Women's Legs Are So Beautiful

The Story of When I First Noticed Women's Legs

Women's Legs Are So Beautiful
The poster for 'Inherent Vice' is what made me love women's legs.

When I was 19, I had to go with my father figure to drop something off for my younger brother and sister at their school. We met the principal of the school and she was really pretty, but she wasn't my type, my father figure was probably checking her out as far as I know, since I was in my own world.

He nudged me and said, "Don, you seen her legs?"

"No," I said. He signaled me with his eyes to tell me to look at them, and I wasn't having a good day since this was during one of my darker days. She came out of her office, and I looked at her face. Again, she was really pretty. Her hair looked nice, and she was blonde, dressed professionally, and when I looked down to her legs, my eyes widened in disbelief, not because her legs looked nice but because they look really muscular. She clearly does leg day at the gym every day, and here's what really made me mad—my father figure liked her legs, and he tried to get me to like them! I like my gal's legs to look nice, but, at the time, I wasn't into women's legs yet. I once had a gal rest her legs on my lap when I was a teenager, but I had no idea what to do at the time, plus my awkwardness was at its peak. After we left the school, we talked about women and what I like. I only liked breasts and buttocks, but that all changed sooner than I thought.

A year later, I was in college again, and I dated a gal for a little. In between classes when I wasn't doing homework and hanging out with other students, I was keeping up with movie news, and I came across the poster for the movie called Inherent Vice, and the first thing I noticed was the woman's legs.

After seeing that poster, I couldn't go an entire day without thinking about her legs. They're not super muscular like my younger siblings' principal; they're not too skinny or anything like that; they look amazing! I loved looking at her legs so much that I even had a friend of mine mimic the poster for me just to see if I really liked women's legs, since I was quietly confirming it for myself and, like that, I realized that I love women's legs.

I used to spend nights looking up actresses that I found attractive on Google just so I could look at their legs, and I told my older brother that I love women's legs. Anytime I talk about women's legs, I don't really look for anything specific in them because I just look at them, and if I like them I do, and if I don't then there's something else that I find attractive about her other than her legs.

Over the years since I first admitted that I love women's legs, I have noticed a lot of actresses with legs that I find irresistible like Krysten Ritter (Netflix's Jessica Jones), Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones), Emma Stone (La La Land), Daisy Ridley (Star Wars: The Last Jedi), Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World), and Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again). There's more gals who have gorgeous legs that are actresses that I can't name at the moment, and there are gals that I know personally with gorgeous legs that I won't name.

It's pretty funny and ironic, isn't it? My father figure tries to get me to expand my taste on a woman's physical features, and he fails miserably, but a movie poster that shows a woman's legs gets released, and I end up wanting to look at more than just the poster. There are times where I'm worried that there are people who find it weird that I love women's legs, but I usually end up being surprised when they share the same taste as I do, so the fear I have sometimes of being weird for liking something goes away.

Don Anderson II
Don Anderson II
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