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Birthday Blues Of A Blue Planet

by Belle 2 months ago in space
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Nihilist Romanticism

Nobody can hear a scream in the vacuum of space, or so they say. The beauty that encompasses solitude. Empty spaces compose space and time. The vastness of this open area grows, not only in size but also in wonder. For years I've been traversing, exploring, and gazing at fallen galaxies that have long been here and long passed. Waves of garnet clash underneath the emptiness of the jet black space that engulfs the entirety of eternity. Pink pastels intertwine themselves with royal purple, sparkling from the remains of the dead. I always look at it as, even in death, beauty seems to be the final word exchanged. The galaxies I’ve seen. Different yes, also no. Spirals and nebulas from beyond my imagination seeing the supernovas of the stars entering their final form. Dust. One day even I may turn to dust. I orbit nothing.

I travel and roam the desolate universe. However, it means nothing to me. When you can see everything in front of you it becomes meaningless and hollow. I can’t see a beginning and I have not seen an end either.

Why do I possess this baby blue exterior coated in white specs of sparkles that shine in the direction of the unknown, but on the inside, I feel the void’s grip on me? Hovering over me, onyx gas soaks into the stardust that makes up my entirety. It destroys me one by one. I’m getting weaker. I can feel it. The gas and stardust that makes up my being. Is becoming poisoned by my own brand of tonic that is burning everything inside me.

When I imagine what my destiny is, I’ve been quite perplexed by what that may be. you see, I've always imagined myself doing something grand. something marveled at by the gods themselves. I want to know that my being will live on even after I'm gone. No religion, just Oblivion, and it terrifies me. Space is a constant reminder The only one that makes sense.

As the time entrops together, Everything blends. The stars and blank space play tricks on me. Painting the same picture each time. Aligned together like two triangles on top of each other. Both of their points face each other. Timer. A constant reminder.

I’m tired

I sense something in the distance. Something else. I can feel it. The energy penetrates me.

Something powerful, beyond the electricity of space. This energy intrigues my subject of virtue. I push my curiosity forward faster.

My insides polluting with the contaminated toxic

The energy feels closer. Much closer. I listen to frequency of space. I can hear the rumblings of the energy. Billions of tiny rumblings. I stop to project my eyes in the direction. Before my very eyes, I see the same color as my very own azure blue! Mixed with muted shades of green. Unlike anything, I’ve ever seen before The soft rumblings of all different kinds of noise. New noise. The sound of water cascading and crashing into each other is symbolic of how space dances with itself and time. Tiny shakes broil under the crust. These marvelous sounds. A more powerful sound intrigues me more. 7 billion different sounds

I’m Tired

I dream, Solitude hits me hard like the fist of god. I’m falling. No up. No down, but in spite of that something clenches onto me unmercifully. A familiar rumble. Starstruck. I don’t know what this is but I’m in love with it. More than I’m comfortable with.

Struck by this poison arrow

Things have become Everclear. The planet roaring like thunder. Holding out my arms waiting to embrace.

My most pleasant of dreams.

I go forth to embrace this foreign electric. Racing. The tiny roars grow more powerful the closer I get.

The delightful music and vibration quickly turned to horror. I’m on a warpath and in this case, there will be no victors. The rumbling, once the sweet melody that pranced around inside my head. Now the screams of this broken and ill-prepared love of mine.

But I will not halt

In these final moments. I relive my thoughts on what my destiny means and what I was meant to do at this time. Something astonishing. This was it. My exterior is no longer melancholy blue, but fiery yellow. Burning in my selfish greed. I let myself float into the hands of that so familiar grip.

Nobody can hear a scream in the vacuum of space, or so they say. I hear them, and I welcome them with an open embrace.

The climax.


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Aspiring video game writer with her head buried in the night sky.

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