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by Lewis Stan Jacobs about a year ago in humanity
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There's more to it than you might think

Since ancient times humans have looked up to the stars with wonder, observing there movements and deciphering meaning from this. Ancient star gazing was once seen as something of higher learning. Today the study of the stars has become astronomy which is considered scientific and astrology which is considered occult, unscientific and often silly. A product of modern thinking.

I often hear people say its rubbish because not everyone of a certain sign is going to be the same as another of a certain sign so I don’t read my horoscope. I agree. However, I still find astrology enormously interesting and can see how mathematical and in some aspects scientific it is. I also know that the science and the magic does not lie in reading your horoscope daily but in the study of your natal chart. This is were we discover the individual that is written in the stars.

The planets and other astral bodies determine certain parts of your nature and how they work together. Planets are there to show us what is happening, each of the twelve signs show us how it is happening and they show where it is happening in the twelve houses.

Your Sun sign is the sign you generally read your horoscope for. I was born in September and I am a Libra. The sun represents the self, personality and identity. Sun signs can often tell us what kind of career would be suitable for us and the areas in our lives where we can be independent.

Your Moon sign is where the moon was placed at the time of your birth and speaks about emotions and instincts. This sign tells us about where we find our security and about our childhood.

The sign in Mercury is about learning, communication and thoughts and brings us interest in these things and the level to how interested we are.

Venus symbolises love, pleasure, harmony and sensuality and tells us what we are attracted in another and how we receive love and affection from others. It is also a sign of beauty and happiness. Negatively this sign can highlight shallowness.

Moving on to Mars the planet of activity, assertion, energy and courage. Mars is about the things that drive us, including our sex drive. It tells us about our desires, how to overcome obstacles and courage.

Your sign in Jupiter talks about happiness and expansion. It also represents the ethics we hold, our growth and laws, rules and faith.

Saturn represents restrictions, maturity, time and order. Imagine Saturn as being the strict teacher in your life and the phrase no pain no gain.

Then after all the strictness of Saturn we come to Uranus (ok giggle and compose yourselves). Uranus is our freedom, its revolution and originality. Uranus is about awakening and the unexpected and the unpredictable.

Neptune speaks of fantasy, spirituality, imagination and illusions. These are the parts of our lives that are not experienced by the things we perceive through our five senses.

Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, transformation and regeneration. It can represent our obsessions but it can also represent healing.

We also have an Ascendant or Rising sign which is the sign that was rising over the horizon at the time of your birth. Your Ascendant is the part of your personality you show to the world. It can describe physical appearance, temperament and behaviour.

There are other aspects in your chart which include the Descendant, Chiron, Fortune and Lilith which also have an influence on our natal chart. Also the amount of fire, earth, air or water can be significant as well as which of the twelve houses are influencing your personality. I have four Libra placements in my chart which is significant to me. How the planets are position against each other (aspects) at your birth or at specific times also have strong influences.

As you can see there is a lot of information here and much more besides. These days we have computers which can work all this out for us, however can you imagine how much work would go into calculating a persons natal chart?

Whether or not you have any faith in Astrology its plain to see that there is a whole lot of things that go into a persons Astrological personality and nope, every Libra is not the same and Im thankful for that, not only would it be boring its probably quite scary!

If you want your personal natal chart there are many websites that offer free charts, you just need your date of birth and if possible your time of birth but don’t worry if you don’t know you can still get your chart.


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Lewis Stan Jacobs



I am slowly building my own business which will offer hypnotherapy, reiki, tarot and coaching. At the moment I am offering tarot readings.

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