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Celestial Astronomy — Binding

by Richard Van Steenberg 4 years ago in fact or fiction
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Comets begin winding around the Sun to beCOMe planETs.

We have looked at how Celestial Astronomy differs from legacy Astronomy. As we progress through the phases of disks, planetesimals, and protoplanets, we arrive at the process of binding.

BINDING or to Begin wINDING is where Celestial Astronomy and legacy Astronomy part paths in terms of describing how the system develops. While variations on the disk, planetesimals, and protoplanets can exist in each theory, binding is where the fork in the road occurs. Legacy Astronomy using its static state system just has the protoplanets turn into planets in place and all maintaining the same age.

Celestial Astronomy, using its dynamic state system, has the protoplanets being floated out of the system to become comets in the galaxy or universe. Protoplanets that are not floated are parked in the Oort cloud or Kuiper belt. The reason for this is the system needs to create planets and in order to do that it either needs interstellar comets to enter the system or it needs to "Kuiper a root." It is sort of like germinating a seed. The term Oort is an anagram for root and KUIPER is treKUsing Interstellar PERturbations.

Basically the comets trek or journey from protoplanet to park themselves in the Kuiper belt or Oort cloud. Over time they are released from there by interstellar perturbations. Then GRAVITY (GRAb actiVITY) intercepts their inertia to try to put them into an orbit around the sun. So just like taking a seed and planting it in the soil you "Kuiper a root" to plant a seed in the system. You could also think of it like grafting a stem of a plant to produce another planet. You GRAFT or GRavity drAFT the comet into position in the system to produce a planet.

The reason a protoplanet cannot become a planet directly is because the protoplanet has mesh inertia since it was started up spinning in the accretion disk. By parking themselves in the Kuiper belt or Oort cloud and undergoing Kuiper release as roots to grow into planets, the protoplanets that now become comets have merge inertia.

Mesh inertia functions like a clutch in a car and allows for an object to spin but it cannot change gears. In other words, the protoplanets can spin in the disk but they cannot become planets. Merge inertia operates more like a car merging on to a freeway and allows for the car to change gears and lanes providing for more long-term functionality. In other words, merge inertia is going to allow the comets to bind with the sun and become planets or moons.

When the comet and sun begin to interact with each other there is an infinite number of variables that determine whether or not the comet will bind with the sun. Some key ones are:

  1. Start location
  2. Intercept vector
  3. Comet composite makeup
  4. Age of star system
  5. Development of star system
  6. Amount of times comet has already been a planet or moon

In other words, it is not a guarantee that each comet will become a planet or moon. There are a lot of variables that will determine whether the comet will be flushed into the sun, floated back out of the system, or bind with the sun.

For the few comets that successfully bind with the sun, they will be placed into what is known as a WING orbit or Winding sprING orbit. ORBIT means to ORB or circle IT. You can see the Extra Terrestrial intelligence in the word orbit. Most people know orbit means to go around something but they don't see the porpheme in orbit.

The Wing orbits are critical to the development of the comet in its process to become a planet. Just like winding the spring in a watch the comet is going to go through minor epochs performing Kepler orbits and major epochs performing orbital migration.

At the end of the major epoch phases when the comet has reduced its wing orbits to the smallest tightest orbit around the sun it will enter into a clockstart orbit. This orbit, smaller and tighter than that of Mercury, is when the comet will turn into a planet.

fact or fiction

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