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A foreign body in a college canteen in Jiangxi Province eats a mouse head in the canteen

Addressing the Incident of a Foreign Object in a College Canteen in Jiangxi Province

By Antumila MiloamilaPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

The incident happened on June 1st; a student from Jiangxi Industrial Vocational and Technical College said to the canteen staff: This is a mouse, the mouse's teeth, can you see it? However, the staff said that this was a duck head, not a mouse head. Some netizens said that this is a lie in the canteen.

I saw the picture. It really looks like a mouse's head with teeth. However, there has been no physical object in the report, which is a variable. Maybe after the students saw it, it was too disgusting. If this spreads, it is estimated that all the students in the school will be disgusted for several days, and they will be afraid to think about it.

On June 2, the school canteen operator said that he had seen the situation in the video and would investigate and verify the specific situation.

So far, the school has not come out to explain the situation, so we can only wait for the results of the investigation. Whether it's a duck head or a mouse head is still under debate.

However, you just need to check the video surveillance on the day to see if the canteen has made duck food on that day. Secondly, ask the students if anyone has eaten duck meat on the same day, and they can't fully believe what the canteen operators say; they can say anything for the sake of profit.

Jiangxi Industrial Vocational and Technical College is a public vocational college in Nanchang, with more than 15,000 students and 484 full-time teachers. On the whole, it has a certain scale and is more formal; as for the strength? As we all know, there are only a few vocational colleges with strength.

Eating a mouse's head in the meal, many netizens said, "It's horrible! It's disgusting! In fact, it is terrible for anyone to see it; if it is verified, it must be a food safety accident, but there are no consequences. I guess the whole school students don't want to go to the canteen to eat. I just don't know how many canteens there are in the school. If there is one, there is no chance to choose.

The school canteen is very sensitive because it involves a lot of interests; it is the heart of all principals; it is also a high-risk area of corruption, and there are many principals in this area. It can be said that there are problems every year, and there are a lot of them, but they are still banned repeatedly. The main reason is that this cake is too big and delicious. Who is willing to let it go?

It is not difficult to solve the canteen in primary and secondary schools. Because it is close to home, you can not have a canteen. Even if you run a canteen, it is necessary to strictly implement the principal and the teacher to eat a pot of food together, which can play an effective supervision role.

The university is a little troublesome. There must be a canteen. At this time, it will test the conscience of the school leaders. It is acceptable for the canteen to make money, but the quality of the food must be guaranteed. Needless to say, it feels like eating a mouse's head, and it is shivering to think about it. The school must not be blinded by interests. It should stand up and speak for the students; if it is with the canteen operator, it will not be self-invited. Think about what it would be like to eat a mouse's head!

It is another thing to run a canteen, whether it is delicious or not. At least the hygiene should be guaranteed, and the amount of food should be sufficient. Students are in the stage of growing up, and the amount of food is generally very large; with clean meals, students can eat at ease. At this time, the principal's conscience and sense of responsibility are the most important. Sooner or later, the black-hearted principal will be arrested.

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  • Antumila Miloamila (Author)4 months ago

    Oh my God

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