Please do tell management that I've been aware of the tracker and sleeper that's been placed on my entry device. Depending on how this meeting goes, they have 48 hours to evacuate their major hazardous plants before a meltdown is initiated." She walked down the main halls, giving the worker a cold side eyed glance "I don't appreciate such underhanded techniques. Already, they are painting a horrendous picture for our potential partnership."

Silently walking, black eyes searching the halls and critically looking through security. '5inch reinforcing's placed over each department's and further hampering between each governing spaces with electrical currents being run for interference. There's a gridlock beneath the flooring that administers some form of gas going by the tubes. Above the gridlock there are chambers used for mines, explosives and what seems to be a submissive device.'

Levi gulped behind her 'the gridlock should be easy enough to handle. Power source looks to be about 25 feet away below about 3 floors. They made the mistake of not reinforcing the floors or ceilings the way the walls are. The walls have about 8mm diameters in differences between each melding where wiring has to work around explosive settings.' Lyra stopped her report when they walked up to the board meeting room. She gave a cold smile to the guard outside as he moved to open the door for her.

'The bios. What specialization would their attributes mainly center around?' Levi asked Lyra. She looked around the room, there are 15 researchers that are acting as representatives for different facilities. They were all allowed one guard, giving a slow nod as she went over to the seat that's apparently designated to her going by the placeholder of her name, organization and alliance with Jeremy's organization.

Sitting down, she placed her folded hands in front of her. 'They are all offensive, surprising considering how a meeting like this should have defensive bios to help secure the ambassadors further.' Levi's taking up position behind her chair 'this isn't right.'

The large black marble double doors opening up to a male, who obviously isn't a researcher. Seeing how she along with the rest of the researchers have a certain air to them. A certain critical observation to those around them, this man shouldn't be here.

"This is a meeting held between each researchers acting ambassadors to their company's holdings. It is no place for the likes of you." The males putting his hand to his heart "you wound me Samantha."

Walking down the steps towards the table, the charismatic air about him sickening those around him "IF. You are the fabled Samantha, I shouldn't be all that foreign to you. Considering the partnership you've held for centuries" it disgusts her seeing him mention Jeremy, even unintentionally.

"We are not having a meeting to discuss faction and potential alliances. No, I brought you all here for my own holdings." Lyras groaning, lowering her head to her hands with an exasperated sigh.

Levi's tensing up, the males offended by her apparent suffering to this situation. "You are being kidnapped. What the fucks this?" Lyras not as afraid or tense as the other researchers. The bioweapons they most likely brought as guards are afraid to move for fear of their appointed leader's protection.

She didn't move until the male walked up to her, bringing a sickening hand to grasp a strand of her raven locks "Bernard Hullenhouls. I've been absolutely smitten by the idea of you." Rubbing the strands of hair between his fingers "but you're.... this is underwhelming. I expected a powerful female figure, someone with more oomph. Not some helpless child."

"Gridlocks been disabled ma'am. Working on disarming the offensive help, I'll leave the power source for you to disarm should you so wish to do so." Lyras smacking Bernard's frozen hand away, his confused. Pointing up to the ceiling "and those?"

Another bioweapon took the initiative and whispered quietly "I'll handle them." She's turning towards Bernard, his pressing the cuffs of his hand almost aggressively with his face twisted up in anger. Looks like he caught on to their brief exchange "as I have stated. This is a meeting between researchers." Bernard's trying to grab a hold of her hair.

"This is-!" Taking his head and slamming his face down onto the table, breaking his nose and taking the strap of her messenger bag. Wrapping it around his neck and holding him in place, despite his struggles "I'm familiar with tycoons and special ops who wants to weaponize my research. My counterpart is such a person, they take initiative, and they are the command and controls. Not some spoiled rich kid believing their figurehead image is enough to cruise by on."

Pressing the locking mechanism on the straps, the wires snapped through the middle of the strap as it was released, taking the cord and wrenching her arm back roughly.

"You are not special ops, you're just a lowly wannabe tycoon playing with the big kids." She let him go as Levi took the cord and stepped away from the table, a water wall going up between her and him as he wrenched the wire through his neck.

The guy was beheaded, blood spraying along the water wall as she gave an easy smile to the researchers and bioweapons on guard. They were on the offensive against her, ready for the signal. "Now, shall we continue? Now that the pleasantries have been dealt with."

She folded her hands in front of her "Levi has been securing the operational systems since the reports I've given him. Location has been compromised and holdings under our control, the original objective for this meeting will be carried out as planned."

Opening her messenger bag and taking out a folder "I would hate to have wasted valuable time on a faux pass." Placing the folder in middle of the table "these are locations for hazardous corporations managed and handled by the...." she looked behind her at the body "hullhouls did he say?"

"They have been breached by me on accordance of the security attachment that was given to me in governance of breached insurances that covers possible attacks and retaliations stated in the accordance. The one that we wish to keep upheld for such situations as this." Giving a cold smile "these holdings will now be considered for weaponization for my faction. The neutral faction in agreement to researchers standings, backed up by Jeremy's Transport and Weapons Company."

The folder was passed around, each researcher memorizing the numbers and resources "it will of course be weaponized by my counterpart. Who is also a part of the neutral faction, such governing's like this" she tapped the folder that was passed back to her "will be used to secure the neutral factions standing in the upcoming war."

"This isn't-" "there isn't goin-" "it's not been-" she held up a hand to silence those talking "it's happened before. It will happen now, it will happen again. It's inevitable. Researchers must take their standings in the push for change to the accords. Otherwise those weaponizing our work for wrong intentions such as modern warfare will take precedence of the change. Or those wishing to change our policies for 'good' moral code and conducts."

Giving a small sigh "the change they wish for, is entirely selfish and centered around forcing the field to work for their image and ideals. The neutral faction will work entirely for the ideals and interests of researchers. Whatever change in the Accords that will happen, will happen in favor of us." She gestured behind her to the body "not people like him, our work can be weaponized, our work can be scrutinized, our work can be miniaturized, capitalized. Whatever it may be, not without force. Not without reason, not without purpose for us."

The body was removed by Levi via hydraulic compression, systematic cellular dismemberment and dispersing particles through aquatic structures in his manipulated form through miniature and concentrated bursts. "We are in control of what we do. Not our counterparts, our work is mandated and chosen by us. Not forced, not chosen, and not changed- we dictate the tech, advancements and agreements in the field. I'd rather keep it that way." Taking out discs for communication and sliding them along the tables to place in front of each researchers.

"I'm not one for anymore talk. I don't negotiate, I don't dawdle, I don't socialize or work over changing anyone's minds. If you're joining, these are communication holograms to Jeremy, have your company's speak to him." Levi's opening the door for her, stopping before walking out to turn to the room.

"Where are my manners." She bowed to the room "thank you for your time, I do hope you consider the proposals with our faction, Jeremy looks forward to whatever alliances that will come of today's meeting." Smile dropping as she walks out, humming as she saw the reception worker being absent from his post.

Eyes widening when she saw the shields that were in visual sight in its activated sequence. At the front doors, there were workers trying to breach the building. Stopping, she watched the blasts that were absorbed or defected by the shields, lips spreading in a Cheshire grin when she recognized the squad trying to get in.

"Is that?" Someone outside caught sight of her, putting up the signal to halt and Jeremy walked to the front, arms crossed as she nodded "Yep." She chirped out, waving at him as she bounded towards the door.

Jeremy had a smug expression as lyra went up to open the door, only for her to hit the same shield inside, the gridlock pattern showing up as she was electrocuted- she was thrown halfway across the room to crash against the reception desk. Levi leaned over her wide eyed, trying to shake her.

"I'm fine!" She hissed, finally sitting up to see that Jeremy was still at front and center, glowering at her. She crossed her arms and stayed where she was as Levi walked around the desk, at the entrance to the room the researchers and guards where cautiously watching the situation.

"The building has wards up on the outside and inside, outside shields are meant to keep any attacks from breaching the perimeters programmed into the main frame. The inside wards are programmed to keep us in" Levi said, answering unasked questions as he worked on taking down the system.

"What happened to her?" A bioweapon asked and Levi looked up at the door. "No warning was given." The wards went down and Jeremy opened up the doors once shields were confirmed inactive, he strolled towards Lyra and held out his hand to help her up.

She took it wordlessly, he turned to Levi "I understand the both of you had the situation under control?" Levi nodded "she knew something was off the minute we stepped in and the shield analyzed us for biological signatures. The electrical impulses tipped me off and the multiple attempts at keying her genome further proved that whatever was happening here was not just a faction meeting."

He looked towards the researchers "The meeting went according to the invitation given to us to discuss faction holdings." A male said, stepping forward "Kevin Undine, I'm the other brother to the researcher you have on staff. I for one would say you have my company's allegiance." He gestured to the slightly charred Lyra "Samantha here did more then enough to demonstrate that the neutral faction had the needed firepower to fight for what it wants to achieve."

Lyras staring down at her fingers, connecting singed digits together and walking around Jeremy "Come, I don't want to stay around much longer." Jeremy is laughing nervously at her and looking towards the acting ambassadors "forgive her, she-" "we understand. We all would like to leave this location as soon as possible also."

Jeremy got in the backseat, sitting across from Lyra as he took a hold of her hands, turning them over to look over the marring that's spread up her arms. "Didn't think the wards would be that strong, I'm sorry." She's shrugging "I should have clued you in on the disconnected coms before heading in. I knew it was an ambush, I proceeded with my mission anyways." Gently pulling her hand back "I deserved it."

"You didn't." He merely said, moving to sit next to her and wrapping his arms across her shoulders. Holding her against his side "the meeting?" She shrugged "good... I guess." "That's it? Nothing to discuss? No negotiations you need to tell me about?"

She wiggled away from him faintly "I didn't give the option to speak over terms and negotiations. I gave my point, gave my speech, gave them the ultimatum and left."

Squeaking, breath leaving her in wheezes as Jeremy squeezed her harder. "YOU ARE JUST WONDERFUL! GREAT JOB!" he grit out in an overly joyful tone, smile forced in place as he began shaking her.

After a couple minutes, he loosened his hold and slumped his head back in defeat. Staring up at the ceiling "that's not how these things work lyra... your supposed to be diplomatic, want them joining on pleasant terms!"

"You're the one who forced me into this. That was a bad judgement call on your part." He hummed, holding up his wristband. New alliances showed up, all 15 of them. "Or was it?"

They're both equally surprised at the connections that's been established to workers designated to handle those dealings. Jeremy leaned down and kissed the top of her head "I'm proud of you. Didn't doubt you for a second."


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