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9 Interesting Facts About Mother Talzin

by Culture Slate 4 months ago in star wars
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'Prepare Yourself, Sisters! The War Has Come To Dathomir'

The Star Wars universe is soon set to expand and, with that, newer fans will have the opportunity to learn about new characters. In this article, we will explore nine interesting stories regarding the life of Mother Talzin who was an impactful figure before and during the Clone Wars.

1. Mother Talzin Was Approximately 7ft 4in Tall

Mother Talzin would make a formidable opponent in the NBA as she did in the Star Wars universe. Standing at 7ft 4in tall, Mother Talzin became an impressive character during the later years of the Galactic Republic. She lived on in her home of Dathomir. She was a shaman and the Clan Mother of the Nightsisters. The Nightsisters were a coven of Force-sensitive witches. At 7ft 4in tall, she was taller than characters such as Anakin Skywalker who was 6ft 2in.

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2. Darth Sidious Originally Planned To Take Her On As His Apprentice

As she began to gain power and became recognized as a spiritual guide for her people, she began to attract the interest of others. Most notably she gained the attention of Darth Sidious. On his rise to power, Sidious came to Dathomir and looked to learn from her techniques in Dathomiri magick. Their relationship began to grow and at one point Sidious stated that he intended to make Talzin her apprentice, but that did not last long.

3. But… That Changed When He Discovered Her Son Darth Maul

Mother Talzin had three sons. They were Savage Opress, Feral, and the child who would later become known as Darth Maul. Sensing the potential in young Maul, Darth Sidious chose to take the child away from his mother and his home and train him in the ways of the Sith. Talzin was very upset and vowed that she would one day take revenge upon the Sith and rescue her son.

4. During The Beginning Of The Clone Wars Talzin And Her Clan Refused To Side With Either The Republic Or The Separatists

When the Clone Wars began after the First Battle of Geonosis, Mother Talzin did her best to keep her clan out of the conflict. She decided to maintain loyal to her clan and refused to ally with either side. Things slightly began to change with the return of a lost Nightsister.

5. During The War A Long Lost Nightsister Returned

Several years into the Clone Wars the long-lost Nightsister Asajj Ventress returned to Mother Talzin's homeworld of Dathomir. She was wounded and in need of assistance. After being orphaned, she pledged herself to Count Dooku. Due to her growing power, Darth Sidious ordered Dooku to kill her. He attempted to follow the order but was unsuccessful. After surviving, she decided to return to her people.

6. Despite Remaining Neutral, Eventually, The War Came To Dathomir

Despite her best efforts the Clone Wars eventually came to Dathomir. Talzin rallied her sisters and attempted to defend her homeland. During the conflict, Talzin was nearly able to torture Count Dooku to death but was ultimately unsuccessful. By the end of the conflict, most of the Nightsister coven had been destroyed. Afterward, Talzin continued to pursue her most crucial objective which was finding her son.

7. Eventually She Was Able To Find Her Son But It Came At A Cost

After the decimation of her homeland, Talzin sent Savage Opress to search for Maul. Opress eventually found a barely alive Maul in the caverns of Stobar. Savage then returned Maul to Dathomir, where Talzin worked to restore Maul’s sanity and memories. Reviving her son did take a toll on Mother Talzin. Because she sacrificed part of her energies, she was now trapped in the spirit world, and this caused her physical form to begin to fade.

8. She Had A Run-In With Junior Representative Jar Jar Binks

While on Bardotta, Mother Talzin attacked Mace Windu and Jar Jar Binks with Force lightning. During the battle Jar Jar accidentally caused a large explosion which ruined her plans to become more powerful than the Sith and Jedi combined.

9. Her Final Battle Was With Darth Sidious, Count Dooku, And General Grievous

In a final attempt to gain revenge on the Sith, Mother Talzin once more attempted to kill Count Dooku and Darth Sidious. Dooku was brought to Dathomir and was possessed by Mother Talzin. She then began to drain his life force and attack Darth Sidious. Ultimately, this proved unsuccessful and eventually, Mother Talzin was slain by General Grievous and turned to stone.

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Written by Jesse Schwartz

Sources: Wookieepedia

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