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Best Star Wars Theme Remixes

Dubstep, trap music, disco, and even bagpipes make for the best Star Wars theme remixes.

By Devon ThomasPublished 6 years ago 6 min read

My son Jarret loves Star Wars. Whenever there's a new movie, which we are now blessed as a society to have on a regular basis, I talk to him about Star Wars. Since I get Jarret on the weekends as per the divorce agreement and all big releases come out on Thursdays now, Jarret's mom Valerie gets to see Star Wars with Jarret the first time he sees the newest one. But that means I get to be the one Jarret talks to after he's seen the movie twice!

That's a big deal because when you see a new Star Wars movie the first time, you're always filtering it through the lens of how it compares to the last one. But the second time you see a Star Wars movie, you get to see it for reals. It's the same way that you can't appreciate the best Star Wars theme remixes without first hearing the original tune. I play these songs for Jarret whenever I want him to get excited about seeing Star Wars, or just spending some time with me.

This is one of the best Star Wars theme remixes because it smartly pulls its listeners in with the original main theme, plays the familiar Star Wars melody like it's an Imagine Dragons or Muse song, and then lets the beat drop as dubstep does. Fans of Skrillex will be quite pleased; I know I was!

This is another of the best Star Wars theme remixes because it feels like a party. You even get some Lil Jon samples in there. This is like something LMFAO or The Black Eyes Peas would put out. It's got a great bounce and a drop that's really satisfying. I played this for Jarret the first time I ever let him have a supervised Zima. It was at the end of a hike. He put a purple Jolly Rancher into his because he loves Mace Windu so much. Then we talked about life while enjoying the best freeze dried backpacking meals.

This is one of the best Star Wars theme remixes because it's more of a mashup of an EDM version of the Imperial March with Jason Derulo's "Talk Dirty." And anytime you have a sample that sounds like that "Talk Dirty" horn section, I am on board! Who's not going to be onboard? I asked Jarret, "Are you on board?" and he was so excited to see Solo that he said, "Punch it!" I LOVE MY SON! That's why I let him sleep on one of the best mattresses on the market to help you sleep better every time he stays over while I sleep on an air mattress.

This is one of the best Star Wars theme remixes because right before the drop, you get Darth Vader saying, "Join me and we can rule the galaxy as father and son," and I mouth along to it while looking at Jarret. Then I have to explain to Jarret how the Dark Side really represents someone who is emotionally stunted, which is why Vader is just a shriveled up white guy under a dark, scary exterior. "All of Star Wars is about psychology!" I tell Jarret, and then he tells me, "STOP RUINING STAR WARS!"

This is one of the best Star Wars theme remixes because it makes it sound like it's the intro to a 70s or 80s TV show. I just imagine the freeze frame over each character. "Star Wars! Starring Mark Hamil as Luke Skywalker, Harrison Ford as Han Solo, Carrie Fischer as Princess Leia, and Chewbacca as himself!" Maybe it even has an intro like The A-Team.

"In a galaxy far far away, a Princess was being pursued by a mighty empire. This Princess was rescued by a ragtag group of rebels. Today, still wanted by the empire, this Princess leads the rebels as a force for good, hoping to bring peace to the galaxy. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them... maybe you can hire Star Wars!"

This is one of the best Star Wars theme remixes because it feels like a mashup of all the great music themes. The Avenger's theme, the theme from Requiem for a Dream, a little bit of the theme from Spiderman. A lot of themes have sweeping strings in them, so I guess it makes sense that there's a sameness to them.

The way the Star Wars theme builds, especially right before the ending credits rolls, always puts a knot in my throat and makes my eyes well up a little bit. IT'S STAR WARS! I let Jarret know at the end of The Last Jedi that it's okay to cry. And he said, "I'm not crying, dad," and I said, "I am," and he said, "That's fine, just please stop looking at me while you do it."

This is one of the best Star Wars theme remixes because it makes it sound like an 80s TV show. Probably a cop show where Star Wars arrests drug dealers, break up gangs, and rescues gleep-glops from sex work. And even though it's Star Wars, it's still got the tropes of Miami Vice, so you get to see all your favs wearing a sports coat over a fitted T-shirt while riding on a speedboat like they're Don Johnson, a reference Jarret didn't get. It'd star Han Solo and Lando Calrissian! Who better to stop a smuggler than two smugglers?!

"If Young Metro don't trust you, he's gonna force choke you." This is one of the best Star Wars theme remixes because it effectively captures a lot of tropes of trap music. I also like how it uses laser fire percussively. It's victorious, reminiscent of something as swaggy as Vic Mensa's "U Mad" or Drake's "Trophies." Jarret doesn't appreciate how much I know about music, even after I told him I used to be a college radio DJ. He's hard to impress. Or, more accurately, he's hard for his dad to impress. And I'm trying! Iswap gears with these hilarious shift knobs regularly and Jarret doesn't even crack a smile, but when he sees the same hilarious shift knobs in someone else's car he loves them! Euch; parenting is hard.

This is one of the best Star Wars theme remixes because it's the dubstep version of a bagpipe and violin version of the Star Wars theme. If there were no dubstep, I wouldn't even have an interest in this theme, but the dubstep means that The Snake Charmer is doing to the Star Wars theme what Skrillex does to so many songs that are begging to be taken to the next level. I liked this video so much that when I found out that The Snake Charmer is creating music videos, I sent some money her way.

This is one of the best Star Wars theme remixes because it sounds like if Duel of the Fates, one of the more popular Star Wars themes, was a Lit song, or even late period Silverchair (yeah, I kept up with Silverchair when they went glam! And, honestly, you're missing out if you didn't listen to Young Modern).

Jarret had never heard "My Own Worst Enemy" and I started singing it to him in the car; I told him it's exactly what Kylo Ren would have listened to growing up if he was my age. And then I told Jarret that I used to have anger issues like Kylo did growing up but then I found Buddhism and it changed me for the better and that maybe Kylo will do the same in the third movie.

Jarret said, "That'd be a boring movie, Dad!" And I told Jarret, "If that were true then I'd be living a boring life, but my life has only gotten better since I've been able to be present with you." Then Jarret only said one word. "Gross," but what he really meant was, "Namaste." Jarret is a Buddha and he doesn't even know it; he teaches me how to walk the middle path.

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