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5 MIND BLOWING Space Stories You NEVER Heard About

“Space, the final frontier,”

By Abdul Hannan SaifPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

To many of us especially those in the Star Trek world space may be the final frontier and while we have been given a glimpse of the vastness of outer space back in school that's all it was a glimpse and with a lot of interesting stories left out So, we are going to talk about 5 mind-blowing space stories and facts that we were never told in school.

Number 5:

In the Flatulence Configuration, an astronaut, John Young, went on a mission to the moon in 1972 and made one of history's lesser-known utterances in outer space. While having a casual conversation with a team member, Young casually mentions some gassy digestive problems he had been experiencing and, right at that moment, let one rip while he was completely unaware that his suit's microphone was recording everything. Luckily, the mic was not sensitive enough to record the actual "release" of his flatulence but Young was kind enough to give a colorful description of it along with a few "F" words to accompany his adjectives.

Number 4:

The Multiverse Multiplier The debate on whether or not there are other universes outside our own is a controversial debate that has kept scientists, physicists, and astronomers on their toes and at each other's throats for years. On one side, experts believe that no scientific and mathematical law allows the existence of another universe, let alone several more. however, on the other hand, believers of the theory have countered that neither is there evidence that disproves the theory of a multiverse that's just waiting to be discovered. many have held this belief as mere fantasy and something that only happens in speculative fiction and comic books, the fact of the matter is that until scientific advancements can be made that will allow humans to explore outside the known universe, this debate will not soon be put to bed.

Number 3:

The Deletion Dilemma We are all familiar with the iconic broadcast of the first moon landing. the moment Neil Armstrong took his first step and uttered those words that are now deeply etched in human history, it was a completely new ballgame for science and the entire human civilization. However, in 2006, a shocking twist to the story came to the public eye when NASA half-heartedly admitted that they had lost track of the recordings of the historic Apollo 11 mission but assured everyone that it was simply buried somewhere in their archives. later, NASA announced that they had found the tapes about Apollo 11 but revealed that the recordings were "accidentally" erased. luckily for NASA, news agencies such as CBS who managed to record the event were able to supply a decent amount of recordings and footage from the Apollo 11 moon landing. a courtesy that was able to save NASA from disgrace.

Number 2:

The Shotgun Syntax A particularly lesser-known story from the Space Race was that the USSR armed their cosmonauts with shotguns while American astronauts were busy smuggling Big Macs into space. modifying a TP-82 shotgun, soviet engineers packed these firearms as they flew into space. the reason for packing some heat in the void of space, however, was not to fend off hostile aliens wanting to board their ship or in case they had to fight off space pirates. the modified shotguns were more for the trip home. The difference between NASA and Soviet re-entry protocol was that NASA chose a much more practical approach to have their astronauts land in the Pacific region where they would then be picked up. the soviets, on the other hand, chose the vast landscape of Siberia as their landing point. unfortunately, when soviet capsules re-entered the planet's atmosphere, their capsule would sometimes fly off course and land in a different region that was mostly grizzly bear territory.

Number 1:

The dark matter mystery we have somehow heard of this mysterious dark matter from science shows and movies. with a name that sounds like it was lifted directly from a space opera, it is one of the most mysterious anomalies in space and physics. dark matter occurs when Einstein's famous equation of e=mc^2 is applied to space. Using the equation, scientists can determine just how much matter exists in the universe. surprisingly, however, scientists have only found 4% of matter and are boggled about where the 96% are. some theorists believe that 96% of missing matter is present but comes in the form of the so-called dark matter; a form of matter that exists wherever no visible matter is found. to this very day, scientists and experts are debating if dark matter is a real thing since no conclusive evidence is pointing them in the right direction. what is even more frustrating is that dark matter, upholding its namesake, cannot be seen or touched; light and radio waves also pass through it seamlessly. since it is a fundamental scientific fact that matter - in this case, dark or otherwise - cannot be created or destroyed, who knows? maybe it's right in front of us, staring at us straight in the face.

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