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You May Address Me as Sir

by Bryanna Burshnick 4 years ago in fiction
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She wasn't expecting this darker side to him, and she wasn't expecting how much she would enjoy it.

It all started very innocent, very vanilla. She wasn't the kind of girl to get too adventurous; in her daily life and in the bedroom. So he was gentle with her heart and with her body. Their days were spent adventuring around the city, while the nights were consumed with endless lovemaking. After many nights of sharing more than just a bed, he had finally earned her trust completely. He had taken over her body, and now he had taken over her heart. She was prepared to do anything for him. She was prepared to love him for the rest of her life. What she wasn't expecting however, was the more intense side to him that explored the depths of her soul, and her body. She wasn't expecting him to take her body to places it had never been before. She also wasn't expecting how much she would actually enjoy it...


It was a lazy Sunday evening, rain had been tempting the skies all day, but none had fallen yet. They were tangled in each others arms, lounging across the couch. He lightly kissed her whole face, playfully as to get a laugh from her. He moved his mouth slowly to her ear, barely making skin contact, but his breath against her skin was enough to send shivers through her. He played with her earlobe ever so slightly. He loved to hear the little sigh she gave out every time his tongue met flesh. He moved a little lower, nuzzling the sweet spot of her neck. She arched her head back so he had more access. He bit down just a little, enough to cause the right amount of pleasurable pain. She jolted in surprise then let out the most beautiful laugh, causing a smile to break out on his face. He continued his way down her shoulders, tickling her with his breath. She let out a small shiver following with a giggle. Man, did he love that sound. She tangled her fingers in his hair and tugged hard. Maybe a little too hard, but she wanted him to feel the same amount of pleasurable pain he was giving her. Apparently, that wasn't allowed. Quickly he flipped her over, giving her bottom a good swat and she yelped in response. She wasn't expecting that. Again, another smack. And another. And another. She could feel her bottom getting sore. In the background she could hear his voice. He leaned down and was so close to her ear she could feel the warmth of his breath.

"Is that a yes sir?"


"I said, is that a yes sir?"

"Um, yes sir."

She didn't really know what was going on, but she knew she didn't feel safe. He hadn't been like this with her before. She had butterflies in her stomach. Although she wasn't sure if they're from excitement or if she was borderline terrified. She stopped him before he could do anything else. She didn't like where this was heading. She crawled off his lap and moved to the kitchen. She needed a little distance from him. He stayed on the couch until she finally heard him sigh and walk towards the kitchen. He sat across from her, careful not to touch her. He didn't really know where to begin. All he could say was that it was something that he needed. That he needed that confirmation that he was in charge, that her body was his. He explained it was who he was, and he wasn't sure he was going to change. He told her that if she trusted him, that he would take care of her and her body. That he would never hurt her, at least not in a way that wouldn't be pleasurable. He gave her insight to his likes and dislikes, what pleased him and what didn't, what her safe word would be and what would happen when she used it. He filled her head with so much information that the only thing she could do was stare at him. She stared at him hard, never breaking eye contact. The minutes ticked by. She was processing everything he was saying, and he gave her all the time she needed. Finally, she stood up and walked around the table to stand in front of him. She put her hands in his and guided him to their bedroom. Totally unsure of what she was doing, she began removing her clothes and her under garments. She stood before him, completely naked, head down, ready for him to do what he please.

He tucked his fingers under her chin, forcing her to look at him. He gave her the most beautiful soft smile, and squeezed her hands briefly. He moved to take off his belt and looked around finding the nearest thing he could to use as rope. He tied her hands in front of her and gagged her using his belt. He eased her onto the bed and tied her bound hands to the headboard and placed a pillow under her bottom. He caressed her cheek, half smiling. She lifted her head to kiss him, but he took a fistful of her hair and pulled back before she had the chance. Her neck was now exposed so he took a bite then placed a kiss where his teeth left a light indent. He lowered himself on top of her, trailing kisses down her body until he reached her peak. On the insides of her legs he marked her with feather kisses and little nips, before twisting her hips to give her bottom a good swat. His devilish smile made her blush.

He nestled his head where she was most vulnerable, teasing her with his breath and his tongue. Behind the belt that gagged her she let out a low moan. Her eyes began rolling back into her head and she couldn't help but arch her body. He pushed her body back to the spot he wanted, never breaking his rhythm. He stopped only to twist her hips and spank her again. He returned his mouth to bring her right to the edge before abruptly stopping and moving to a position above her. Slowly he inserted himself into the depths of her body, moving in long strokes to show her body how massive he really was. He removed the gag from her mouth. He braced himself placing one hand on her bound ones, and the other around her neck, squeezing just enough to make her gasp. He picked up his pace continuing his long strokes. He could feel himself growing and growing. He was close and she was too. He quickened his pace even more. He released the hand from her neck and reached between her legs to massage the spot that ached for him the most. He wanted to kiss the screams from her throat as they reached ecstasy together. He craved it. Through the pumping blood in his ears, he heard he screams.

"PLEASE SIR, PLE...!" Quickly he covered her screams with his mouth, his pace at its fastest as they reached their pinnacle of pleasure together. Once finished, his body molded on to hers. Their breathing matching in perfect rhythm, their sweat mixing together, their foreheads leaning upon one another. He pressed a soft kiss on her lips before moving to untie her hands. Once released, she wrapped her arms around his neck and nuzzled him. He felt her heartbeat begin to slow and pulled her on top of chest not letting her leave. She made herself at home on him and he could feel her smile. There was so much he wanted to show her, so many places he wanted to take her body.

She was okay and she felt safe. She knew he wouldn't hurt her and the butterflies in her stomach let her know that she was ready to explore everything he had to offer. She was his, and to think that this new journey began with a yes sir.


About the author

Bryanna Burshnick

I'm an aspiring writer, music believer, food endulger, and lover of life here to share my own experiences, ideas, advice, and beliefs!

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