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Collection of Moments

by Lee 2 years ago in science fiction
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Rubbing her forehead with a small moan, she regrets acting ambassador so much. Soo fucking much. "What exactly did they want with their figure head?" Jeremy leans close, looming over her as he chuckled lowly "they want a strong figurehead who's able to get the point across about the fire power that can be used for the neutral faction. Someone unashamed to spearhead the organized movements."

Lifting her hand and running a finger along Jeremy's jawline "far as I'm concerned. You can fulfill that role. Ain't like they specifically asked for me anyways." His biting his lips, looking deep in thought "there's a seat for one Samantha Esther Essica at the ranks among the acting ambassadors."

Of course there is.

Taking a step back, she threw up her hands "I'm not getting involved Jeremy!" His gripping her forearms and holding her in place, keeping her from running "what's with all the training then? Huh?"

Ouch, she winced. Feeling a blush spread along her cheeks as she jerked her aching arms out of his grasp "I mean I'm not getting involved like that. I don't mind fighting, I don't mind training or teaching. So long as it's limited to our company, our standings." Rubbing her aching arms "not being... out there!" She gestured outside the walls "not being out in the open making changes like that. I'm not like that! You are!"

"I might be, but that means so can you. We both know you ca-" "I CANT JEREMY!" she snapped out in a shrill voice "I JUST CANT!" shaking her head as she steps back, she's giving Jeremy a grim expression. His staring at her in shock and remorse.

"Just. Stop. Please" she whispered, a hollow tone making her sound close to tears "don't make me. Alright?" Turning away from Jeremy as she leaves the room. Knees shaking and her heart pounding, she's close to hyperventilating.

She squeaked when she bumped into someone going the way she left, rubbing her arms again as she looks off to the side quickly when she noticed it was Kevin "Samantha!" He said in a joyful tone, arms out and studying her "wonderful seeing you! I was just on my way to-"

"Undine." Jeremy said behind them, he sounded breathless. Kevin looked over Lyra to Jeremy, he was giving his smaller counterpart a worried look. Eyes flicking back to Kevin "Kevin, I'm sorry but if-" "Excuse me. You both have some business to attend to, I'd much prefer to step away." Lyra said in a polite tone, giving a practice smile.

"Right, alright, I'll be seeing you-?" Kevin looked from Jeremy to Lyra, only to see the spot she once occupied was empty. Looking back behind him quickly, seeing the barest breathe of black hair drifting around the corner. "How did she?"

Jeremy leaned his forearm on the wall for support, letting out an exhausted sigh "she has no problem with stealth, agility and speed. It's something she uses often to escape interaction with others among the facility." He said, a defeated husky rumble to his voice as he hung his head.

After a moment, he straightened up and gestured to the main office "she's not social. It ain't surprising that she turned down the position.... both positions actually." Kevin felt his heart lurch, he teetered slightly as he stared at Jeremy.

"She what?" He asked, disbelief coloring his tone into an almost endless drone. No... That cant be right. "Yea, please step inside and we will discuss matters privately. Along with appointing the position of acting ambassador to one of my lead researchers-"

"They're not Samantha, you don't understand we need-"



"She goes by Lyra now." Jeremy said, a hushed reverence to his tone as he opened the door. "R-right...."

"Come. We have much to discuss." He said, tone eerily similar to the one Lyras used during meetings, his looking down. Frown tugging on his lips.

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