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Bar Sinister in Hollywood


Bar Sinister... Where downstairs is for the misfits and topless dancers, but UPSTAIRS is for those who are searching for their very own Mr. Grey. Only Master Feenix is no sadist, but an artist. A seemingly unimposing man, do NOT judge this book by its cover. While the other "masters" strap women's hands to a horizontal bar, hanging from the ceiling, and use whips as their choice weapons... Master Feenix is the "rigger."

*For those of you who just asked, "What's a rigger?" Here you go. According to BDSM Test, "Riggers like to tie up and restrain their partners, using rope and/or other attributes (chains, cuffs, spread bars, etc.). Whether for sexual enhancement, for art or just for fun, they enjoy having their partners completely at their mercy. Riggers typically match well with rope bunnies."

I don't know where he learned to tie the knots that he did, but that didn't matter. What mattered was the WAY he would rig; every lay of the rope atop a shoulder or across the chest was carefully placed, firm but almost embracing. As if he used the rope as an extension of his arms and hands to envelope a woman's body.

But before I could even participate, I was required to remove my choker and tie my hair into a ponytail, so it wasn't in the way whilst setting up bondage. Then I was to straddle a spanking horse with my arms behind my back, hands grasping my forearms. I winked at my friend who had been bound before me as she watched. Despite a crowd forming, at no point during the process did I feel disrespected or demeaned.

Personally, because my attire for the evening included a bondage-looking corset where my breasts nearly fell out, I was rigged with rope where a majority of the knots were formed on my chest like a large necklace. Master Feenix took his time tenderly wrapping rope around my body, making sure to keep me both sturdy and comfortable.

Once he had finished, I was placed face down and told the "safety signal." My hair tie was removed from my hair and fingers began sliding in, then gripping and tugging lightly. I breathed deeply and closed my eyes; soaking in the sensation. He then moved down, past my back, where he began spanking me.

When my friend had gone earlier in the evening, he spent a lot of time on her end. She wore only a leotard and fishnet stockings...and the girl's got a voluptuous ass, not to objectify her. When Master Feenix had spanked her, I began to understand why some men are obsessed with butts.

Anyway, I was spanked for a few seconds, then he leaned in to ask if it was too hard or too soft.

"It's fine. Although, I enjoyed the hair pulling even more," I replied

"Hey, this is your time. If you just want the hair, I can do that. What would you like?" he asked.

"Well what else you got?" I wondered aloud.

"Paddles, things that hurt... oh wait! I've got something!" He replied excitedly, and went to what must have been his box of toys. He came back with a small metal pinwheel, which he rolled over my back and arms. He was very light, just grazing my skin. Admittedly, I wanted to ask for it harder, but it was a really loud nightclub and I was limited on time; didn't want to stop the experience.

He pulled my hair a little more and then, before I knew it, I was told that was my time. He helped me sit upright again and began loosening the knots. I looked into the mirror that was hung on the closest wall, on the other side of the stairs... I saw a woman whose top was barely helping to conceal much of anything; rope binding her in a way that looked like a spider engulfing her chest, with a look of tired satisfaction on her face, staring back at me.

To be honest, getting unbound may have been one of the best parts of the whole experience. It was intentional too. This was when the master leaned his body against my back, face close to my neck, and gently untied each intricately rigged knot. As the ropes came undone and became elongated again, he slowly dragged the ropes across my chest and neck. My hair was moved to one side for the rope to drag across the other side of my body. At one point, I bowed my head to watch the rope move across my bosom, then a hand came across my neck to raise my face back up again. Euphoria...only for a second.

Arms wound and unwound my body as he undid the rope. Like the other women I saw whom were bound throughout the night, I'm sure my face reflected that of all the others: a smile of satisfaction, heavy eyelids, and deep breathing.

The rest of the evening was spent watching other women get cuffed to a bar and whipped. One woman, a redhead wearing pasties, wasn't even cuffed when a different master whipped, paddled, tased, and even used knives on her. The pleasure on her face was undeniable, and every time the whip hit her where she liked it most, she jiggled her ass back and forth, lightly allowing her weight to shift from one foot to the other in fluid motion. Watching the man who worked on her, it was easy to see that he read her well. After using many tools on her, he laid her down on the floor and lightly caressed her with a taser again. Eventually, he picked her up, her legs wrapped around him and...


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