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Why Do Women Moan During Sex?

No, not because of pleasure. Why do women really moan during sex?

By Mackenzie Z. KennedyPublished 7 years ago 2 min read
Illustrated By Ly Ngo

If there's one thing that most people know, it's that women are a lot louder than men in bed. They moan, they scream, they may end up talking dirty to their partners...and it's undoubtedly hot to hear.

But, at the same time, it's kind of strange to see the differences between men and women in bed. One would think that both men and women would want to moan, right? Intuitively, one might think so, but science is saying otherwise.

Multiple studies suggest that women's sexy noises don't actually coincide with the amount of sexual pleasure they're getting. According to multiple studies, the reason women moan during sex isn't actually because it's pleasurable - it's for the sake of their partners.

Though some women do moan out of pleasure, it seems like a lot of women moan during sex because they want to please their partners.

Moaning is an automatic response to both pleasure and pain - and both can easily happen during a particularly passionate romp in the hay. Much like you might moan after you have your back cracked the right way, you might end up moaning when a guy hits you just right.

However, it's not exactly always automatic. Rather, many women actually admit that the reason that they moan is due to a psychological reason rather than a physical reason.

Some women admitted that they moan during sex in order to psyche themselves up. Silence, particularly from women, can be a mood-killer for both sexes. After all, it's hard to feel turned on when you don't really hear much going on.

But the main reason that moaning happens is because they want their partner to feel good - or want their partner to climax.

In the biggest study ever conducted over the reasons why women moan during sex, around 66 percent of the ladies surveyed admitted that they got loud so that their partner would be able to "hurry up" and have an orgasm. In other words, they got a bit bored.

To make matters worse, another 87 percent of women in the study admitted that the reason they got so loud was because they wanted their partners to feel good about themselves. So, at least they're trying to compliment your skills using noise, right?

Some also use moaning as a way to boost their partner's orgasms and help their partners learn what works on their bodies. This also makes sense, because there are certain things about sexuality that can't really be put into words eloquently. However, moaning often does the trick!

Humans aren't the only ones who moan during sex, either.

Female monkeys called macaques tend to use moaning as a way to signal to men that they are fertile and ovulating. In other words, they make noise to get guys randy. This alone suggests that there may be an evolutionary reason why girls moan while guys tend to stay silent.

Evolutionary or otherwise, women tend to be louder than men in bed.

The study basically boiled it all down to this - sex is complex, and women tend to moan during sex for a number of reasons. All of these reasons tend to add to their sexual pleasure and help them communicate with their partners. So, is it really that bad a thing? Maybe we should all make a little more noise, just in case!

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