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5 Ways that the World would Change under the First Order

How different would life on Earth be?

By Daniel TeachPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

[Contains possible spoilers to the Star Wars sequel trilogy]

One day, you find your commute to work interrupted as a fleet of Resurgent-class star destroyers appears in the skies above. The First Order has arrived, and they want Earth! Described as a "military junta" or in other words, a government run by military leaders, they successfully bring the world's militaries to heel. These are some of the major changes that you might see to the planet post-First Order takeover:

1) No more countries: The First Order was a fascist military junta that demanded absolute power above all. Viewing the galaxy as chaotic and in need of a strong, firm government, they mercilessly subjugated the many planets after annihilating the New Republic with their superweapon, Star Killer base.

As such, if Earth found itself in the First Order's grasp, then countries as we know them will cease to exist. Granted, the First Order values order (its literally in their name) above all else, so they will likely divide Earth into a series of districts to better organize the population. Any reference to the old nations will likely be banned, and flying flags such as the old stars and stripes will likely be outlawed as the First Order demands complete submission and allegiance to their flag alone.

The youth especially will probably be subjected to First Order propaganda immediately, and many will probably be taken from their parents and conscripted into the stormtrooper corps (which is made entirely of indoctrinated soldiers who were recruited as children).

2) No more racism (yay?): In the Star Wars universe, which is populated by a plethora of alien races, it should be no surprise that racism among the different ethnicities of the human race is nonexistent. The First Order is no exception, where during the three movies of the sequel trilogy, you can regularly spot a wide variety of people among the First Order's ranks across all ethnicities.

As a result, Earth's new fascistic government will ironically bring an end to race-based discrimination as we know it, where one's standing in the First Order is determined strictly by skill, allegiance, and contribution. For example, during Episode 7: the Force Awakens, soon-defecting stormtrooper Finn is pulled aside and reprimanded by Captain Phasma not because he was black, but because he didn't follow his order to fire upon civilians. Indeed, racism would likely be ironed out of the new system as the color-blind First Order promotes individuals based on merit alone as high-ranking positions were held by people of color such as Frantis Griss, one of the First Order admirals.

That said, like the Empire before it, the First Order exhibited a strong bias in favor Humans in the movies, being discriminatory instead to different species of aliens. As Earth has nothing but Humans, we'd be fine, but ET had better phone home before a stormtrooper finds him.

3) Earth will be given a single main purpose: whether that purpose is to be the location of a massive First Order weapons project or a sprawling factory world run on slave labor would be determined. In the Star Wars galaxy, where there are habitable worlds aplenty, most planets beneath one of the galactic-wide governments are usually delegated to a single purpose.

For example, Coruscant was the city-covered capital world of the galactic Republic, while the Empire used planets like Mapuzo or Kessel for mining. Due to Earth's high population of humans as well as our relatively intact biosphere and swaths of clear land, the planet might be delegated for agriculture as well as a source of recruits for the First Order military. Of course, this is no guarantee, and Earthlings could very well be forced into labor while our youth is whisked away to become legions upon legions of stormtroopers.

4) Goodbye Human Rights: This is a given. As previously stated, a fascist Government like the First Order prioritizes the collective rather than the individual. In their eyes, you exist as an extension of the government to better them, and if you have no use, then your place in society is greatly reduced. All rights to freedom of speech or expression and even simpler things like the right to peaceful assembly or religion would be nonexistent.

It would be a libertarian's nightmare. Centrally planned economy? Check. Delegated occupations and careers? Check. No way to complain about the government on the internet? Check. A nightmare for anyone really who has become accustomed to basic human rights. On First Order-occupied worlds such as Kijimi, we get a preview of the government's authoritarian rule with stormtroopers marching through the streets menacingly and towering walkers looking down at you from above. You'd be under their thumb whether you liked it or not.

5) Hello Galaxy: Just like the elimination of racism, this would arguably be one of the only plus sides to being brought under the umbrella of a galaxy-wide government. That is, being given access to the galaxy as a whole. I know that the Star Wars universe takes place in a galaxy "far, far away", lets keep it in our own galaxy for the sake of a narrative. We'd be able to access a range of alien species, visit a plethora of different worlds, see things that humanity could only have dreamt of.

I mean, if our new dear leaders let us leave the planet, of course. At the very least, many wide-eyed Earthling First Order recruits will get the experience of a lifetime flying through space in a massive star destroyer, as well as piloting the nimble TIE fighters or touching down on foreign worlds as a stormtrooper. Who knows, in a few generations, maybe mankind would adjust to the authoritarian rule. Or maybe we'd start plotting our own resistance given our normal stance on fascists. Would we choose to be rebel scum, or choose to join the First Order with their promise of galaxy-wide peace?

I'm sure we'd be split somewhere down the middle.

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A freelance writer who enjoys writing about politics, world news, and erotica. At times, a combination of the three.

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