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We usually engage in role sex, and it’s so hot and wild

Husband and wife sex-life

By 18 plus homePublished 2 months ago 4 min read

This story you’re about to read is not fiction; it’s a true-life story that was shared anonymously with us, and we’ve chosen to share this message with everyone. While the content of the story may be unsettling to some, it serves as a powerful testament to the experiences faced by individuals who choose to remain anonymous. We believe in providing a platform for diverse narratives, even those that may evoke strong emotions or discomfort. It is a reminder that everyone’s journey is unique, and sharing these stories fosters understanding and empathy within our community.

I am BlessedOV, the owner of 18plushome


“Hi, 18 plus home. I got married to the love of my life in 2016, my best friend who turned into my soulmate. My husband fulfills all his sexual fantasies with me; he does unbelievable things to me whenever he wants to sleep with me. We’re both into role plays, and my husband is such a big fan of role plays; it’s his biggest fetish. He turns me into whatever or whoever he dreams of. I love the role plays, but he takes it to a whole new level. Sex is a very important part of our relationship, and he brings the spice all the time. It’s crazy, but whenever we want to do it with whatever fetish that comes to his mind, we actually plan it and build up the steam days before it happens.

It’s so freaky and hot. He once told me to dress as a Nun, and I had to get the dress and the rosary and everything. I dressed as a Nun, served him dinner when he got back from work, and then he fucked me in that dress. We had been into role play ever since our dating days, but now in marriage, he’s bringing more ideas, crazier ones. One time he made me dress as a female police officer, act like I came to arrest him, then he pounced on me and fucked me. I swear, it was so good, so nasty; he’s such a bad boy, and I just can’t get enough. I told my bestie about it, but she said her husband isn’t into roleplay, but she craves it.

She keeps asking me to give her the gist anytime I have sex with my husband. Lol. My husband also does this thing where he makes me beg for it; I go on my knees and beg him for some dick and swear to do anything to have him inside me. Sometimes he makes me masturbate, and then he sits and watches. We hardly fight, but whenever we have a misunderstanding, the makeup sex is always beyond explanation. I’m glad to have a man that’s so intentional about s*x and knows my body thoroughly. He made me dress like a secondary school student one time while he was the teacher. Lol, it was crazy.

Apart from the role plays at home, we also do it anywhere. When we go out on dates to some private spots, we find a space to do it; sometimes when we are coming back from the club at 3 am in the morning, we park somewhere and hit it off. One time, he told me not to wear any clothes for 24 hours; it was during the school holidays, so the kids traveled to stay with my sis. I didn’t wear any clothes all day; I walked around the house naked and cooked for him naked, served him naked, and he didn’t even touch me till it was night. He was just staring at me and admiring me all day; I was so wet all day till he finally made love to me at night.

Being so intimate with him makes our marriage even more beautiful. I know a lot of couples out there don’t even know how to engage in role plays because their sex isn’t so great or they’re too religious or something. But I think that role play makes sex more fun. I know of lovers that do it, though it’s more frequently among couples. But I’m so happy that I met my match sexually. As much as we try to undermine the importance of sex in a relationship, I think it’s very important. Sex fixes a lot of issues among couples, and sometimes a lack of good sex is the reason why so many couples have issues or even think that the other is cheating.

For lovers and couples out there that want to engage in role plays but don’t know how to, let me give you a tip. It all begins with a simple, honest conversation; sometimes your partner might be thinking about it but doesn’t know how to approach you to say it. All you have to do is talk about it; sometimes during sex, bring up the idea. You’ll see that your sex life with your partner will improve, and you all will have such a healthy and committed relationship. Gracias.”

As you all can see, this story comes with advice for couples about their sexual lives. But keep in mind that what works for Mr. B may not work for Mr. A, so I will advise you to know what works for your partner and flow with it. You can share the story across the media and with your friends.


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I am BlessedOV, the owner of 18plushome. 18plushome is a community where individuals share real-life sex stories with us. Our stories/confessions are not fiction; they are true stories/confessions shared anonymously by our followers.

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