What Do Women (really) want in Sex?

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Read this post to get to know about what women really want in sex?

What Do Women (really) want in Sex?
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The question asked since eternal times, “What exactly do women want in bed?” Since the dawn of time, it has been difficult for men to understand what their women want. And for women, it was difficult to explain to them the same. Desire doesn’t always come naturally, to women. And even it does, it is hard for many of the shy pampered princesses to let it be known to their respective partners what they secretly crave.

Society has its role in making things difficult to express sexually for women as well. Men have traditionally taken the lead when it comes to available sexual narratives aka porn. But that doesn’t change the fact that women want different things during sex.

No matter how much you are into her, your relationships will see sex peaks and valleys. It’s easy to fall happy to ‘solo time’ during one of the sex droughts when you fail to communicate with your partner. But it’s time to kick-start that steam.

Usually, it takes 14 minutes for a woman to have a burst of orgasm. And men often don’t know how to take her towards it. It’s not rocket science. Some little simple tricks will please her. It’s time for men to know what do we crave and are too shy to ask. There are some universal things men can do to help please women in the bedroom.

1. Look for the non-verbal signs

I hear stories over and over again from my female friends about how their partners just don’t care. They do not respond to the signals that women send. Well, ladies, the truth is they don’t exactly know how to recognize them. And dear men, please learn to be a responsive lover. This will help you gain serious appreciation from your partner. Pay attention to their bodily cues like moaning, heavier breathing, increased lubrication, and do more of the things that result in the above.

Or else, please ask her questions like “Do you like when I do this” “I hope I am not hurting you”. Please do this more often. She will smile and will guide you, your way. In modern days, consent is indeed sexy.

2. Foreplay is the key

You might think, sex is only about thumping her from behind but that’s not true! A woman needs foreplay. Foreplay is hot and sometimes hotter than the main act. Text her, flirt with her over the phone, initiate foreplay hours ago before actually meeting. She will be excited to be with you.

3. Go for not the usual hotspots

A woman wants a man to explore her inside and out. Explore the new points with erotic kisses and sex gags like edible panties, bras, or anything. Go for erogenous zones like her inner thigh, ear, and even her lower back.

4. Follow the Moans

At times just following directions or just follow those steamy moans and heavy breaths. They will lead you in the right direction.

5. Don’t bite everything

Women don’t mind biting. They like it. That’s the reason most of them to be erotically obsessed with the vampires. But that just doesn’t mean you should bite everything.

You need to be careful. While it works for most of the parts be it clit, labia, or even the walls some women like to be informed about where those teeth are going.

6. Feed her ego. Make her feel pretty & fierce

Compliment her. Tell her how beautiful she is, how intelligent she is, how brave she is. Make her feel like a queen and not just a pretty princess.

7. Be spontaneous; Use the contents of the sock cabinet.

Order a bunch of adult sex toys online from a trusted premium store and deliver it to her work discreetly. The ultimate foolproof way to win her is to surprise her. Be spontaneous and grab those vibrators from her sock drawer and be the controller. Nothing will take her to heaven more than when her man is the master of her pleasure. Use all the sex toys she owns. Or bring her some new ones for both of you. Order sex toys for couples at Cirilla’s.

8. Give her support, literally

Always use a back support. Give her a cushion or anything that gives some support to her back. A little elevation also adds up to building up a crazy orgasm.

9. Lube your way inside

Some women naturally lube up while some require assistance. Saliva often dries up the vaginal skin. Use quality water-based lubricant which will ease your way in and give her a tingling sensation as well.

10. Maintain the rhythm.

Some men don’t maintain the rhythm she likes. They usually accelerate and decelerate the speed according to their need which is a big turn-off for women. Change is nice but once you notice that something is working for her then stick to it. Or ask her how she likes it.

11. Give her attention, after the sex as well

After play or Cuddles is also as important as foreplay for her. If you are just going to jerk off, turn over to the other side of the bed and sleep, she will be devastated from the inside. Hug her and make her feel special before calling off the night. “Sex for a woman is not just sex; it’s a physical and emotional reflection of feeling desired.

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