Castellion's Values (Pt. 3)

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War and Melody

Castellion's Values (Pt. 3)

After a few days of peace, The Eldritch Queen was making her move on the Seven Kingdoms and accomplishing the next phase in her ascension. The Queen led her army of Demons on a march to the Kingdom of the Wood-elves.

"When we step into the kingdom, we will enslave the elves, kill all the elders and infants, and put everyone else to work; and anyone who challenges your authority is to be killed," yelled the Eldritch Queen.

The soldiers then continued their march toward the gates of the Wood-elves. The Queen put Orion in charge of leading the army while she attended to other matters. The queen went to the black market to find a voodoo witch doctor. As she walked through the market filled with thieves and dark sorcerers, she saw an old woman with brown skin and a diamond eye. The old woman sat at a table with a pool of mercury in the center. The Queen approached her.

"Baba Yaga, to what do I owe the pleasure?" asked the old woman.

"You may call me your Eldritch Queen, now I need help locating someone," said the Queen.

"Queen? I don't know about that," said the Old woman.

"Who are you?" asked the Queen.

"I am Celeste, daughter of the Goddess Ariel," said Celeste.

"I need to find one of the darkest souls in this world," said the Queen.

"Other than yourself, I assume," said Celeste.

The Queen gave Celeste a dirty look. Celeste waved her hand over the pool of mercury and spoke an ancient incantation. The mercury lifted from the table and took the form of an old god. Celeste became frightened when she saw the figure.

"Well who is it?" asked the queen.

"The darkest, the most corrupt, and most twisted of entities, not man nor god—something evil and infernal," said Celeste.

The Queen spun the table around to see the figures face and she leaped from her seat.

"No, not him! Anyone but him!" yelled the queen.

"The only dark soul aside from his that will work for your curse is an imp by the name of Rumpelstiltskin," said Celeste.

"I know he's a trickster, but I never thought of him as evil." said the Queen.

"That mind of his is just as twisted and dark as Satan himself, so ask yourself one question. Is what you want worth releasing some of the darkest and most twisted of evil into the galaxy?" asked Celeste.

"Well, what if this great evil could be controlled somehow?" responded the Queen.

"Long ago during the creation of humanity, the elder gods discovered a Monstrous being that consumed everything in its path—a creature that now roams the depths of the underworld. The creature has no name. All that gods knew was, anything with life that it came in contact with would be no more. This particular creature has devoured entire planets, not to mention that it's killed gods before. So the gods tried to destroy it, but they came to realize the creature was made of a pure void. So they created a collar forged with the holiest of energy. With this collar came a crown. For whoever wore the crown controlled the creature.

But years later, after the elder gods disappeared just before the climax of the war between witches and celestial beings, a witch who wanted to win ever so desperately made a deal with the creature to set it free and dispose of the crown and collar and in return, it would leave the earth. After the deal was struck the creature held up its end of the bargain. The creature granted the witch immortality and fled the earth. But what he didn't tell her was that the collar had to be worn in order for her to have eternal life, which took away her power," said Celeste.

"So... where do I find this Witch?" asked the Queen.

"You can find her in the kingdom of Castiel where the celestial family is," said Celeste. "A word of caution: This story has been told before, and has already been written," she continued. "The Queen of Darkness seeks to become a deity, the celestial family is torn apart, The Queen of Thunder, our greatest enemy, the women of darkness in everlasting fire, The unification of seven kingdoms, The Queen falls, and the world is never the same."

The Queen grinned as she disappeared in a cloud of black smoke. Then she arrived at her castle, reviewing her plans. Back in the Celestial kingdom, the royal family was trying to find a way to clap back at the Eldritch Queen.

"We need to find your father—who knows what that witch has him doing now," said Helen.

Diamond took her mom's hand, and they stepped onto the Dimensional plane.

"Why would he want to be with the elves?" asked Diamond.

"I don't know but, the real question is why does he have such a large crowd with him," Helen replied.

"That's no regular crowd, that's an army," said Diamond.

"Mom, We just got a distress signal from the Wood-elves!" Yelled Derrick.

"We know—it's your father. Gather as many of our troops as you can, and come with me and your sister," said Helen.

Derrick rushed to the barrack to grab the soldiers, and they march for Diamond's portals and entered the kingdom of the elves.

"Your job is to protect as many families as you can and assist any soldiers we'll take care of Orion and the witches," Said Helen.

The soldiers went head-on against the army of darkness and protected as many elves as the could. Orion stood in the center with five of the most notorious witches ever known. Lara was a shape-shifter, Jayne was half-demon, Oris was telepathic, and the twins Tyra and Tara were elemental witches. Helen led her family to strike a blow at the witches and Orion. Helen leaped into the air and punched Orion across the face. Orion tumbled to the ground. He then hopped off his feet and charged at Helen with a moon sword. The moon sword could Absorb life force. Helen lifted her hands into the air, making a shield of lightning.

Jazelle took in a deep breath and turned into a dragon. Diamond created body armor made of ice and charged at the witches. Derrick and Melody tended to the civilians and healed the wounded. Orion and Helen took their one on one battle into the air to keep from causing too much collateral damage.

"How could you turn on your family, you selfish asshole," yelled Helen.

"Speaking of a family—as far as I'm concerned, Jazelle is my only paternal child," said Orion.

Helen struck a hard punch at Orion's face, knocking the demonic creature from his brain. Before Orion could tell her he was back to his senses, Helen kept jabbing Orion in his face, until he was knocked from the air.

"Wait! I was under an enchantment!" yelled Orion.

Helen looked and paused, wondering if he was telling the truth. Orion picked up the Demonic creature and showed it to her as he set it afire. Helen and Orion went to help their children fight off the witches and the army. Just when the Castellion's were winning the battle, the Eldritch Queen arrived with a dark guest.

"Behold the darkest soul, I order you to destroy the celestial family," yelled the Eldritch Queen.

The dark figure took the form of a man with snake scaled skin and White-eyes. He charged after Helen and Orion swinging at them with a giant hammer. After taking down most of the family, he was left with Jazelle.

"You won't take me down so easy," said Jazelle.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am Stan, that dark voice you hear telling to do the worst of things," said Stan.

Stan held out his hand and blasted a dark force toward Jazelle, and Jazelle blasted a fiery stream colliding with Stan's attack. Stan then summoned a bunch of knights to distract her. Jazelle's power was becoming unstable as she tried to fight Stan and the knights. Jazelle's body began to engulf in energy similar to the sun. Jazelle yelled as a huge burst of energy released from her body, creating an energy pulse so great that you could see it from corners or the planet. When the smoke cleared the army was dust and Stan was greatly wounded.

"Your Queen wants to take on my family, bring it!"

DeAngello williams
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