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Atlas 2024 Movie Review: Be aware of AI!

AI is far more dangerous than Nukes.

By Ayush VermaPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
Atlas 2024 Movie Review

We have seen so much science fiction that whenever something new comes, we try to find something in it. Currently, all the creators and directors try to tell the story by presenting the AI concept as a human threat. Now, following this trend, a science fiction action thriller film has been released on the Netflix platform called "Atlas."

While watching the movie, I noticed that a voiceover artist from the Indian version of Bigg Boss might have provided a voice for one of the characters. I won't reveal which character it is, but I'm curious to know your thoughts. Do you think it's the same artist from Bigg Boss, or could it be someone else? Share your opinions in the comments!

There is nothing spicy in the picture that everyone wanted to see, including me as well. By "spicy," I mean that there is no vulgarity or nudity shown in the film, but there are definitely many brutal killing scenes.

Atlas 2024 Movie Story

Here, the story is shown in such a way that humans have created AI to help humans progress, but humans created such an advanced AI. Later on, it becomes a threat to humans. After carrying out a major attack on the world, it goes to another planet and while leaving, it promises that it will come back again and cause a lot of destruction.

Now, Jennifer Lopez is conducting a mission to stop this AI. Will she be able to stop the AI or not? This is the story, and to understand it better, you will have to see this picture.

Atlas Netflix Review

Guys, this is such a picture that I want every one of you to see and understand that it is better not to have AI or robots in the world. Many people believe that AI is very dangerous. Well, it is so. But what is even more dangerous is the negative programming put into AI.

Look, whatever programming you develop in AI, will work exactly according to it. Now, it does not matter whether the command is positive or negative, it will follow its commands, anyhow, just like the subconscious mind.

Whatever orders are given to the subconscious mind, it follows them. It does not matter what the orders are. For example, if you think that you will never be able to afford your favorite car, you are giving orders to your subconscious mind. And your subconscious mind will keep reminding you again and again that you will never be able to buy your favorite car.

Instead, if you think about your favorite car again and again, as if you've already bought it, or as if you can easily buy it. It is not a big deal for you. A day will definitely come when your subconscious mind will accept these orders, and your imagination will be transformed into reality.

Don't even try to make fun of this; it really happens that if you want something with all your heart, you get it.

So now, coming back to the topic, as I said, it is better not to have AI or robots in the world. If this happens, then we humans will create a big problem for ourselves, and maybe due to this, humans will have to be enslaved by AI and robots, or there will be no trace of humans on the earth.

Remember my words: If we keep going like this, humans will ruin the Earth. Everyone wants to be in charge, like a king. That's why you should watch this movie and see why we need to stop acting this way.

Now coming to the movie, the things shown in it have not been developed much but the world built up is fine. You will connect with it, but the creators have not explored everything in depth. But removing that, if in case you are an action lover, then get ready for an entertaining roller coaster ride because as far as I think, this picture has been made keeping in mind the mass audience and accordingly a lot of action has been included in it. And the choreography of action, etc., everything is good.

The story is very flat. There are no twists, turns, or mysteries, so you should not have too many expectations from this picture. There are not many characters, but they impress in their roles.

It shouldn't be said, but let me say that Jennifer Lopez has overacted in some places. Now you can tell me anything you wish. I am just expressing what I felt. Still, her work is quite good. The other actors who appeared in the roles of villains also did well.


Overall, if you want to watch a sci-fi action movie based on an AI concept in which you get to see an actress like Jennifer Lopez, and the movie is heavy on action, and the story and characters don't matter to you, then Atlas is definitely the movie that you should watch. It will prove to be a fun experience to watch.

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