When She Lost It

by Kenyatta Nyirenda about a year ago in relationships

Couldn't Help It

When She Lost It

I have never loved a woman the way I loved this girl I believe I still do. How we got here, I don't know. Maybe I gave it my all while she was only halfway, double standards that were to your advantage. Damn, I thought this was love, but look at us: I can't express the hurt you put me through. I would take the shirt off my back for you, use my last dollar on you, love and appreciate you with all my heart, but it still wasn't enough for you! I can't stomach the regret you left me with, can't believe my friends were right about you. Heartbreaking—but I still love you more than you can imagine. We need to fix this. I know we can.

Alright, my girlfriend and I met in high school. She was young and fragile. She fell head over heels for me at the first conversation. I made her curious, then we met outside of school. It was a mid-term break. We met up on the first day as friends just making simple conversation, and she said she wants to kiss me so I said kiss me. She released her whole body unto me, climbed on top of me, and started making out viciously. In the evening she texts me saying she loves me already. I was caught off guard, so I said it back but didn't mean it. Anyway, she has been encouraging me to have sex with her. She wanted it so bad, and I love sex, so I'm like we are going to do it, have sex. Two days before that I had put my finger in her pussy and it was tight as hell! She was just so experimental and eager to have sex: She wanted to do anal in the lobby room of a motel. So insane it didn't make sense to me or align to her good-girl persona that she had kept up at school. Well, the day comes for us to have sex. We go to the same motel; I don't have money but it's Malawi, so you could bribe your way in easy. I figured that is what I am going to do. We went there and couldn't get a room so I figured we go to the bathroom. We start making out and she starts getting naked—damn she looked so sexy. In her thong and tight bra, just thinking about it gets me hard. Anyway I sat on the toilet and she was supposed to sit on my dick. She couldn't—it was too big, if I say so myself. I start fingering her going deeper and deeper till I touch her G-spot and press it a bit, again and again then remove my hand, find blood on my fingers. She starts freaking out about it, saying I took her virginity. She didn't know what to do or how to feel about it, very scared at the time you can imagine. Now I have the receptionist at the motel knocking on the bathroom door asking what's going on. She is abrupt and demanding we open the door. My girlfriend is freaking out, asking me what to do. I told her as soon as I open the door run. With the door open, my girlfriend is gone no looking back, she ducks the receptionist and guard at the door but stopped before she reaches the exit. This lady is pissed and wants to press charges. I don't know why she is so upset, but she is, throwing threats left and right. I'm not going to back down.

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