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Weird Facts About Modern Day Sex

These are weird facts about modern day sex you really didn't need to know.

By George GottPublished 8 years ago 7 min read

Sure sex is great, but sometimes certain sexual encounters and habits can be a bit, well, sordid. We all love sex. It feels great and amazing, but sometimes sex is just plain weird. By no means am I a prude, but a few facts I’ve learned about what people do between the sheets has made me, and many others, go WTF?!?! Considering there is about 7.125 billion people on Earth who air their dirty laundry for everyone to see on the internet, there is bound to be some really fucked up stuff out there. This list will give you a peek into the many, but not all, weird facts about modern day sex and sexuality in the world. You might recognize some of these facts—maybe you’ve even experienced it yourself—while others will leave you picking your mouth up from the floor. I’m not saying that these weird facts are bad or anything, but they are surprisingly strange. Don’t be a prude and embrace your inner freak, we all do it.

Shaving your pubes will make you more likely to spread or get a sexually transmitted infection.

Next time you decide to manscape, or womanscape, know that you might be setting yourself up for disaster. Pube maintenance may make you more susceptible to STDs or a viral infection. Really. There is a reason why mother nature made your pubes grow wild down there. Shaving or waxing can cause irritation and micro-trauma to your skin that increases your risk of contracting a viral infection. Researchers of a new case study in France observed that the number of cases of molluscum contagiosum have risen along with rates of pubic hair removal. The researchers observed 30 patients in which all were infected with the molluscum virus. Nearly all of them had removed their pubic hair by shaving followed by waxing and clipping. The findings support the researchers’ theory that hairless genitals would provide more opportunity to catch sexually transmitted diseases. Put down the clippers next time you see your hair down there getting out of control and think about your family jewels or lady bits first.

Four Popes have died while having sex, one while getting sodomized.

Hold on, isn’t celibacy a requirement for priests in the Catholic Church? We all know it’s a fact, but it’s obviously not followed by evidence of the many scandals ranging from child abuse and both homosexual and heterosexual sex scandals by various church members,but seriously, the Pope? Isn’t he the guy who’s supposed to be the role model and set the example for everyone within the faith? Wait, so the scandals and child abuse throughout the church make so much sense now. The first Pope to break the code of celibacy was Pope Leo VII in 939 AD who died of a heart attack while on top of his mistress. Before taking his role as the Pope, he was known to have very little ambition towards the papacy, but consented under pressure from the Church to accept. The circumstances about his death is subject to rumors, but legend maintains that he died of a heart attack while having sex with his girlfriend. Two Popes, John VII in 964 AD and John XIII in 972 were both bludgeoned to death by the jealous husbands of the women they were having sex with. But one Pope lives in infamy for his rather taboo discretion, Paul II in 1471 AD died while being sodomized by a page boy. It is noted at the time he died of a heart attack.

Female penguins engage in prostitution.

I hope these penguins are practicing safe sex and, more importantly, paying taxes on all those John’s they get turnt out by. Researchers have repeatedly observed female Adelie penguins of the Antarctic coast exchanging in sexual favors with several male penguins that aren’t their mates in exchange for pebbles they will use to build nests for their babies. The young male penguins who have not yet found a mate are doubtless sexually frustrated. As a result of those frustrations, the exasperated penguins collect piles of the best stones they can find in order to trade for sexual favors with the breeding females. Scandalous!

Straight men comprise more than half the audience for transgender porn. 

Did you know that along with lesbian porn, there is a huge interest in Transgender porn? Yes some straight men are actually watching trans porn, it's fact. According to Porn Hub statistics result of 2014 ‘shemale fuck girl’ was the second most popular search term. According to the Centre for Gay and Lesbian Studies of CUNY, a study showed sexual interest in male to female transsexuals first emerged in 1953, associated with the then famous transition of Christine Jorgensen. Men who identify as straight but are sexually attracted to trans women are referred to as Gynandromorphophiliacs. Saying this word is less difficult than figuring out the mind of a horny straight guy. Through studies done by various sexologists, these men are not considered to be homosexual. In a survey of men who engaged in sex with male-to-female trans women, 73 to 92 percent identified as straight or bisexual. The studies also showed surprising results indicating that these men were especially likely to eroticize the idea of being a woman personally. So the next time your boyfriend wants to wear your panties, let his freak fly. He’s most definitely still is into you, but probably wants to be just like you-literally.

Ancient Egyptians used crocodile poop as birth control.

This has to be a joke, right? Wrong. In ancient Egypt, the Egyptian pessary, as it was known, was the earliest contraceptive device for women. A concoction was made of crocodile dung, honey, and sodium carbonate that was inserted into the vagina thought to block and kill sperm. In addition to being known to block sperm, it is more likely that the dung inserted into the vagina prevented mainly the sexual partners from wanting to have sex in the first place, unless it was their thing, then cool….I guess.

Having sex toys can land you jail time in some areas of the world.

Whether you’re a nervous flyer or not, flying with your favorite companion, no not your boyfriend, your dildo, can land you in jail. IN some places like Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Thailand or India you could either have your best friend confiscated or even worse, you could end up in the slammer for even having them depending on if the customs agent was a dick. Not getting slammed, you perv. In America, you would think that our laws are not as backwards as those countries,but you’d be wrong in that assumption. Alabama and Mississippi are in a tie for holding the Title of Prudest State in the country. Technically there is no law in those states that you can't necessarily possess sex toys, but sex toys are still illegal in Alabama and Mississippi. Just don’t take a box full of dildos across state lines with you, if you got stopped by the police, to them it might appear as though you’re looking to sell them. Could you imagine getting arrested for having a box of dildos in your car?

IKEA beds are made for baby-making.

There is a reason why the Dutch-owned Swedish style furniture store IKEA is the 3rd most popular furniture store in the world, it’s not because of their cool book shelves. A study done by the online site Curbed, collected data on the mating habits of Europeans which showed in it’s results that one out of every ten European babies is conceived on an IKEA bed. Thats a lot of IKEA-made babies! Here’s a tip, next time you buy something at IKEA, hire a European. They probably don’t even need to look at those highly confusing instructions.

A single ejaculation is the data equivalent of 62 MacBooks.

If you were able to genetically map out the DNA of a single sperm cell it would contain roughly 37.5 MB of data. One ejaculation would represents a total 15,875 GB which would be equivalent to the combined capacity of 62 MacBook Pro laptops. Also at the speed at which sperm exits the body, it would considered the fastest data transfers at a single time in the world. Who knew your sperm was faster than broadband?

Male fruit flies turn into alcoholics if they are deprived of sex.

Observations of fruit flies by scientists discovered that when rejected by females, male flies will resort to drinking significantly more alcohol than those that have had a successful encounter. Ummm wait where are they getting booze from exactly? Are there like tiny liquor stores they buy it from? Not exactly, the study which was posted online in the Journal of Science investigated the effects of abuse and alcohol. In the study, the scientists placed two containers holding alcohol and another non alcohol substance. When rejected, those males would resort to the alcohol container before the other one. The test was conducted with several other substances like sugar water, fruit and meat to name a few. Apparently fruit flies self-medicate just like many humans do. The study also suggested that some elements of the brain’s reward system have changed very little during their evolution. These slight changes include some of the mechanisms that support addiction and abuse with levels of a brain chemical that is active in regulating the thirst for alcohol. A similar brain chemical is linked to drinking in humans.

One in three people get injured during sex.

According to studies, approximately 33 percent of all Americans who engage in sexual activity get injured in some way. Some injuries can include, but are not just limited to, bruises, pulled muscles, sprained ankles, & carpet burns to name a few. Next time you shag, be sure to get an insurance policy.

The female orgasm can induce pregnancy.

It’s a common urban legend that having sex can induce labor when you’re nearing the end of a pregnancy, but it actually might be sort of true. Having an orgasm during sex releases oxytocin, which is a hormone that makes the uterus contract during labor. This hormone is also responsible for triggering labor contractions. Inducing labor doesn’t usually take effect until the third trimester, so in theory, orgasming while very pregnant could help bring on labor. But recent studies have found no association between orgasm and labor induction in cisgender women. In recent times however, women are discovering new natural ways to deliver their children. Many midwives will suggest in the last few weeks of pregnancy to try having sex. Surprisingly in some of these natural birth cases, orgasms have actually aided in inducing pregnancy.

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