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Are You Familiar With the Holiday Sprite?

by Cheryl E Preston 3 years ago in fantasy · updated 5 months ago
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Familiar spirits know their territory

Sprites attach to people

A holiday Sprite is a familiar spirit that shows up on holidays to wreak havoc. Most families have that one person who drinks too much and makes an idiot of him or herself on holidays. These individuals are normal the rest of the year, except on Christmas, Labor Day, Memorial Day, or even family gatherings. Sometimes it’s on the day of the event, other times it’s a day or two before or after, but you can always count on it to show up. You see the person get antsy, and you know what is coming. Year after year, decade after decade, even when they do not drink or do drugs they seem to always pick fights and cause trouble on special occasions.

Sprites traditionally are considered as fairies

Traditionally, Sprites are considered similar to fairies. I had a pastor who decades ago likened them to evil spirits. He taught that there was a rank and file, and said that some demons had low level jobs, while others pulled out the big guns. I decided to use the term sprite in regard to patterns that I saw repeated. I've encountered people who were trying to quit smoking and they would do good for a while, and suddenly they would take your head off for no apparent reason. My children and I would give names to the issues attacking different folk. We might say "Oh the nicotine sprite is after so and so, or the crack devil is chasing an individual. When we noticed relatives and neighbors who binged on special celebrations, we would say the holiday sprite is after them.

I recall a man who was quiet until Memorial Day, when he sat on his porch drinking beer and playing his old school music very loudly. His wife said he had PTSD and the holiday brought back memories of Vietnam. There was a man who always got very loud a few days before holidays and would get angry and decide not to eat with his family during their celebration. I've seen women drink themselves into oblivion at Christmas time, yet no other time during the year. I heard a minister say these were familiar spirits, that knew their subjects very well and know when to strike.

Sprites are usually female

In folklore, Sprites were mischief-makers, and also called fairies or pixies. They also most always were female. I use the term loosely as a point of reference, whenever I encounter those whose behaviors and patterns are familiar. I had an older relative, who, prior to passing, would always pick fights or find reasons to be angry whenever she traveled. She would get mad at her roommates, the person she sat beside on the bus, and also family. Anytime she went on a trip with others, she would return home with a tale of woe. We said she had a traveling sprite that attached to her each time she went on an excursion.

If you know someone who is triggered by holidays and special occasions, who gets edgy, angry, and over indulges, it might’ve been the holiday sprite. I told one individual that I noticed that he was always moody during holidays, and he said I was nuts. The next few times I was around him on July fourth and Labor Day he was yelling at people for no reason. I walked by him and whispered “Holiday Sprite," and he cursed me and became belligerent. In my opinion those Sprites don’t like to be called out.

I hope you have enjoyed my yarn, as I cannot prove it. If you should be so unfortunate to be acquainted with those who have holiday meltdowns, please remember this little tale. To get through the day just smile and think to yourself what you have read here. If someone else notices that Aunt Susie, Uncle Edd, or cousin Lulu always ruins family events just whisper to them that it’s the Holiday Sprite. Please note: Addiction and Alcoholism are serious and nothing to joke about. Sometimes however, in order to keep one’s self sane, you may have to take a humorous view of some situations. But, on the other hand perhaps there are unseen spirits that attach themselves to to those who drink and drug and kick it up a notch on special occasions. Just pay attention and keep an open mind.


About the author

Cheryl E Preston

Cheryl is a poet, freelance writer, published author and former Newspaper columnist. She has degrees in Psycology and Biblical studies. She enjoys sharing natural cures, and Nostalgia related info. Tips are greatly appreciated.

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