A Play's Story

by Raina Hill about a year ago in fantasy

Chapter 1

A Play's Story

Silence. The auditorium is empty, aside from the mask that lays askew in the aisle as if tossed in a hurried manner. The stage is set with falling snow and the girl in purple is left on the bench wondering what she did to cause the shadow man to leave. His absence pains her heart; not even real snow could numb this pain.

"You look so sad princess." A voice that came from an unknown source.

Shocked, the girl answers, "Only one person has ever called me that, and you cannot be him."

Her voice seems to echo in the empty room.

"How are you so sure you really know him?" questions the unknown.

Softly she lets out a sigh.

"It's hard to explain but even harder to understand."

A low hum is all that can be heard for a response. She decides to wait as she paces the stage, her only company being the mask still askew.

"He's not coming back."

The voice echoes her thoughts. She wants to no longer hear her thoughts or the voice.

"To be a mermaid," she whispers, and just like that the stage starts to shift.

An oceanic floor appears with large clams and coral, glass walls begin to ascend towards the ceiling as the floor fills with water. As the water gets higher, she slides her arm behind her and gently pulls at the ribbon on her dress. Climbing into the biggest clam shell, she waits until the room fills with water. Oddly, it feels slightly warm. Once the stage is full, the clam slowly drifts open, letting in more of the comfortably warm water, and as it does, her dress begins to float off her and toward the top of the water. Her wish comes true, for as she looks down at what use to be her feet, she now sees a beautiful purple and black mermaid tail with purple shells on her chest to match. She takes a chance and takes in a breath, smiling as she is not suffocated by the inviting waters, but instead is welcomed like family. The only thing that has stayed the same is her mask, the one thing that holds her secrets. As she reaches up to touch her mask, she knows it is best to leave it in its place. Even under water she cries happily because finally...

"I'm free."

And the voice is silenced as he exits the auditorium.

Raina Hill
Raina Hill
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