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by Wellness Adept about a month ago in astronomy
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Playing hard has definitely been proven to show on our skin, and the same can be said for this tenacious sign!

Aries season upon us

Aries season always arrives with a bang and no small dose of spring fever and a relentless drive to win! Out of all the signs, it’s no secret that Aries is the most competitive of them all. Never have we ever met an Aries who did not work hard, play harder! It’s the nature of fire signs, but even more so for the relentlessly ambitious Aries. Being at the top comes naturally to this sign, and when you’re at the top, you simply must have to have the best of the best. They’re drawn to the hottest beauty trends and often more extreme procedures like peels, lasers, and anything intense. This is partly because Aries is ruled by the face, and the ram is notorious for often having skin issues including acne, sensitivity, scars of any and all kinds, and redness. Playing hard has definitely been proven to show on our skin, and the same can be said for this tenacious sign! This can leave their skin a little worse for the wear and in need of a little TLC and a solid, comforting routine. After all, the next competition is just around the corner!

Whether you’re the type of Aries who is an avid gym-goer, lover of sports, or your version of “staying active” involves dashing from the office to happy hour, we understand most Aries’ don’t have time to figure out their routines - nor do Aries have the patience for trial and error.

So here are a few of our faves for the Aries bestie in your life (and yes, we consulted a real Aries for these recommendations):


navy hair care and navy texture spray You already know you’re number 1, so it only makes sense that you have a fresh start every morning with this Tik Tok viral cleanser! We know that a hot temper can lead to some equally annoying breakouts, flare-ups, and congested pores, so start your routine with this unique hybrid of clay meets oil cleanser.

Using an oil-based cleanser will help melt away the day’s makeup while the geothermal clay acts to cleanse away the more stubborn gunk that’s causing the skin to break out. It does things your regular cleanser cannot compete with - like hydrating and cleansing at the same time!

Recent skincare hacks have recommended double cleansing, but let’s be honest, as an Aries, you are way too busy to spend the time double cleansing every night! This cleanser acts as your all-in-one solution to clear, healthy looking skin!


grow gorgeous canada

A toner for on the go, this soothing mist brings the beauty out of Aries's inner beast. With rose as an active ingredient, this toner will calm both mind and skin. Like a facial in a bottle featuring essential oils of rose, geranium and organic calendula, this mist based toner is jam-packed with antioxidants and plant extracts to reduce redness and refresh pores, this instant piece of peace is an Aries season necessity. It can be applied directly to the skin as a mist or onto a cotton pad as a toner . We recommend using it post Circcell cleanser for the freshest looking skin!


Being number one isn’t always easy - even though we have never met an Aries who didn’t make it look absolutely effortless. That being said, even an Aries needs time to chill! We know it might sound difficult, but this revolutionary TCM powered herbal extract by Redmint might have the Aries in your life convinced that relaxation time is anything but boring.

The harmonizing blend of herbs like Fresh St. John’s Wort Flowers, Kava Root, Damiana Herb, Ginkgo Leaf, Fresh Pulsatila Herb helps improve mood, decreases anxiety, and promotes restful sleep and a daily sense of calm. A relaxed mind soothes liver health and increases the body’s natural digestive and detox functions.

As an Aries, we never expect you to do anything halfway! A couple drops under the tongue of this soothing, sweet Traditional Chinese Medicine ingestible botanical extract will sure to wave the white flag in front of these hot headed rams!


The name says it all, this is definitely a product made with the spirit of Aries in mind! Whether you’re the type of Aries who is climbing mountains on the weekend or hitting the dancefloor in the PM, it’s clear the sweat is REAL. This superstar product is truly the hero of deodorants while staying true to being all natural.

Spicy sweet neroly, rose cardamom paired with smoky sage, pepper, and vetiver gives this deodorant a detoxifying and spicy scent! Magnesium helps relax the delicate pores and results in less overall in-grown hairs! Anxious and hotheaded Aries, stress no more about finding the perfect deodorant to help manage those pit sweats! Summer is around the corner, and this all natural alternative to your regular stick deodorant is definitely one made with the Superstar Aries in mind!

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