Valentine's Day Surprise

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A Story of Surprise Valentine's Day Sex

Valentine's Day Surprise

I come home, open my front door to find rose peddles laid on the ground in a path to my bedroom. From the bedroom, I can hear Marvin Gaye on the record player. I take a step in and through the darkness I can see the flickering of candles. I smile and my heart fills with warmth. My husband is fantastic, making this romantic night for me.

I walk towards my bedroom, towards the flickering candles. The door to my room is open just a crack; I push it open and standing beside the bed is my husband dressed only in black tight underwear and a tie. I look at the bed and see two ropes tied to the top and two on the bottom.

My husband walks up to me, grabs the back of my head and pulls my face towards his. He kisses me hard, hands intertwined in my hair. He rips my clothes off me and pushes me onto the bed. I’m sitting on the edge of the bed, he walks towards me and pushes me back so I'm lying down. He bends down, wrapping my legs around his neck and slowly licks me. Just enough of a tease to make me wet. Then he pushes me to the top of the bed and ties my hands to each side of the bed. Then he does the same to my feet.

He grabs a vibrator and puts it on my clit. It feels so good. I am moaning and he teases me. Taking it off and putting it back on, letting me get right to the edge but never letting me go over it. He tells me to beg, beg him to let me finish.

I do.

I tell him how badly I want it and that I will do anything for it. The struggle of the inability to move makes it hotter. My heart it beating, my blood pumping. I can feel it in my loins, the beating of my heart as the passion becomes too much. I see him take his underwear off and then his tie. He takes his tie and shoves it in my mouth so I can’t scream.

Then he climbs on top of me, rubbing his hard cock against me. It drives me crazy. I try to tell him to put it in me but I can’t. Instead I moan. My hands shake and grab at the bed. He starts to go down on me again. My toes curling with intensity. He finally lets me finish and the scream that comes from behind the scrunched up tie lets him know that I am ready. He unties my feet and puts his cock inside me. He doesn't start soft, instead thrusting it inside me hard. I take a huge breath but love it. I want more from him. He goes harder, bringing my legs up so they are on his shoulders. I am completely bent in half, he tries to break me even more.

He takes the tie out of my mouth and asks me what I want. I tell him I want it from behind so he can punish me. Tell me I am the naughty girl that I am. He unties my hands and flips me over. Lifts me up by my hips but pushing my head down. He shoves his cock back inside me. Then he slaps my ass, hard. I know it'll leave a hand print but that makes it better.

I love after sex injuries.

Then, grabbing my hips he continues to thrust into me. As he gets more and more excited her grabs my hair making my head bend backwards. With his other hand he slaps my ass again and tells me that I'm his naughty, dirty girl. We go harder and harder until, together, we finish.

Shaking with pleasure and satisfaction we fall. We lie beside each other, he kisses me, then my forehead.

“Happy Valentines Day, baby.”

Michaela B
Michaela B
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