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Transgressions of a Lady

Part One

By Fatma M RobinsonPublished 11 months ago 16 min read
Transgressions of a Lady
Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

1 / 12 I need help and opinions about where to take this story.

Today was going to be a different day for Elena and her family. She loaded down the car. She paid her debts to society, and she was leaving Tennessee for a long while.

“Heaven (Elena’s niece), “Do we have everything you need?”

Her reply, [“No, but Shelley can ask the landlord to put all my stuff aside, just in case. I don’t ever want to come back to Tennessee again.” “God, I hate this place.” “Nobody is going anywhere, but to “HE double ‘LL’ hockey sticks.” “There is nothing here for the kids, families, or singles.” “All I see is drugs and more drugs.” “Cock fights and dirty politicians.”

“People don’t even know how to farm any more, Aunt Elena.” “My momma treats me like a baby.” “Let’s go.”]

Elena’s friend and confidant (also Heaven’s father) turned out to be a child molester. There was a dirty uncle in her family, and the other uncle (the rock) decided to kill himself. It screwed up Elena’s family’s life. In fact, all her so-called friends became useless idiots. They sure knew how to put a struggling mother of two down. Surely, her son’s father could have intervened at any time. He was just as bedazzled by this dirty uncle. He looked up to him like a father.

How many times did she want to walk into her family’s little A frame church, and not be nice and caring? How many times did she overlook men staring at her breasts, and others in the community thinking ignorant thoughts? It was a church for the love of the Lord. Elena tried to pray through the thoughts running around in her head.

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Maybe everyone was thinking, “Your husband is a preacher, and a bisexual. Their poor children.” “Apparently, he is not home much.”

“You guys are the laughing stock of the town. You went to work, played house, and “Chester the child molester was right there waiting and buying his time.”

She reflected, “After fighting a winning battle against cancer, then losing every reason for so desperately wanting to live…We got to be with the kids.”

Heaven felt the same way. She could not comprehend why she was losing her father to prison. It was her daddy. It was Elena’s daughter's uncle. Elena lost any chance of her marriage succeeding. She was abandoned and divorced by her husband. The children were sent to their grandfathers. Their house went into foreclosure because, one income for too long was just too much for Elena. Heaven and Elena just had each other.

Elena was in the country, and out of a job. She did what she had to do to gain the money to leave Tennessee. She just had to be with her kids again. It took two years of waiting for the trial to be over. Elena did a whole lot of webcam modeling. She got herself a man, and left Tennessee for a new hope and beginning.

Now, Henry was not much of a looker, but he really loved Elena.

Henry was a lot shorter, than the way he appeared on the internet. He was a whole 5 foot 5 inches. He wore a size 32 jeans. He had beautiful blue eyes, very little hair on his head, and no teeth. He was wonderful at doing a lot to please Elena in the bedroom. Yet, after they finished, he left the room. Elena looked up to Heaven and said,

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“Lord, couldn’t you have sent me a man with a little bit bigger penis. Then, he got a penis extender. It was some funny stuff.

Heaven and Elena learned all of Henry’s evil undertakings quickly. He was a member of the Real Life and Fix the Broken Foundation outside of Moscow, Idaho. He had his own two bedroom trailer home. Most younger men were attracted to Elena. She had gotten sick of training a man when he was supposed to be the head of his family. She waited sixteen years for a man. Elena looked forward to a new adventure with a sugar daddy. Hopefully, he did not like anal sex. What was with the men of this generation? Too much porn…

Elena’s look changed. She was a big, beautiful, olive skinned lady. She had the blackest, curliest hair. Elena was five feet and seven inches tall. She had a big butt at a size of twenty-two inches. Elena’s soon to be sister-in-law, Jolene, was five hundred pounds, until she had her Gastric Bypass. Elena wanted to be thin too for her children and Henry. If Jolene could diet and get the surgery, then so could she. Elena got a great doctor, and within six months the procedure was done. She felt so good after the weight kept coming off. Then, Henry got her a personal trainer. Henry never lacked in the bedroom or to Elena’s needs. He would go to the sex stores and buy all kinds of stuff for their marital liaisons. It was extremely healthy for weight loss.

After time though, Henry goals, aspirations, and promises started fading. He had a lot of promises. They traveled the Northwest together. They only had their children on weekends and holidays. They gambled. They drank. Then, Elena’s son started using

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CBD oil for his Tourette's. It was about the time Henry came out of remission from Esophageal Cancer. One could only imagine the blank look on the newlywed’s wife’s face when the diagnosis was mentioned to Elena. It became customary most Saturday afternoons to load up the family with the dogs to take a long drive. A dangerous ride out the Naches Valley for the pharmaceutical pot distributor. They had every kind of pot cancer remedy one could imagine. It became a slick slop of debauchery for Elena’s health. She began to indulge in a little too much of a high on various pot treats, alcohol, and muscle relaxers.

Three years passed, and three surgeries within the blink of their eyes. Henry was dying, and Elena knew it. He was not the man she married. He became a hateful shell of the man she once knew. By this time, money was becoming scarce. They were in a little apartment in the worst, most dangerous place in Downtown Yakima Valley. In 2016, Yakima had just under twenty murders in the downtown area.

Elena’s kids were with their grandfather, and Elena was replacing the embarrassment of not sharing custody or her loss with little, tiny dogs. The kind that bark all the time and most often may act like a replacement for a child or close friend. Luckily, Elena met her husband’s lover on her birthday. She should have been furious, especially, since one of Elena’s presents was part of a perfume kit for his lover. Rage was not what Elena felt and, because she needed other women in her life to combat Henry’s new mean spirit from his cancer. Mira kept Elena company during her husband’s hospital stays, infidelity, and pain pill / Meth abuse. He was always in

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constant pain and was facing a tubal ligation to digest his food. The chemo only made things worse, and not better. The doctor stopped his treatments.

Dealing with his new prognosis, Henry began to favor Mira quite a bit more than Elena. However, Mira favored Elena more than Henry. She became Elena’s best female friend. She never looked bad either. Elena just was not a bisexual too, could not replicate those kinds of feelings to Mira. Mira was a good- looking woman for her middle age. She was tall with porcelain skin, and a cute little brunette bob. Her measurements were exactly 38’ 24’36.’ What was wrong with Mira? She had liver cancer, of course it was how the bond built with Henry and Elena. So, Elena and Mira spent a lot of time together. There was hope of a liver transplant. She was the nicest out of all Henry’s other lovers. He made excuses, and Elena knew. Elena loved him very much for supporting her when she had no money, no friends, and no place to go. It was a desperate love and marriage for stability.

Then, there was the lust and desire for the comedian. His name was Steven. Elena knew the day they met her marriage was doomed. Hell, it was doomed from the beginning. Love was not there for Henry and Elena. He knew it. If he found out, then It ultimately would have killed Henry. Steven was the cutest with his overuse of the word 'preposterous.’ He kept using it over and over, because he was so nervous when he first met Elena. He was five years younger than her. Therefore, they fell in love. They felt like teenagers staying up all night in hotel rooms all over the snow resort in North Bend. Elena and Steven would sneak away on three -day retreats whenever they could. Steven was a famous local resort ski instructor and comedian for his mom’s club in Selah. It was exciting and new.

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Steven was the whitest, white man, which she had ever known. Together, they looked like John Smith and Pocahontas.

He only wore designer labeled outfits. To Elena, he looked and smelled like a Kelvin Kline jean model. He was about five feet and 10 inches with muscles. He wore a perfect 34/34 inseam. He had those puppy dog brown eyes, that just made a lady go weak between her knees. He had shoulder length brown hair. Steven was honorably discharged from the Navy with almost invisible injuries and no spleen. He would come by whenever Henry was not home, and make Elena start laughing, and then screaming into ecstasy. After the frequent courses of chemo, Mira, Elena, Henry, and Steven would watch movies and party together. It was clear, that Steven was falling in love with her. Steven would walk by Elena’s perfumes and smell them all. When she was bathing, she left the bathroom door cracked just so Steven could talk to her. Sometimes he left with a pair of her panties for later. He was so much more endowed, than Henry. Henry rarely slept with Elena.

When Henry died everyone seemed so happy and relieved. He went to a better place without pain and suffering. Henry’s family was all about the money, because he was crueler to his brother than even Elena. It was miserable for Elena. There was no money left. He became so abusive and mean towards the end of his life. Remarkably enough, Henry’s Aunt followed his mother’s wishes, and Henry had a glorious funeral. Of course, all the arrangements were paid for with a trust account. They had lilies, songs, and lots of food. The weather was bliss. Elena sat in her black dress trying not to break down when all of his previous wives, girlfriends, and family greeted her. But after the funeral, all she could think about was Steven. That night, he picked up her broken heart, and the

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empty bottles off the floor of the fourth story apartment. He put a very drunk Elena to bed.

Elena was breaking, and she didn’t know how to pay her bills. She prayed. She tried to go to the local churches and community centers for help. When the concert series started below her apartment, then she found a job as a ticket taker. It did not pay much, but the regular bills. That was enough.

Steven came and went. They dated for a time. One night he curled up tight to her in bed. He woke her up in the middle of the night just to hold her. He whispered sweet jokes in her ears.

He said,” Wake up, this is really happening.”

Sleepily she responded, “okay.”

Steven put his arms around her waist

and breasts. He squeezed her nipples, and he bit her neck.

“Take off your panties.”

He pressed the head of his penis close to her vagina.

He had to back up a little. He was so erect and big. He was always so soft and gentle when he made love to her.

Unfortunately, some months passed, and Steven announced he got a job in California. Steven’s brother had a wicked heroin addiction and died, and Elena was watching Steven’s

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addiction. Everyone had thought it was the right move for Steven, accept Elena. He did not even invite Elena after all the love; she thought they had. Elena cried for ten days straight after his leaving. Elena decided to stop drinking and partying so much. She called her cousin. She told her this was the year for her to join an anonymous recovery group. She got set up. A few months later Steven’s overdose and death were on the internet. Elena was devastated. She was writing to his family with hopes of reuniting in recovery. Elena was devastated. Just like her he

Elena became thankful and in remission from her second bout with Ovarian and Liver Cancer due to a revolutionary new medicine, a surgery, and the programs of Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous.

It was not long before Elena’s children were busy with their lives and in their own homes, and she hers. James, her son, was nearly approaching nineteen years of age. He had a great future in the seafood industry. Michelle, her daughter, was fourteen years of age. She was so smart, that all the time, It was very difficult to let them go, but it was the right thing to do. Grandpa knew the recovery program better, then anyone in the family. Bars are not the ideal place to meet people when one is a recovering addict. A coffee house was much better. One day, Elena got dragged out her door by three of her lady friends.

Care Bear was loud, promiscuous thirty-three- year- old with a heart shaped ass, long red hair, brown eyes, and a gangster attitude. She was about 5 foot and 7 inches with a little busty pudginess to her groove.

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Selma Ann was a robustly, sexy Spanish lady. Salma had long, red curly hair way past her shoulders. She was about five feet and six inches. She had a good size bust and butt similar to Elena’s, but not quite as big. Elena loved her and her whole family.

It was Karaoke night at the cafe. They each had many energy drinks, while they were getting ready at Care bear’s new penthouse apartment in downtown Seattle. The balcony opened to many stars up above. Next, they knew Elena's Volvo’s hack back was down with the radio turned up. They arrived about nine pm. When it’s Friday night at a rock cafe, then it is best to arrive casually late. Besides, all the hot, bad boys never came out early.

They ordered three large Mochas and a plate of Nacho’s. A local band was about to started playing an hour before open mike. The lights were low with strobes lighting the stage. Christopher Cross was an oldie, but a great singer for their local club. Everything about a cruise of the river. A lover to take her to multiple orgasm heaven. Besides, it had been a whole year. She was more than ready to date again. Based on past experiences, she did not want three men. She wanted a man that was her best friend, lover, and could take her undercover. Unfortunately, the best friend she had did not have a clue. He was extremely into porn and video games. He went to church but did not accept God. He hurt Elena when she needed love.

Elena was envious of Care Bear because she was never single. Jose, one of three of her local flavors came to take her on the dance floor. Everyone knew he still used his pot, balanced a baby’s momma, wife, and gangster career. Care bear liked to use him for his money and undercover activities. Elena’s friend, Selma’s man, was in prison. They had a son. He was the sweetest. Selma was a single mom with lots of strength despite past drug addiction.

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Elena’s sister, Haley, was all about her recovery and school. She was too independent for any man. So, they got on the dance floor together.

“No sense in coming here to be wallflowers!” Exclaimed Elena.

“I just want to dance, sis.” said Haley.

It is amazing how people can dance in sync when a favorite song play. The audience swayed in one strong motion to, “Sailing.”

“Oh shit.” Elena felt for the ring her mom gave her.

A stranger with piercing blue eyes, a blond goatee, and the body of a pirate fiercely looking for lost treasure. He had found Elena.

Tapping Elena on her shoulder, “Excuse me miss, your hand looks so lonely, are you missing this ring.”

“Oh, thank you. My mother gave me this ring, and I need to get it resized. I started dancing, then I realized it must just slip off my finger.”

“Can I get your number? You are gorgeous. I would love to get to know you better. My name is Evan Marks and you?”

Elena was drawn in by his charismatic charm. He smelled like mint gum and Christian Dior. He screamed “Bono, the musician.”

11 / 12

“Sure, I am Elena Kennedy.” Elena and the girls enjoyed the rest of the café concert, then returned to their homes. This seemed to be the place to be from that Saturday night all winter long.

Elena rolled over and pressed snooze on her alarm about three times, before actually getting up for her new job as an environmental lobbyist. She had always been an activist since graduate school, but she never finished. Being a single mom for seven years doesn’t allow for the lifestyle of an overworking and fully traveling politician’s assistant.

Activism doesn’t pay like being a lobbyist supporting a particular candidate does. Thankfully, this new job was forty hours a week, paid well, and had benefits.

The daily routine of a gas station cappuccino and a muffin had to stop. Elena picked up a black coffee and a banana on her way to work. She had to adhere to a healthy diet, unless; she wanted to be one of the blimps in the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade.

First impressions were everything, and she wanted to do a great job that day. She would be working with a team of people for the state senator. She just had to be running for the next presidency against one financial prick of a shyster. President Trump was being impeached, and it was making the November 2020 election open to all. Elena’s stomach turned as she entered the official campaign corridor of the governor of Washington. Being dressed to impress, Elena met Governor Jason Gram and Senator Patty Marshall. Elena quickly learned her duties from the three other candidate assistants. These democrats were so smart and capable. Elena was hoping the democrats would take back the House of Representatives in the upcoming presidential election.


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