Where It Begins... (Ch. 3)

by Maya Juarez-Peña 4 months ago in fiction

Chapter 3

Where It Begins... (Ch. 3)

Monday morning is here and for once, I'm excited to go into work. I get up to our floor and walk over to my desk, there is no one here at this time and I like it. I am a little early, so I turn on my computer to let everything load and I figure I would get some coffee to kill some time. I see the light on in Khyle's office, so I walk over to his door to say good morning but he is not there. Bumer. I am dying for my caffeine, so I head to the office kitchen to make a cup... or a bowl. As I wait for the coffee to brew ,Khyle walks in and goes to the far side of the room for some breakfast. My inner Goddess smacks me upside the head and I instantly correct my posture and stick my butt out just a little. He looks over to me and politely says good morning and heads back to his office. I would be lying if I said I was not disappointed when he didn't make a remark about the art event or even come closer to me, but then I remember we couldn't.

My coffee is brewed and I return to my desk and set my coffee down. I make my way down the hall to the mail room to pick up whatever is there since I still am not ready to start working yet. Looking over a few of the items that were in my box, I start to walk out while reading them.

"Shit!" I yell bumping into Khyle.

I dropped all the mail and I start to fall back, his hands are grabbing my arms, holding me up so I don't fall down and further embarrass myself.

He looks me in the eye and says, "Careful, I would hate for you to get hurt."

"Or further embarrass myself," I remark.

He straightens me out while still looking at me. I fix my skirt and look up and him.

"Dammit," he mutters and quickly brings his lips to mine.

Feeling his lips on mine once again feels so amazing. His tongue has found mine and is now pressing me against the printer. His mouth on mine and his hands moving all over my body. I can't help but moan into his mouth. He moves his hands to the bottom of my shirt, releasing it up from the edge of my skirt and exposing my belly. He now has his body pressed firmly against mine and I am pinned by him and the printer, which is now beeping.

"Mmmm," he mumbles against my mouth.

We suddenly hear a closing of a door and voices coming down the hall. "Shit!" We quickly separate and fix ourselves. As he leaves, he tells me to give it a few mins before I leave the room, just in case. I stay in the room for a little while collecting my thoughts, and I head back to my desk just sitting there for a few moments in awe. I wonder if anyone saw, or heard us, now I'm in awe and worried.

The day goes on and I can't seem to focus on anything but him. Why am I obsessing over this guy? There are plenty of other men out there that I can have some fun with. I have to get him out of my mind, so I make another cup of coffee and throw myself in my work. It's now two in the afternoon and Jessika sends me an IM, "Hey, did you see the email about submitting a photo for an upcoming article that Khyle sent to everyone?"

I haven't even looked at my email all day. I click over to it and open up the message reading, "Open call for photo submissions."

I reply, "Should I do it?"

"....duh dude. If you are trying to move up in the company and be a boss babe, you need to take the opportunity," she replied.

Fuck it. I'm going to do it. The article is going to cover the newest and most unique coffee/tea shop. They are looking to get a picture that captures the ambiance and their drinks. I start to think about how to capture that when I see an IM from Khyle, "Adrienne, can you come into my office please?" My heart starts to race and not in the fun way. He has never sent me an IM calling me to his office.

I walk in and he tells me to close the door, and gestures his hand to a chair. Why am I so nervous? Why did he call me in? Did we get caught? Crap my mind is racing. I take my seat and I take a deep breath.

"Nervous?" He asks as if he read my facial expression all too well.

"Just a little, " I reply, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

A cocky little smile seems to cross his face, "Why would you be nervous?"

I fidget in my seat before answering, "Not sure, I get nervous easy and I thought I might be in trouble for what..." my voice trails off, looking up at him. "...happened earlier."

He sits up in his chair, leaning forward to say, "Hey, please do not be nervous around me, I want you to feel comfortable around me." I smile and let out the breath I didn't even know I was holding. "I called you in because I was hoping you would enter in a photo for the coffee shop contest. The email went out a little while ago." He explains.

"Oh well... how did you know I liked photography?" I question him.

He leans back and brings his hand to his chin saying, "I ran into your friend Jessika at the event and she had shared with me that you enjoy photography."

I look to the side and mumble under my breath, "Freaking Jessika."

"Hey..." he interjects, "I am glad she told me, I would love to see what you can do."

I nod my head in agreement, "Okay, I think I'll go for it."

"Oh, and I am going to need your cell phone number." He blurts out. What did he just say?? "You know, in case I have any questions or ideas to help you out..." he says, giving me a wink.

"Of course," I say trying to hide my smile.

He takes out his phone and hands it to me. I tap the screen to enter in my name, number, and then I hand it back. As he grabs his phone, he wraps his hand around my hand and, squeezing, he says, "By the way, you look very pretty today."

I smile and bite my lower lip. He takes his other hand to my lip and gently tugs at it. I look up at him and our hands separate. He leans back quickly as someone walks by and says, "Sorry, I couldn't resist."

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