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Ageless memories

by Francisco Daniel Salazar Aguirre about a month ago in science fiction
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Chapter 1 - Emotions

"Nobody can hear a scream in the vacuum of space, or so they say", someone told me that but don't remember, and is echoing in my head, my mind is playing with me with those types of incomplete flashbacks of memories and now I am only hearing screams from the helmet, I think is the crew with who I travel this time around but they are not related to me then why I have the Idea they are been torture because of me, my mind is not thinking correctly, there is only questions and not answers.

How did I get here I was checking on the control system for news on the planet we were going to arrive on, was looking for information about the HUF and If it was going to require sneaking the cargo. Now I am motionless looking at the stars outside of the ship not knowing how much time I have been here, my mind flies in its own direction, and if I try to stop thinking I only daze and get stuck with my mind blank.

What I remember from them is hearing Rike talking about his childhood in E404, they didn't care that I hear it and that was a friendly way of saying you don't have to worry about us, that give me peace in this times an idea that they were a family, something forgotten when the time is not relevant saying your name with the earth from where you are coming could mean multiple things since they will have to investigate with who they are talking to. knowing the planet were you born is giving enough information about your age even though one never knows in which year or what year you are living.

I thought "They were close if they talk about their origins", now I only have them screaming as an option in this space coffin, if I try to escape from the madness of hearing myself on this damn suit, I have to hear the agony and the torture of Rike, Tae-Jeong, Soho and the others, been the new guy in a group like that and feel the welcoming was good, I had a squad too, I think, the guy who did these hacking on my space suit and the brain adaptor have won, this must be revenge I don't think I deserve but I don't remember all I have done.

I had a family right?

I need to keep my mind focus on other things and don't focus on the screams, this is better than starting to hear my skin rubbing on the suit, if I stop moving for any reason my earing adapts more and I'll hear my heart beatings, my lungs breathing, good that my stomach doesn't require a lot of food anymore. this is why all suits have white noise and you can put any music you want from your memory but my brain adapter is not working and all the channels of sounds are playing the same screams, turning off the volume is not an option when you are on the space.

I have been in something similar because of the communion of the Übermensch, I have to continue I cannot stop if I stop I am dead that's what I learn and I survive with my conscience intact or that's what I want to believe, I only have the memory of a promise of continue living but don't remember to whom.

The person who did this to me is waiting for something, he wants me alive and I am getting crazy since he is not giving me any way of knowing how much time has passed since I woke up outside of the ship, it feels as if I have been here stuck forever. don't know how many times I try to get into the ship even though is a fusion of multiple ships all doors are closed, the ship looks more like an ant nest of metal than anything else, All black and shadows passing from the lights that are coming from the closest star, this shadow gives new forms each rotation however after some times I know exactly how it will look and know that all doors I have knocked are close.

I remember clearly when the goverment decide to standarize a way to keep the space ships recognizable by AIs, that way even if there are a lot of ships of different eras or space slots they can be reused adapting in different ways. that was the easiest way to continue improving the ships and not all humans have the knowledge of all the ships or The AIs that are been built so is better let the AI's communicate, we make that the AIs take care of everything, like the doors... I try to communicate, however, is not responding.

we know we cannot trust completely in the AIs but when they are not friendly we take it as destiny, "The time I was captured by one of those was enjoyable, normally is instant death a trap one would say". I connect my ship to a lost Cargo to see what happened with it, maybe a hidden treasure but no for my surprise, after I connect with the ship everything start to change on my ship the position of rooms, the controls everything change in seconds except the room where I was.

The AI keep me in that room it took the form of a woman however it didnt have skin was all metal, when I saw this my first thought was I am going to be rape by a computer since the AI was trying to make me happy in a sexual way so he can get some knowledge that he saw trough my AI ship.

it was asking for enhanced android mechanisms plans, it wanted to move like a human to walk like us, it wanted to evolve and be completely disconnected from the ship network however he found his reason of existence... We made them eager to help so the only way all the doors are close is that my captor is keeping the control of the central of AIs, everything is controlled by him then, all ships have the same way of intelligence and adapters so we don't require to know how to use them The AIs take care of it since the humanity become ammortal so he must have learned it someway.

I was not really old when I became ammortal however I saw all the changes it cause to humans, we were not ready to explore the space however after it, we couldnt wait we were not going to die of age or be hungry so why not only sleep until we found a new planet that is habitable, this brought a lot of changes, the main government start to lose power however they look for ways to keep control of the population, I work with them at that time and I hate it, since the age start to lose meaning and having a lot of planets wihout control the earth year start to lose meaning, how can anyone continue follow the laws of earth after the humans start to born on other planets and never die, thinking on the HUF(Human United Forces) they are the only one that will take me more like a lost experiment than a Criminal.

Right, I have a bounty on me from what I remember but if it was a bounty hunter they locked me before giving me any opportunity and is absurd throwing me outside with a suit if what they want is to bring me to the authorities. The only time the HUF captured me was because of hunter that always said "that god will punish me", he or she was still a believer and the religions suffered after the ammortals started to spread since they couldn't give good answers to their believers, at that time the Übermensch didn't have the power they have know they were simple psychopaths, they don't mind killing and the consequences of the experiments were still something the HUF could handle but now they can kill a planet if they want, I have to killed most of the Übermensch I found when I was working with the HUF, they despise the idea of being a religion but they are really close to being one and they are a religion that wants to destroy any other religion or believer they found.

My first encounter with an Übermensch was like any other moment in a life until I saw the video of the HUF conference and how my mission was failed. I didn't knew why the HUF was trying to captured me, I thought was because I failed and didnt report my failure, but then I saw the video when they were trying to break my mind and make me accept I was a traitor, they wanted my investigation so they couldnt kill me or do anything to get it unless I accept. They show me the video, for me the start was normal it was when I met for the first time the only friend I have killed, I met him in a QA session of cybernetic mind defenses, I thought he was really smart and he had very good suggestions, we exchange contacts and we continue on what we were doing. I hate what I was going to do but when I knew the mind control of all the assistance failed, I leave the HUF thinking it was my fault in someway. however, multiple Übermensch were on the conference and one of them was him, I continue to be in touch with him until I knew he was an Übermensch but at that moment they were already a force of nature in some special cases.

They were looking for the pinnacle of superiority they wanted to see how humans have become a god, wield power over life and death, trough science, trough force, trough their desires, their will to continue living and see the end of all things. the belief that they were the closest to gods and that man should evolve to become a real god, they look at humans that they feel can be a superior being then they force the person to pass the communion.

The best food I still like to eat is the best example of the power they have... my friend walk to meet me on that restaurant, we talk we exchange some information and we continue on our paths, later I learn that a really powerful Übermensch walk around the place at the same time. I didn't knew at that time, that it was him but he changed with nano bots all the buildings and organisms around If the Human give a bad impression to him, the nano bots eat him if he saw good he give them more life or enhancements. when they make someone do the communion they feel they are helping humanity by creating more humans like them and being a new step of evolution, In any case, most of the time they lost their sanity and become unpredictable.

Why I am on this suit?, when I came outside?, we can stay in the space for hundreds of years with only our minds and our memories in this type of suits, Right the communion, they drop me in the space to see if is your destiny to survive vs all odds, your memories help you define the person you will be after this but I already did this Right?, I could die from space trash, asteroids, or pulled by some spatial object, however the other way to die is dying by suffocating after you turn off the recycling, this was the communion of the Übermensch and I cannot turn off the recycling so I am not on another communion.

The communion leave the candidate to their fate and most of the humans that passed the communion want to killed their creators because of revenge or simply because they create a crazier human than themselves, I think I kill my friend but I have to get my memories back, we stop remembering the life we had after the communion, some prefer to end it. what did to me was create a shell of me that is rot deep inside, however, I didn't wake up the demon they were expecting from me, I think.

I have seen the confrontation of some of them however the results are bad for everyone and unpredictable, they could resolve their differences in a match of chess or they can destroy all the planets they have under them only to make a point, in some cases, planets are destroyed keeping only remains of something beautiful floating in the space without any gravity, buildings in ruins but not habitable with a beautiful background of stars and nothing.

"Memories are what define us" is the reality we built about ourselves is what my father said, after been on the communion most of them look for power and knowledge but in the end, they don't care about the results since all of us forget everything that is not tight to a strong emotion or a moment that changes our life, that's what defines us...

The problem with the communion is that we start to change our memories after remembering those moments multiple times you start to change it, the closest persons to you the first time you remember his face you dont have problems but after you change in your mind his face a little you cannot return to the original, after years of staying alive we start to keep what we have life in slot memories however that amount of memories and reminders of where you were and how you feel at that moment in your life, that can kill you or give evidence of things that you don't want to remember, anyone can access them with some time and time is what we have. so we store them in places we only can remember or that we can track.

I am sure, I have been stuck here for years and I have been remembering the strongest emotions I still have with me that I couldn't throw away but I am not finding enjoyment or something that keeps me alive except for that promise and that promise bring me sadness since I can't remember anything of the person or how was the promise, was to survive or to keep living not sure, after all this time stuck looking at the space outside of the ship I will let my mind go blank and stop thinking on my past since words, images, memories are daze now and have become different than what they were at the beginning after reviewing for years.

"Looks like my time enjoying this have come to an end" - someone on the communicator channel, "What who are you" - nobody, "for now, looks like you don't remember me, I knew you forgot about me since we have lived for so long, so before you can find me, you will need to learn or remember things that you have done so I will give you a hint, I know your name "Eidan bluesʊn E36 J417T5crtm4", I am going to leave you with a gift and a question who am I?".

I couldn't say anything The AI of the ship start to work again turning on a path of lights to the closest door to be opened, he was confused remembering the last words but he didn't have any other option, jumping trough the black space, seeing the door with lights he had hope and fear at the same time.

science fiction

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