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You Look Great to Me

House Guest

By Johnathan HuntPublished 4 years ago 9 min read

I was jogging home one day when I stopped at a pet store window. There was a puppy there that I wanted but I couldn't even afford the place I lived hardly. He was so cute and always energetic. He leapt up at the window everyone I passed by. I brushed my hair out of the way to see him better. I usually had it tied but I was jogging.

"One day." I said as I placed my hand on the window.

I resumed jogging until I got back to my home. My landlord was outside and looking around. He had his son with him this time. It was kind of embarrassing seeing as I was in a running suit and sweating and always thought his son was extremely handsome.

"Hey." I said as I approached them. "What's going on?"

"We are looking at doing some repairs that are long past due. Whenever its convenient for you." He said as he went back to looking.

"Hey." His son said staring at me.

"Oh uh hi." I responded trying to make sure I wasn't a total mess.

He chuckled a little bit before joining his father to look around the outside of the house.

I went in and quickly got into the shower and cleaned myself up. I fixed my hair and and got into my clothes she I heard a knock. I went to answer it. It was Stephen, the landlord's son.

"Mind if I come in to look at the repairs inside?" He asked.

"Sure." I said nervously as he came in. "Sorry how I looked earlier. I was a mess."

"Looked good to me if ya don't mind me saying." He said as he looked at the stairs.

I wasn't sure what to say. It felt good for him to say that.

"Thank you." I laughed as I closed the door. "Where's your dad?"

"He left. Told me to check inside for anything I see that needs repairs." He said rubbing his hand on the banister.

It was an older house seeing as I just graduated school and was out on my own for the first time. It was the best I could afford. I was 18 and didn't have any real life experience yet to get a high paying job.

"Oh OK." I said as I looked at the kitchen. "Want something to drink?"

"Sure I could use a soda." He answered getting up to follow me.

We went into the kitchen and I grabbed a couple sodas from the fridge. He say at the table and popped it open.

"So what do you do besides house stuff?" I asked.

"Just this really. We own over 30 houses so it brings in quite a bit. I own 15 of them including this one." He answered.

"That's cool." I said taking a sip.

"I guess so." He responded.

"So what is the policy on pets here. I had a dog ideas looking at getting." I asked hoping for a good response.

"I don't mind them. Long as they are kept cleaned up." He answered.

"Oh I would I promise." I replied quickly.

"Then go for it." He said taking another drink.

"Problem is I don't have the money yet. I know he is being looked at by other people so I'm trying to save something before he gets bought." I said.

"Shouldn't be hard. The rent isn't high here." He said.

"I don't make much at my job either." I responded.

"There's a lot of odd jobs that pay pretty decent. Maybe make some money there. Or modeling. You looking you'd make a beautiful model." He said.

I started to blush. That was a hell of a compliment coming from him. He looked like he could have been a model himself.

"Well thank you." I replied taking another drink. "But I don't think I could do that. The thought of people staring at me while dressed up is strange. I wouldn't be able to get used to it."

"Just need practice. Stage fright is all. If you'd like I could watch you pose and give you feedback." He said.

Was he serious? Me model like that in front of him. I had never been with a guy in my life and now he wants me to pose. I feel like for him I would happily but I felt to scared he wouldn't like what he would see.

"I don't think I could. I mean I barely know you even. A stranger would be tough. Maybe if it was a family member." I said.

"Family is there to support you. You will never model for a family it will always be a stranger. If you would rather not it's fine. I just figured I'd offer my help." He said as he took another sip.

I thought about it. I have seen a lot of model ads for women needed that pay a lot. But I always let my fear get in the way. U was actually quite attractive my whole life. Some people even would say perfect. But I never thought that way about myself. But I could use the income.

"No. It's fine. I have some dresses if you have time." I said as I stood up.

"I got nothing but time." He answered.

I went into my room to find the best outfits I had. I dressed into them quickly and came back out.

"Well?" I asked as I posed for him nervously.

"Looks great to me. But you need to feel more confident. Try smiling." He answered.

I smiled at him best I could. I stood as I had seen the other models stand.

"Better." He said. "Another?"

I went back into my room. I started going through more and getting his opinions. The last time I went in I realized I had nothing really left. I stayed in my room trying to find anything for some time.

"You ok?" I heard him ask.

I turned quickly to see him at my door. I was stuck in my panties only looking for a suitable bra to wear.

"I was uh. I was." I tried to say.

"Apologies. I didn't mean to intrude on you like this." He said.

I looked down and covered my breasts. I didn't get mad but was more nervous than anything.

"No I was just looking for more options. Sorry I wasn't ready." I said.

"No I am.the one who came in without knocking. I should say sorry." He said.

I just didn't want you to see me this way. I'm kind of any especially being undressed." I said now covering my face as well.

"No need to be. They look great as well. You have a wonderful body. And when modeling you may be seen once in a while so co side this more practice." He said chuckling.

I tried to muster up courage. I stood up and slowly removed my hands from my face and breasts.

"Better. But you still look nervous. " he said.

"Well I am naked almost completely so what do you expect." I replied.

It was then I saw him begin to remove his own clothes. Before long he had removed everything and I could see his cock standing erect directly toward me.

"What are you doing?" I asked scared.

"Now you have seen all of me. They always say picture your crowd naked if your nervous. I made it easier for you. Only difference is I am completely naked. You aren't." He said wagging his penis side to side.

I was shook a bit at the sight of his cock. I had never seen one in person. I was curious about it and wanted to touch it. I thought about it and removed my panties. Maybe if he trusted me enough he would let me touch his.

"Better?" I asked.

"Better." He answered as he walked closer.

"I have never seen a guy before." I said as I looked at his dick.

"Well now you have. " he said.

"What does it feel like?"

"Go ahead and touch it." He answered again.

I panicked for a minute before curiosity got the best of me. I reached out and grabbed the tip of it. It was so smooth. The penis was soft and it felt good to squeeze. I worked my way down as I felt the shaft. His cock was so hard as it moved a bit when I touched it. Then to the balls. I rubbed them in my hand as I moved my fingers under them. Before I realized it his hand was touching my pussy.

I didn't object to this at all. It seemed only fair as I was touching him.

"I want to-" I said before stopping myself.

"Do whatever you want." He said as he placed a finger slightly inside of my pussy hole.

"I want to taste it but I'm to scared." I said finally.

"Then let me show you how." he said as he laid me on my bed.

He spread my legs and began to lick my pussy. I could feel his tongue going deeper into me as I felt myself beginning to cum. It didn't stop. He moved faster as more orgasms dripped from my pussy as I stared at him licking and sucking my pussy hole. Whenever it would drip enough to go down to my ass he would move his tongue all the way down to my asshole and lick it all up from my ass back to my pussy into his mouth. He then stood up.

"Now you can try." He said as he helped me up and placed my face in front of his cock.

I started to lick first. His penis was so soft and warm against my tongue. The precum that was dripping tasted so good. I finally forced myself to put his penis inside my mouth. I rubbed my tongue on the rim of his penis as he started breathing heavily. I placed his balls in my hand and moved them slowly. I forced myself deeper into his cock until my chin touched his balls. I almost gagged a few times as I felt the precum shooting into my throat.

I sucked him harder and harder before he forced his cock deeper. Then I felt it. A rush of cum shot the back of my throat as I pulled his cock out of my mouth and the rest of his warm sperm hit my face. It got into my eyes and my ears even. It dripped from my nose onto my lips. It was still coming out of my mouth as I tried to suck it back in.

At this point my face was covered in his sperm. He stated at me rubbing his own cock to make sure all of the cum was out and onto me. I sat there drenched his his cum staring at him.

I licked my lips to get more of his cum into my mouth. I wanted to savor the taste of his semen in my mouth for as long as i could as I rubbed my tongue a bit more on his penis to lick up the last remaining drips coming from the tip.

"I must look like a mess." I said.

"You look great to me."


About the Creator

Johnathan Hunt

MMy name is Johnathan Hunt and I have been writing since I was 8. I write poems stories and books.

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