What's With Men and Ass?

by Cuz Vince 2 years ago in fetishes

Why men cannot look away from a great ass

What's With Men and Ass?

"Damn! Look at that ass!"

Throughout time, men have obsessed about the woman's lower posterior with nearly obscene relish. And even though the internet is now overly saturated with various pictures and drawings of the butt, the fixation for the woman's booty never seems to diminish. Men simply display themselves going absolutely crazy for a great ass, or pretend not to, even though we know we their minds start running all kinds of races once it sees a female's rotund peach jiggling across the street.

But what is it about the female ass that causes men to temporarily malfunction? Why aren't round and soft balls, balloons - and any other thing that is round - as scintillating and hypnotising as that gloriousness behind the woman?

Well, there are a few reasons why we as men adore a good ass. First, the sacredness of the ass. It's the no-go zone, it's off limits, the forbidden area. So - obviously - it's the bit we MUST have access to!! We simply love what we cannot have. If hands were hidden from us from our childhood, we would obsess over hands the exact same way. That is why we are also mesmerised by the tatas and vajayjays. Hehe.

Secondly, it's the way they move. The way a booty sways and shakes or bounces a tad longer than it should. The way it opposes the movement of the rest of the body - it swings to the left when the waist, body and legs points to the right. That stubborn, rebellious, sexy sway. The way it bounces a little longer than necessary... holy christ.

Another reason is the way the ass creates the illusion of hills and valleys. Men have always loved to explore, and nothing bring more joy than seeing a glorious landscape of troughs and mounds. We love anything that indents and outdents. We loved the slide at the playground and we love to experience the bumps on the road if it is wide enough for a smooth car to glide over (not the small road bumps that cause whiplashes!). So we love it on a living body. Seeing the curves on a woman brings out the playful excitement in men.

Another reason for our obsession is our knowledge of how conscious women are of the effect on us. I know it sounds weird, but the fact that women know it drives us crazy, drives us crazy!!! When a woman notices you looking at her booty and either tries to conceal it or tries to accentuate its visibility, that thing turns men on like crazy! It basically says "come, see it at its best" which drives us crazy, or "nope, its too good for you, you ain't getting some" which drives us crazy. Either way, when you catch us glaring, that only makes things more attractive.

Finally, there is the fantasy it creates in men's minds. The illusion of the ass is that which you can grab, squeeze, spank, massage, pinch and just lay on. Oh, to some there is the illusion of edibility-that you can bite it or that's it is juicy. It reminds some men of actual bubble gum! While the reality could be that some female butts are rock hard and manly, the illusion is all we need for our minds to commence on journeys to various unknowns. Slimey perverts, we men are. We confess.

This us the truth about men. To hell with all that rubbish that we sense healthiness and fertility or that it's a result of pop culture. Bullcrap! Find a malnourished woman with a great ass and men will steal looks. Let a buxom woman tell you she's cannot have babies. Man will look even more!! And pop culture? Who cares about that? Men admired booty when models were stick thin and ass-less. Pop culture, in this regard, only informs the public about what men always had in mind. Pop culture did not make Sir Mix-a-lot sing that classic.

We men do love big butts and that's the truth. Fight it. Develop a moral compass against it. Accept it. Encourage it. It doesn't matter. It is fact. It will always be fact. No one can deny.

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