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Top Ten Tips for Becoming a Successful Webcam Girl

Cam Codes shares their secrets on the best methods to get customers in, expand your brand and increase your earnings.

By Cam CodesPublished 5 years ago • 8 min read

There is a common myth that being a cam girl makes you super rich, super fast and even though you can make good earnings quite quickly, like any job, you have to put the work in. However, putting a bit of work in can go a long way in the cam industry so here are some quick tips on what I think can help you be successful and increase your earnings quickly and efficiently.

1. Set-up and lightingIt's really important that you've got:~ Good WiFi connection with a high upload speed.~ High-quality webcam, a built-in laptop webcam will be okay to start but you really want to get something better if you do this full time, the most common webcams among the cam-girl community are the Logitechs and for good reason, they produce incredibly quality! The cam-girl standard is a C920 and its what I use, I don't regret a single penny.~ Mic/Audio - If you can, you should always have your audio on as customers much prefer this, if you have a Logitech webcam they come with a pretty good mic but you can also purchase external mics which work incredibly well and helps to produce very happy customers.~ Laptop/PC - Laptops are generally the go-to choice over PCS for camgirls as you can carry it around the house with you but PCS do generally have a lot more power behind them so they both have their benefits. In terms of specs the you want to remember that the higher the processor the faster it will run, you also want lots of memory for all your photos/videos/programmes and it benefits to have a good graphics card which is what makes gaming laptops a good choice for cam-girls.~ Make sure you have good lighting, natural light can be good however webcams generally don't like it. Use bright artificial lighting positioned behind your webcam towards you, one from each side of your screen is recommended. ~ Backdrop, you want it to look nice, make sure it's clean and tidy but not so much that there is nothing there, throw some personality in there, make it look like inviting and atmospheric, make it feel personal for them: candles, fairy-lights, books etc.

2. Create a characterWho are you going to be? Whats your name going to be? Are you going to pretend you live somewhere else? If so where? How different from your self are you going to be? Some girls like to be someone completely opposite from their real selves and others take comfort and ease in playing themselves. You might wanna play the sweet innocent teen or the dominatrix or the girl next door, the possibilities are endless. Get creative and have fun with creating a new persona of yourself! You can be anyone you want to be! Learn this person, write down some answers to inevitable questions like - whats the naughtiest thing you've ever done? whats your filthiest fantasy? turn ons? turn offs? Know your limits! Consider writing down a list of things you wont do, will do and would consider doing that way you might be less surprised and unsure if asked. Warning: You will probably be surprised anyway as I guarantee there will be things you haven't thought of.

3. Be regular

Its easy when you're self employed and can choose your own hours to not be regular with your times online after all its a brilliant freedom with in this job but you will benefit massively if you're consistent. Log in on the same days at the same times and you will get regular customers coming back in. I find using a bullet journal really helpful in organising my work and time, read more about this in Number eight. It's needless to say that the more you're online and active the more you will succeed, read 'Just Keep Streaming' for more information on this.

4. Research and promoteDon't be afraid to look at other cam girls profiles, rooms and social media, don't compare or be competitive but do your research and be inspired. Find cam girls that you'd like to be like, see what they post, how they talk, what they sell, how they advertise etc. Use social media platforms like twitter for this and use it to market yourself and connect with your followers and fans as well.

5. Use the extras There are lots of extra things you can do to make money in the webcam world, not only does this interest your current cam customers and bring in potential new customers but it means you can make money even when you're not online for webcam.Phone chat - If you're good on the phone this is a great option for you and don't even have to put your make up on. Sell pictures - Whether its nudes, selfies, dress-up, lingerie, your feet, the list goes on! You can sell pictures in galleries or offer custom photos via your shop.Videos - Definitely a popular extra, use this as an opportunity to show what kinks you cater to in cam sessions as well as giving customers something to watch when you're not online and they're missing you.Shop - Worn items such as panties, socks, tights, shoes... even old clothes, someone wants them!You can also sell other things like holiday packages in your store for example 'valentines day packages' with a card, some printed signed photos,a pussy pop and a pair of panties.Erotica -Love to write? Start writing erotic stories and earnfrom it.

6. Be RealDon't be a robot, be yourself; smile, laugh, joke and mess around a bit. When I first started cam I was afraid to be myself not only because I felt like I was revealing my true identity but I was scared it would lose me certain customers, however since relaxing, sharing opinions and having a giggle customers have loved my shows so much more. Don't be afraid to drink your morning cup of tea or make a joke. Don't forget that they like this to be personal and realistic or they would be watching porn for free. This also does include showing your face which I understand a lot of models are hesitant to do but it really is about personal connection and customers want to see all of you, you can buy wigs, eye contacts and tattoo cover ups to help keep your identity hidden. Make sure to avoid going on webcam if you're having a really bad day, sometimes camming can help if you need a distraction but if you're genuinely not alright that day or really tired or hungover then just wait until next time, customers can see if you're bored or unhappy and its not a pretty look. Nurture yourself instead and enjoy the fact you have the opportunity to turn it off whenever you want, which you wouldn't in most jobs.

7. Journal & GoalsI find using a bullet journal really helpful in organising my work and time; setting earning goals, keeping track of when I'm due to send packages out, how much money I've got coming in and when, general to do's such as; social media updates, script writing, photos, filming, editing etc. It feels so satisfying at the end of the day to have crossed all your bullets and if there are some left over you can move them to the next day. Set yourself realistic daily and weekly goals to keep you motivated.

8. Script WritingThis can be really handy if there are kinks, fantasies or fetishes you want to carry out in sessions but you're not confident in performing them, this can really help you to get comfortable with what your cam character, what you want to do and say, and generally take the pressure offfor future sessions.

9. MarketingPromoting, advertising and blogging can really help to boost your general customer flow but also keep your current customers happy, updated and wanting more. Remember that you are your brand and that you can get creative with how you want to advertise yourself. Twitter is the most popular social media site among sex workers and buyers.Promoting - Promotions! Reduce your PPM (pay per minute) prices or do limited time deals on your extras such as photos/videos but make sure you heavily advertise these on your profile and other social media sites such as twitter or your premium snap-chat.Advertising - Advertise yourself, advertise your promotions, advertise your extras! Use photos, mini clips, create banners and graphics and remember to always include a link or details to what you're advertising.Blogging - As mentioned before customers love that personal connection, they love to be able to get a bit more of an insight into your life and what you get up to once you're off the webcam and of course when you're coming on! Let them know you're having a shower and getting ready now or you'll be online tonight and such. Let them know what you're up to, little funny stories, it doesn't have to be all about work all the time, let them see you be human and going about your day to day life.

10. Out of the boxWhat can you do differently? What can you do to keep it interesting?You could set specific shows, maybe do a quick free-view show of you making dinner or putting on your make up to get new customers in. You can set specific activities on different days of the week, you can create and play games, have a white board in the backdrop which you can write things on for people. The possibilities are endless, get creative! Providing something fun and unique will stand you out from the rest.

Applying these top ten tips to your work consistently will help you to be successful in the cam industry however just remember that this does not happen over night, you have to put the time and dedication in. Once you do, this is an industry where there is no limits to your earnings and the more you put in, the more you can benefit. Good luck on your journey to becoming a successful webcam girl!

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  • Promila Lin11 months ago

    Using your webcam as an earning tool can be quite effective. It requires just a smartphone, some conviction, doing some research on the internet to find video chat platforms like I have been using dating and then just starting to contact men looking to have a cam chat session. A lot of women are option to use this webcam chat option to earn a substantial income.

  • Summer Musk2 years ago

    I've been considering camming for quite some time now (ever since reading the girl in 6E trilogy), but the way you have broken it down, I am beyond capable of doing this. I have never seen it presented in this way with creating a character and persona. It's all so exciting! I think this might be the career for me lol. Thanks for the tips!!

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