Celestial Astronomy Accretion Disk and Circumstellar Disks

Star Systems Versus Solar Systems

Celestial Astronomy Accretion Disk and Circumstellar Disks
Accretion Disk forming around a new Star
The development of a new Star is an opportunity to begin the process of trying to understand how planets and moons might form and evolve. The accretion disk or circumstellar disk are locations legacy Astronomy will go to begin to look for the clues of Planetary origin.

This ring surrounding the new star is primarily an accumulation of gas and dust particles. These remnants are left over from the stars formation and it is believed they will provide the building blocks for planetary formation.

Celestial astronomy does a little further analysis of the situation before immediately looking for planetary evolution. There are quite a few terms that need to be evaluated for their porphemes as well as to see if HETLAU might be involved in the process.

  1. STAR - STARt system
  2. SUN - Seed UNiverse
  3. SOLAR - SOLdier wAR
  4. SOLDIER - SOLD lIE foreveR
  5. ACCRETION - ACCelerate RETurn
  7. Oort - ROOT
  8. Float
  9. Flush

The word Star signals the start of the system. And a sun can be seen as seeds that enable growth of life in the universe. This would follow the concept of HETLAU needing to build star systems to live on and expand their growing societies. What is interesting is in our star system we refer to it as a solar system and SOLAR is a porpheme for soldier war. A soldier is a porpheme for sold lie forever or basically someone who isn't told the truth. So this has us wondering if some of the star systems the extraterrestrials posing as HETLAU create are used to place beings on them and not tell them the truth so the HETLAU can be at war against them without them being aware of it.

It seems difficult to believe that extraterrestrials could be living here on Earth in humanoid bodies and be lying to Earthlings. How could this possibly have anything to do with planetary evolution? Unfortunately, you need to consider all possibilities since legacy astronomy currently cannot explain it.

Next, we look at the term accretion which says accelerate return. Ion is just the suffix appended to it. What is it that we or the star system are supposed to accelerate the return of. Could the material that is going to develop in the accretion disk actually be returning something to the galaxy it resides in, or even the universe as a whole? Could star systems speed up the process of returning something to the galaxy or universe that normally would take much longer to create?

Circumstellar refers to the circumference of the stellar ring. It is interesting to note that this range is the area that the Oort cloud will later develop at. Oort is an anagram for root so it seems interesting that the place currently associated with the location of comets. Comet says become planet so the term "Oort" being an anagram for root and the location of comets as well as the possibility they become planets needs to be noted be for we venture on.

We are also going to introduce two new terms to better understand a circumstellar disk. Flush and float. If you reduce the potential movement of every object within the disk to two possible (binary) outcomes the result is flush or float. In other words, every object at some point in time will either be flushed into the sun or floated out into the universe. This flush or floating concept will allow us to better explain the dynamic versus static ways of viewing the solar system as it evolves from the accretion disk.

What we are going to look for was we begin the next phase of study of the accretion disk is how do planetesimals play a role in planetary evolution. Also, is it possible that legacy astronomy currently views the solar system as a static state system where in fact it is actually a dynamic state system as it is seen by celestial astronomy?

Richard Van Steenberg
Richard Van Steenberg
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