Why Is Big Dick Energy So Hot?

by Edward Anderson 2 years ago in nsfw

Anyone can have BDE, but why does it make us weak in the knees?

Why Is Big Dick Energy So Hot?
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There is something very sexy about a man with Big Dick Energy. Maybe the same can be said for a woman, but I don't know about that. Many people think that having BDE means that the man is hung like a horse, but no that's not true. Someone who has that Big Dick Energy has confidence but isn't cocky about it. Let's explore the ways that BDE is a turn on.


Let's be real, if someone exudes confidence, that gets the blood flowing down there. Mr. Crush has confidence to spare, and he is sweet as pie. He carries himself with pride but always says please and thank you, addresses everyone with a "sir" or "ma'am." It is endearing and very old-fashioned. He's the only man, person, that can pull that off without coming across as being sarcastic, and that in itself is a turn on. Like, give me that D because it's so flipping hot. Then there is the fact that he is trying to be a good guy and make sure that he treats his prospective partner (me!) right. Now that is a panty dropper if there ever was one.

On the other side of this is the men who show bravado but have nothing to back it up. You know the ones that I'm talking about. They throw around "bro" a lot, among other words that dare not be repeated here. Any manners they were taught hang as low as the pants that don't even pretend to cover their ass. Their partners are expected to wait at home for them, just in case, they can't get laid by their target of the evening. That's not BDE, that's asking for an STD.

The Sex

This here will blow (no pun intended) my argument that I'm a virgin. But a former fuck buddy had mad crazy BDE, and it carried over into the bedroom. For the record FB (he's not out and asked I didn't identify him) had husband dick; not small, not too big. Kind of like Crush, yes I know what his size is, and I am fortunate. When it came to FB, he was generous in bed and made sure that we both had a good time. There was never a time when I walked away from experience with him disappointed. He was gifted orally and was even better when it came to penetration. Never argued about wearing a condom, and once left my place in the middle of fooling around to go get some because we were out.

There is a neighbor of mine that actually has a giant cock. I've seen it, sucked it, and he's tried to insert it into me. When it comes to foreplay, his idea is that he gets head and will give me butterfly kisses on the head and cheeks. As for him doing anything else, forget it. He's not the only guy like that. Single friends will often complain that guys that try to hook up with them want to receive oral but not reciprocate. Men and women have these complaints. When their partners (lovers?) did go down on them, it's half-hearted and over before the next text hits their phone. Seems shady right? It could go back to being overconfident but more than likely it's just selfish.

Public Adoration

This was kind of hinted at early on, but guys with BDE actually love and respect their partner. Pete Davidson was the prime example of this when he was with Ariana Grande. They were a sweet, vomit inducing couple that incited rage in people because they were always talking about one another. Nevermind that they moved faster than a guy with false BDE in bed. Davidson always made sure that people respected his girl, and when President Bill Clinton was caught ogling her, instead of getting angry, he asked who wouldn't lust after a girl that beautiful. Every time he was interviewed he gushed about how lucky he was to have her, and the break up has devastated him.

Conversely, Tristian Thompson has taken every opportunity to cheat on Khloe Kardashian. His cheating was caught on tape, and he seemed to not give a damn about it. Despite her humiliation, Khloe took him back (which is another post unto itself) and tried to rebuild their relationship. Only for him to be spotted out in public with one of the women that he was initially caught cheating with, according to several gossip blogs. That's not BDE, that's just plain nasty. If you don't want to be with someone, break up with them. It's as easy as that.

Not every man (or woman) can have BDE, but when they do, there is nothing sexier. Unless it's Crush covered in Whipped cream but enough about my next erotic story....

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