You Go Girl!

Why Women Should Masturbate More!

You Go Girl!

For years I have heard the stories about women who masturbated, and for years I swore I would never be one of them.

“Me, pleasuring myself? Never!”

It wasn’t until my late 30s that I realized masturbating was fun! And it’s something that needs to be done! It’s a way for us to figure our bodies out and to know what the fuck we actually like! Why wait for a man to haphazardly work his way around your body while you try to figure that shit out. How much better would it be to know exactly what you wanted, how you liked it, and you told him (honestly, he would actually appreciate the help, and would get totally turned on by the fact that you’re telling him what to do. I promise!)!

Now you may be a little shy about flicking your own bean at first, so I’m here to help. I’ve compiled a list of ways to calm the fuck down, and discover your own amazing, goddess body!


1. Let’s be honest. Orgasms are awesome!

If you’ve been the lucky recipient of the Big O, you know what I’m talking about. Orgasms are amazing! Whether you’re an internal or external orgasm achiever, they are all worth the work. The clitoris has over 8,000 nerve endings. AND, stimulating those nerve endings actually strengthens them! Umm, say whaaaaa? So basically masturbating will make your intercourse orgasms even better? Yes please!

2. As stated above, it’s awesome to know what you want!

Masturbation in itself gives you a power and confidence you didn’t know you had. Then to actually be the person that tells your partner what you want?! Oh, yeah! He is going to get off on that shit! It won’t be a hit to his ego, because he wants to be good at pleasuring you! So getting the cliff notes on how to do it, he’s totally down for that! Why? Because seeing you cum is going to make him feel like a million bucks, and get him totally more horny than he was! HE did that! And he’s going to want to do it again! That’s a win for both of you!

3. Masturbation leads to increased libido!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been in a situation where your man wants to bang, but you’d rather not? Probably every girl here am I right!? Well, problem solved! The more you have orgasms, the more you’ll want to! It’s like anything you have to do to see results. Exercise more to see more muscle. Watch what you eat to lose weight. Stretch to get more flexible. Personally, I’d rather have the Big O than exercise any day (PS: orgasms actually burn calories too! #winning)!

4. Orgasms can help you calm the fuck down!

Who here hasn’t had a stressful day? Well guess what? Your stress release is just a finger flick away! Seriously ladies, having an orgasm can help you relieve stress and put you in a calmer state of mind. Meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, and practicing mindfulness all help calm you down, so why not add masturbation into the rotation? Having the Big O releases so much stress because it actually is a natural pain reliever. Go ahead, Google it! You’ll see that sex causes an increased production of oxytocin, or better known as the “love hormone.” Right before you climax, your oxytocin level surges and is holding hands with endorphins running full speed to your clitoris and letting off fireworks once they reach it! A.k.a. your amaze-balls orgasm! So go ahead sister, have a drink and spend the night calming yourself down from your stressful day!

5. When you get comfortable with your own body, it opens a whole new set of sexual doors!

Girlfriend listen, I know it might seem strange at first to even think about putting your finger inside your own vagina. But I’m telling you, if you can bridge that gap and get to know yourself on that level, you will be so much more comfortable with other things sexually down the road! You’ll know what you like and how to do it, you can have your partners do it the right way, you will know what you don’t like (which might even be more important!) and you’ll gain a confidence you didn’t know you had! So go for it girl! Buy a bottle of wine, or if you’re like me, a bottle of whiskey, and schedule that shit in your calendar! You won’t be sorry you did! I promise!

Well my sexy friends, thanks for reading this week’s edition of Friday Night Confessions! If you like what you read, show me some love in a tip so I can continue to bring you more amazing, sexy content!

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