What one lover won't do another will


What one lover won't do another will
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I have been engaged for nine months. My fiance does what most men won’t do. He cooks,cleans, works, spoils me with whatever I want. I should be happy right? WRONG!!!! The one thing he doesn’t do is pleasure me in bed. I know why I accept his proposal? The reason why is before we got engaged we had sex like no tomorrow. Anytime I wanted it I got it. But now for the past few months the sex has stopped. Now I feel like I’m living with a roommate. It’s like after he proposed to me the spark in our relationship went out. I’m confused on what happened to the spark. He’s not packing like the men I usually mess with but that’s not why I’m with him. He knows how to use his package. I asked him if there was something that we’re missing, is it something wrong with me. He claims there’s nothing wrong and brush me off. So here I am sexually frustrated and wondering how come my man is not giving me the dick. I asked for advice through my best friends and of course as us women do we bump to conclusions. HE’S CHEATING!!! I know for sure he’s not cheating because he wants to be up under me all the time. But as time goes by I get more and more distant towards him. He just acts like nothing is wrong in our relationship. A woman shouldn’t have to beg her man for love, affection, attention, and most importantly SEX!!! I tried wearing different kinds of lingerie and it worked two times. I remember putting on my sexy black lingerie that he likes so much. When I tried to spark the moment he fucked it up by laughing at me. So I got up and walked away and cried myself to sleep. He promised me that he will spend more quality time with me. But of course he never came through. I wouldn’t be writing this if he did. Here we are in the present and I met a new guy. He’s ten years older than me but I love older guys. We talked and I felt a vibe from him that I haven’t felt before. We talked our past relationships and even how our sex drives are high. The only thing I didn’t tell him is that I’m engaged. We hung out together and I had a blast. One morning he texted me and told me he was hungry. He wasn’t hungry for food. I hesitated at first because I was afraid of what would happen if I do this. But I thought to myself that I’m tired of giving my all but never get anything in return. Not saying the new guy is any better, I just met him. But what I can say about him is that he’s a man of his word. Anything I ask from him I get don’t matter what it is. I told him to come over and show me what he got. He told me to give him ten minutes, ten minutes later he was at my door. We sat on my couch and he took his glasses off and pulled my body towards his mouth. He ate my pussy so good I didn’t want him to stop. I wanted him to stay but he was on the clock and he had to get back to work. But he ended up giving me the dick. As he inserted his 12-inch dick inside me I felt every inch. It felt so good and made me come so quick before he made another stroke. He grabs my neck and tells me to come on daddy dick. That’s a huge turn on and of course I did as daddy said. He busted his nut and we cleaned up and he left to go back to work. I gave him a hug but before I could give him a kiss goodbye he had to hurry. I know what I did was wrong. But it was bound to happen. When you tell your significant other how you feel and what’s missing and they don’t listen. What he won’t do, somebody else will. After that session I was hooked. I’m not going to lie that dick felt so good. He ate my pussy better than my fiance ever did. Do I feel bad? Yes I do but why should I if he won’t listen to me. Will I do this again? MAYBE!!! Hope you like this read.

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