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7 Crazy Gadgets/Skills R2-D2 Has You Might Not Know About

by Culture Slate 13 days ago in star wars
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Even Has A Built-In Movie Projector

Appearing in every Skywalker Saga film and numerous spinoffs, R2-D2 has remained a consistent character throughout Star Wars. Making his debut in A New Hope, R2-D2 has been an anchor in the constant shifts of tone and setting. From Anakin and Luke's favorite droid to the connecting presence of the sequels, it's safe to say that without R2 and C-3PO, the saga would not feel like a whole. The little blue R2 unit has evolved past a cutesy comedic relief to become a vital essence in the survival of numerous characters throughout the franchise.

While C-3PO has always been the anchor of common sense, R2-D2 has been an agent of chaos and survival. Although a droid of his stature would most likely be looked over in the widespread mythos in any other sci-fi universe, he has stood the test of time and proved to be a vital essence. Without his help, Luke may not have saved Han from Jabba, Padme's ship would have been destroyed, and Luke wouldn't have been reminded of the struggles he faced prior during the events of the sequel trilogy. Likewise, his many tools and skills have played a vital part in the survival of many key characters throughout the Skywalker Saga. Here, we will look at some of the gadgets/skills you may have missed that the trusty companion uses throughout the films.

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7. Drink Dispenser

This tool doesn't play a significant part in the saga, so we won't spend too much time on it. During Return of the Jedi, R2-D2 acts as a servant droid to Jabba the Hutt on his sail barge. Of course, this is all a ruse until Luke can fully enact his plan, but a fun little gadget of R2's is shown here. We can see the droid acting as a server and as a drink dispenser to the guests of Jabba's palace. This is a fun inclusion that is understandably not shown later.

6. Fire Extinguisher

In another blink and you miss it moment within the original trilogy, we see R2-D2 put out a fire on the Millennium Falcon during the events of A New Hope. Many fans may remember his ability to start fires from Revenge of the Sith, but this scene shows how useful R2 can be to the team. While he may start many fires (figuratively and literally), he can also put them out at a moment's notice.

5. All-Terrain Treads

Whether it be the sandy plains of Tatooine, icy tundras of Hoth, or swamps of Dagobah, R2 is able to move around with general ease. Why? To put it plainly, he is fitted with all-terrain treads that allow him to maneuver throughout any type of environment. Of course, droids such as himself are needed for any situation in any environment, so it will come as little surprise that he has been fitted with such utility.

4. Starship Integration

Like his ability to adapt to any physical environment, R2-D2 can also adapt to any technological environment put in his path. Throughout Star Wars, we are shown that the droid can integrate with any starship that he is aboard. This allows R2 to be configured with any starship able to hold an astromech. This allows him to perform the functions necessary to carry out the tasks needed with any ship he may be dropped into at a moment's notice. This shows why Anakin, who Obi-Wan proclaimed the best star pilot in the galaxy, would choose R2-D2 to accompany him with any mission on any given starship.

3. Mechanical Repair Tools

Given the opportunity, R2-D2 has gone out of his way to ensure that any journey would end in "another happy landing." In his first canonical Skywalker Saga appearance, the viewer is shown the droid as the only survivor of an ambush on Padme's ship. While the others are blasted away, R2 remains and repairs the parts necessary for the group to continue their mission and is commended for his efforts. In the original trilogy, the droid is shown to be helping in the repairs necessary for the ship to help Luke leave Dagobah.

2. Memory Backup of Other Droids

This inclusion is undoubtedly more of a voluntary ability. In The Rise of Skywalker, C-3PO has to have his memory reset to read the Sith transcript inscribed upon a dagger. He briefly mentions that while R2 has been backing up the data of the protocol droid, sometimes R2 isn't the most reliable for doing so. But after witnessing C-3PO once again rebooted, R2-D2 reconfigures him with the memories that R2 has saved to bring his friend back to full memory. This most likely stems from seeing C-3PO completely reconfigured after the events of the prequel trilogy and not wanting to see his friend have to start from scratch once again.

1. Able To Speak With Any Computer

R2's comp link is common knowledge. However, you may not know that when he connects, he is not only reading data. R2-D2 can also converse with any computer as easily as he is with C-3PO. It is a very blink-and-you-miss-it moment. For example, during the events of The Empire Strikes Back, R2 connects with the computer for Cloud City. After speaking with C-3PO about the knowledge he has gained about the Empire, C-3PO exclaims, "What did I tell you about speaking with strange computers?"

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Written by James Ewing

Source(s): Screenrant, Wookieepedia

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