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Extraterrestrial Porphemes

Linguistics Reveal Their Presence Here on Earth

By Richard Van SteenbergPublished 5 years ago 3 min read
All the languages on Earth were designed by extraterrestrials in order to facilitate the progress of events on Earth while making it more difficult for the Earthlings to realize what is going on since they all do is not speak the same language. You can see clues to this if you use unconventional logic. For example LATIN. Replace the T with an E (as in ET) LAEIN and respell it as an anagram and you get ALIEN.

Immediately people who don't believe in extraterrestrials say that the appearance of converting Latin to alien so easily is just a coincidence. Most people will just give up at that point trying to convince someone that extraterrestrials exist and that you can see clues to their presence here on Earth. What is interesting is if you further pursue it using the word coincidence you can see their presence even further and begin to learn linguistic tools they use here on Earth themselves.The word COINCIDENCE is a portmanteau for the morphemes COordinated INCIDENt. What this means is there is evidence all the events on Earth are actually scripted and Earthlings are just taught to use the term coincidence to deflect further analysis of the events simultaneous occurrence or associative relationships in order to derive a more in-depth meaning.

Rather than reflect on the more in-depth meaning you can pursue the linguistic track and see extraterrestrial intelligence in present-day reality in action. You have portmanteaus which are words comprised of multiple morphemes.

The easiest example is the word SMOG which is the portmanteau from the morphemes SMoke and fOG. Using this same linguistic technique we can create a new word and meaning that Earthlings are not aware of. If portmanteaus and morphemes allow for the construction and deconstruction of words then a PORPHEME is the portmanteau for the morphemes PORtmanteau and morPHEME.

With the creation of the word porpheme you can now apply the definition:

"A form of extraterrestrial intelligence using applied linguistic techniques to form a new word and meaning as a porpheme from portmanteaus and morphemes. Legacy Earthling terminology uses the term portmanteau but those only apply to words of Earthling intelligence, porpheme applies to words of extraterrestrial intelligence." So with this understanding of porphemes, portmanteaus, and morphemes we can construct and deconstruct words on Earth to reveal extraterrestrial intelligence here in our everyday life. Let's look for some clues. Could the term CIA secretly stand for communication in alien? Most naysayers immediately would have their knee-jerk response of no way it's just a coincidence. (remember what coincidence means)? Look at what the CIA calls their most prominent location LANGLEY. Langley, when recognized as a porpheme, says LANGLEY - LANGuage medLEY. What a surprise, a medley is a varied mixture of things, so a language medley would be a varied mixture of languages which is exactly what we are talking about.Could the CIA really be a front for humanoid extraterrestrials living among us (HETLAU) and terms like Langley really be clues they plan on using after disclosure to use as proof to reveal they have been here living among us the whole time?If all this is really a secret then would the word SECRET stand for SECure RETurn. In other words, the HETLAU are able to communicate back and forth securely as long a no one knows how to figure out their secret. Could the languages on Earth actually provide the answers to what is really going on and have it all be written into the system right in front of our eyes in everyday life?

Could words even be merged between languages? For example, could MIRACLE be from the Spanish verb MIRAr meaning to see, and the English word CLEarly? As in when you can see clearly what is going on a Miracle is just an Extra Terrestrial Magic act.

Could MAGIC be a porpheme MAGnify logIC? As in the secret to a magic trick is when you can see (or understand) the hidden logic being used to perform it.

So what should really become apparent here is once you start to learn the techniques of extraterrestrial intelligence linguistics, the possibilities to discover what is going on on Earth are endless, as long as you don't believe everything is a coincidence.


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