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Are Humans A Virus On The Planet?

Science says yes.

By Kristopher KristiansonPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

Out of every living organism on Earth, humans identify the closest with a virus. We expand uncontrollably, we destroy our host (our host being Earth,) and we have no stable means of not eradicating ourselves without expanding to a new planet.

These main characteristics define us as a virus, we consider ourselves intelligent beings, in fact, the smartest on the planet, but tell me what intelligent thing constantly destroys the only home they have? Every other animal on the planet co-exists with nature, their homes are built in nature not by destroying it but by using what they need and nothing more. Animals live in the forests without destroying them creating nurturing ecosystems to support them and the many other animals around, there is a balance.Then there are humans, we rip down entire forests to build our homes we destroy fragile ecosystems to support our needs. We completely wipe other species off the face of the planet for sport, not need, just for fun. We adapt the environment to us not adapt to the environment just like a virus. Humans have destroyed our home, we have poisoned our air and water and destroyed the fragile ecosystem of the world. As they say, wipe out one animal and it will in time reach us in a negative aspect. Something as small as the mosquito disappearing could adversely affect the food chain, and humans went straight for bees, literally one of the lifeblood animals of the planet. We have genetically altered crops to make it harder for animals to eat them, meaning food becomes scarce for the animals that depended on them (sort of like a system of cells being attacked by a virus) there is literally nothing that we as human beings do positive for the planet. It is getting to the point of no return currently we are sitting like a stage three cancer (I know that's not a virus) and we are going as fast as we can to make the world become terminal and die. When it comes down to it the kids of the future will ask us what happened and what will we say? "the money was good" or "we had no choice" but really we all could be the breath of change. We can fix our virus ridden traits and fix the world work with it as to save it from ourselves or come to the conclusion we are facing a rapidly approaching end of days and because we were too stuck on money, we didn't make the choice to cure the world we decided to stay as a virus.

So what can we do to change this classification? I mean this definitely not something that can change overnight not in the least sense. There are the obvious things to change, like our use of fossil fuels, the use of pesticides on our crops and flowers, things like that would drastically alter the state we are in now, but there is so much more. I know a lot of people argue these facts, and I can see their side of the argument, we are not the only thing affecting the word adversely, methane is produced naturally animals have their own effects, this is all true but, there is the main difference, this being all these other adverse effects happen naturally whereas the human effect is not. We literally pull every ounce of oil from everywhere we can, we destroy forests, marshes, deserts, prairies all to produce a gain for ourselves. What gives humans the right to do this? to destroy other creatures homes? Humans think that based on our intellect we are entitled to these things but, we are not. All these things are meant to be there for the fact that they balance the world. The forests that stood for centuries get cut down yet they are one of the only things making this world livable with taking the CO2 and making us oxygen. Just like a virus we destroy the bare essentials for life without worrying about the effects, it will have on the world as a whole, all we worry about is how much money it will make. Now don't get me wrong I am just as guilty as the rest of the world, I use my share of all the products produced by stripping nature of everything, this being the programming we have been taught since I was a kid. It's not an excuse but an explanation, it's how it has been for centuries, but it is time to change our ways before it becomes too late. Even if we did find another planet to go to then what? we continue our rampage throughout other planets passing on our terrible ways farther and farther until there is no place left to go.


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