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Air Signs (November Energy Readings)

Expression is life, expression is key

By Prof. Personal Published 5 years ago 5 min read
Gemini having there daily reflective "what is life" conversations replaying in their head during the most mundane moments of life

Gemini, have you ever thought of a thought that was so thoughtless that it sent you into a spiral of never ending thought loops? Looks like we (fellow Gemini here) got so caught up in what we haven't learned yet as opposed to focusing on the current lesson and not the next five levels ahead. We were pushed in October to stop thinking of life as a race or game. Some of us got too dependent on up holding an image and maintaining some sort of imaginary status in this world, but we had to remember somehow we will always stand out regardless. Remembering how you earned your stripes and releasing the grip on our needs to have everything perfect was so important coming out of October and into this month. Whatever we thought was perfectly built up got perfectly smashed down anyway, especially if it was on shaky grounds and beliefs.

Sleepless nights got boring, worrying got tedious, and mercury is back and it holds no mercy per usual, now we are bored.

This is why November is all about diving inwards and reigniting the exciting Pixar animated film that is our mind and imagination. We have been giving so much of our energy and November will be the time for us to sit down, give ourselves a pat on the back, and give all of that abundant energy to ourselves. Most of us will be a bit more withdrawn and in sculpting mode, thinking about what we want for the next coming year.

It's like feeling as if we almost reached some sort of plane of existence where no one can fully understand it, which is why we have chased it our whole lives.

We are close.

As Aladdin would say, we are always one jump ahead of the breadline and one swing ahead of the sword. Choose your power; rest and patience is a virtue for this month. Clarity concerning where we should invest our energy next will start to come into fruition towards the end of the month, by then, we will have made the perfect decisions because we will have time throughout November to carefully reflect, and trust me, we are gonna strike when its hot and it will be a success.

We will also be super protective over our energies this month to avoid anyone we know who is draining of our energy or situations that are not worth our attention any longer, catapulting us ahead. Control will be restored because the controller is in our hands.

I always say they should be worried when we are too quiet...



Libras realizing enough is enough

Yikes, Libras got hit with heavy control freak issues throughout October leading into this month while others of you let someone run all over you and you needed to gather strength to conquer that situation. which made you feel a bit intimidated at first. I know its so hard expressing your delicate feelings to people who are less expressive and sensitive than you and this made you question if you were just being too open with everyone or someone. This is when most of you decided its time to do something on your own, without the validation of anybody and this was big for you.

You are like the greatest cocktail host ever... that is until all the guests run you dry and you decide to spike the pu— BUT , I digress..

Good thing you caught yourself before the retrograde, that would have been messy..

Knowing and remembering that you are the masters of balance is what resurfaces in your mind throughout November as you take stock of whats overburdening you and what you could tighten up on. Needing to rediscover that balance and harmony in your life has been pivotal for you to feel like your year will be complete and successful. This month, you wont cut yourself any slack; it's now or never to get it together. You will be pulled to also come to terms that maybe you have been a bit too impatient with yourself, because you are always trying to prepare for the worst. Only Libras truly understand what it feels like to deeply resent the fact that they can't even live up to their OWN expectations (aside from Virgos).

No longer will you want the weight of the world on your shoulders, so throughout November you'll be dropping a few pounds spiritually, or even literally for some. Trust me, you will feel so great after this workout! Good news is the fruits of your labor will come to fruition and your hard work will not go unnoticed. Expect to feel extremely satisfied with yourself by the end of the month, emotionally and materially. You will sometimes feel like you have to pinch yourself and wake up out of a dream because everything will be flowing so smoothly.

Do not rush or push this process; let November carry you safely to your destination. You've been a terrific host , let the Universe treat you for once. Shut the door on the past...

They wouldn't be able to treat you to steak anyway.



Aquarius reflecting on everything they've been putting up with

Just mind your business and keep striding along, huh? I see the tactic you used through October, Aquarius. If you could appear as normal as possible, maybe no one would bother or get to you. Ah, yes, the universe saw you trying to juggle all of those balls and also saw you fail, but you continued to grin and bare it for the sake of your dignity but you all know admiration from others is only temporary satisfaction. You needed more than that. Some of you noticed some around you were green with envy around your energy, to which you felt some lack of love from certain people that once welcomed you in with open arms...

Or so it seemed..

This is when you started to have a longing for something new, down to the environment, food you ate and people around you. The pain of understanding when its time to let go is what will resurface this month. You all are so sharp, you can see where something is heading before its there which tends to take some element of surprise out of your life. However, there is a method to this madness. In order to live each day well and wisely you must make a hard but needed choice. You will be doing this almost everyday throughout November. One day you'll diet, the next you'll change the way you respond to things, then the next you'll monitor how you communicate high level emotions.

It's the little things that count.

Micro-analyzing will be actually fun this month for the inner scientist in you. Retreating from the battle of someone who just doesn't get it would be beneficial for you this month as well, it's just time to give it a rest already, whatever it is, you know what I'm talking about. The gift of being so self analytical is that you will tap into the deep inner, under, and over-standing of life. Your eyes will open like they have never been opened before and your intuition will be amazingly in tune and on point. You will get so much accomplished using it more. The unknown suddenly becomes less frightening and a lot of you who have your own businesses will be super successful, while others of you who have been thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, now is the time to prepare a plan. Problems that you entered into this month with will be non existent by the end of the month.

Smile and wave boys, welcome to the Age of Aquarius




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