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6 trillion billion tons of the Earth, non-stop rotation for 4.5 billion years, where does the power come from?

Earth Dynamics

By Orr HirshmanPublished 6 months ago 4 min read

The earth has two modes of rotation, one is rotation and one is revolution. When the earth rotates one revolution, it is the day we feel the alternation of day and night. And when the earth rotates one revolution, it is a year of alternating spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

From the moment the Earth is born, the Earth never stops rotating until the end of its life, and the rotation of the Earth is one of the necessary conditions for the birth of life on Earth.

There is research evidence that the liquid Earth's core and mantle, due to the friction of the Earth's rotation, formed the Earth's magnetic field, the existence of this magnetic field, blocks the vast majority of cosmic rays and solar storms for humans, so that the early fragile life, can be in a safe environment, evolved into the emergence of all things on Earth.

According to calculations, the Earth weighs 60 trillion billion tons, and its rotation speed of about 466 m / s (near the equator), which means that this speed is equivalent to Mach 1.37 up, the current speed can only be reached by fighter jets, and to reach this speed fighter jets, need to consume a lot of fuel to support its flight.

And 60 trillion billion tons of the Earth, never stop has been rotating for 4.5 billion years, so what kind of energy to support the Earth, never stop rotating for so long?

The original power source of the Earth is from the time of the great collision between heaven and earth, 4.5 billion years ago when the solar system was just formed, by countless cosmic dust convergence into tiny meteorites, meteorites hit each other fusion, into an asteroid, asteroids and then hit each other fusion, the formation of the original planets of the solar system, and then the Earth is just one of the insignificant.

In the process of the formation of the solar system, just like the scenes in some mini-games, the opening is often the most notable of the small point, the more you eat the bigger, become the game of domination. Whether those mini-games draw on the process of solar system formation or not, there is a recreation of the solar system formation scenario embedded in those mini-games.

It was during these impacts that the source of energy for the early days of the Earth was formed, but the speed of the Earth's rotation was also related to another big event.

That famous event, is a planet called "Theia", hit the Earth hard, the impact, not only Theia and the Earth merged into a larger planet, and there is a by-product, that is, the moon, in that impact, the debris flying around, and one of the largest, slowly The largest one, which slowly gathered the debris around it, became the moon that people can see today.

That impact gave the Earth a huge amount of energy and accelerated the rotation of the Earth.

That is to say, the reason why the Earth can rotate, the main source of energy or the early impact, and the reason why it is still rotating now, is caused by inertia, the process, like the process of playing gyroscope, the reason why the gyroscope can quickly stop, because of the existence of air resistance, and the Earth is in an almost vacuum environment, so it can turn to continue to rotate for so long.

And in the future for a long time, it will continue to rotate, so whether the Earth will continue to rotate permanently?

The answer is no, because the so-called vacuum environment is not an absolute vacuum, in the universe, there are some nebulae, these nebulae are scattered with a large number of atoms, the density is about 0.26 atoms / cubic centimeter, and the number of atoms, although sparse, the entire volume of the Earth's atoms for the volume of 60 trillion billion tons of the Earth, can be negligible, but it is undeniable that, although weak negligible, it is also the formation of faint atoms. But it is also the formation of weak resistance.

In the addition of time, the Earth has also produced a certain impact, and this impact, in terms of human time scale, is negligible, because, since the history of the birth of mankind, the time of day changes are not very large.

But if there is a star behemoth, which is a billion years as the scale, then look down to observe the Earth, then it will be a human observation gyroscope.

At the time the Earth experienced the impact, the day is only a few hours, and the rotation speed can be said to be very fast, even 500 million years ago, the day on Earth is only 21 hours, after a few hundred million years, the Earth's speed is slowed by 3 hours.

That is to say, there is weak friction exists, the Earth as a whole is the trend of slowing down, but want to make the Earth, it takes a very long time, humans are living on Earth this day, humans are not seen.


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