Ultimate Guide to Shower Sex

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Tips for shower sex that will have you and your lover getting hot and steamy in more ways than one.

Ultimate Guide to Shower Sex

Shower sex is a perfect way for a couple to spice things up with a change of scenery without ever leaving the house. However, you may find that when it comes time to do the deed, the reality may be quite different than the way you imagined things or what you might have seen in a Hollywood movie. In the movies the bodies are perfect, the lighting is perfect, the steam billows at strategic spots and basically everything runs very smoothly. In reality, shower sex can be a bit trickier than normal sex as the couple navigates obstacles such as cramped spaces, slippery surfaces and more. The secret is to make it sexy, fun and enjoyable—not necessarily "perfect." If things don’t go as planned, laugh it off together and try again. With that in mind, here are some shower sex tips to getting wet and wild (without slipping and sliding).

Setting the Scene

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It may seem like common sense, but do some prep work by tidying up the bathroom and giving the shower a quick clean beforehand. Throw out that shampoo and conditioner bottle graveyard in the shower corner, as well as putting away any stray razors, soaps etc. that you might slip on—a head wound is a sure-fire romance killer. Get rid of any potential turn-offs such as that hair that has been stuck to the tiles forever. Fluorescent lighting is not sexy—consider lighting some scented candles to set the mood. Maybe play some soft music. You might want to put a non-slip mat or towel down on the shower floor for safety and also as cushioning for your knees and butt. Depending on what you are into, there are a wide range of water-proof sex toys available. Now you’re good to go.

Use Your Environment

Spoil each other with a sensual, soapy loofah massage to relax and as part of foreplay. The shower is a cosy, intimate setting for you to explore each other’s bodies from different angles than usual and play with each other in new and exciting ways. Make sure that you rinse all of the lathered soap away before you get down to business though, or else you will both be slipping all over the place. Also, do not use soap or similar products as makeshift lube just because you’re having shower sex, as this can irritate the vajayjay.

Experiment with different heat and pressure settings until you find the ones that are right for you. Angle the shower head so that both parties are receiving some warm water. It’s no good if one person is left out in the cold with their ass pressed up against the glass.

A ledge or bath edge can be a useful handhold or place to lean for supporting weight, as long as it’s sturdy, you don’t want to be ripping your fixtures out of the walls. Also, do not under any circumstances actually stand on the bath edge. Washcloths can be used to lightly stimulate each other’s naughty bits. Do you have the detachable kind of shower head? If so, hold it so that the water hits the clitoris while you are doing your thing. Take things slow and sexy, but not too slow—you are on the clock. Eventually the hot water will run out and you don’t want to be dealing with any George Costanza style shrinkage issues.

Best Positions

This will probably depend a lot on what type of shower you have. Doggy-style shower sex with the guy either kneeling or standing behind the girl is a popular choice that suits most showers. If you have a spacious shower and you are a flexible girl, try touching your toes while your partner enters you from behind. If you can’t touch your toes, and your shower is combination shower/tub style, then bending over as far as is comfortable and holding on to the bath edge may be the way to go. Sitting down is another option, again, if you have the space.

Another factor to consider is height difference. If you and your partner are about the same height, then standing facing each other might be the most comfortable position for you. If you are different heights, one partner can raise one leg and lean it over the tub edge as long as they have something else to hold on to. Lying down is another possibility if you have a big combination shower/tub. It’s also a great time to pleasure each other orally while everything is moist and fresh.

Get Creative

When your partner is washing up alone, without saying a word, surprise them by joining them unexpectedly for some shower sex. Not when they are running late for work or when the kids are going to come banging on the door at any second. Pick your moment. Unwind and talk to each other, taking the time to enjoy your newfound watery love shack. Guys: offer to wash your lady’s hair for her, gently massaging her scalp while you both enjoy the shampoo’s fragrance. Next, pay plenty of attention to her erogenous zones under the invigorating warm water. Ladies: lather up your boobs and rub them against your man’s chest or back. Get nice and soapy and then touch yourself while he watches.

Try fun, flirty new things together in your new change of venue. Learn what turns you on and let each other know. I’m sure you’ll come up with a few ideas.

It’s About the Journey, Not the Destination

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What’s important is that you both have a fun, pleasurable experience. Cleaning and touching each other; sharing passionate, wet kisses. Shower sex is a highly erotic act that makes you feel very close to your partner. Maybe you want to make shower time part of your foreplay and then finish up on the bed or on a towel on the bathroom floor if the shower is just too cramped. It should be sexy and sensual, not a chore. If things just are not clicking on your first time, there’s always next time. Do what works for you. And remember that practice makes perfect. Or maybe you just need a bigger shower.

Yadim Shmaltz
Yadim Shmaltz
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