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Top Guns

by Casey Keller 8 months ago in erotic

This Is What Happens When You Eat Too Many Oysters.

Top Guns

It's no longer the same military as it was in the 1950s. Our military now is not the, don't ask don't tell policy. Everyone is welcome no matter there gender or sexual preference. We are an accepting nation of nations of all creeds. Back in my day, it didn't matter of our sexual preferences. When we heard of bisexual women, we thought, cool. When it came to bisexual or gay men, though, we as men thought, as long as you stay away from me and you got my back, and not figuratively and you'll protect me as a brother, then yeah dude you're okay in my book.

I was in the Air Force. I was an F-16 crew chief at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. It was one of the hottest summers I had ever experienced. Even for being a muscular five-foot-nine 200-pound athletic guy with hardly any body fat, I would be sweating my ass off. This heat was way different than sweating in the hayfields and tossing fifty-pound bales off and on semi-trucks all day.

Airman First Class Keller report to Colonel Gallagher's office asap. She's got a detail for you and Airman Newman. I hustled over to the barracks and grabbed Tim and said, come on, Lieutenant Gallagher has a work detail for us. The sun was hitting our backs, warming us up as we walked to her office that was in the commander's building. A two-hundred platoon of men jogged in front of us, kicking up dirt that stuck in our noses and made us sneeze. Tim sneezed so hard that his hat came flying off, and I started laughing at him at one of the worst moments. A two-star brigadier general was walking towards us.

Airman, he said, We stood at attention and saluted him. Tim had forgotten that his hat fell off. What the hell do you think you're doing? Did your mother raise you to be an inconsiderate, immature punk-ass no-good kid who couldn't even get a woman pregnant because he doesn't know the difference between anal sex, pussy-sex, and a blowjob? Hell son, you probably think a blow job is how a woman gets pregnant. Get your fucking hat on and do it right.

I just stood there and tried my best not to laugh, but Brigadier General Calvin caught my smirk. The only thing that went through my head was fuck. Airman Keller, you think this is funny? General Calvin must have been having a bad day, and he was going to take it out on the first Airman he saw.

No, sir, this is not funny. In my head, I was rolling on the ground from laughing so hard. Because I know Tim so well, he would be on the ground with me as well as laughing our asses off. His roasting of Airman Newman, though, was pretty good, very smart. But of course, you have to be a brilliant man if your a Brigadier General in the Air Force. Tim collected his hat just as General Calvin finished walking the final fifteen steps to get in our faces. Just as he was about to lay into us and have us down in the dirt and doing push-ups, until he was satisfied, a female voice shouted, General those men are here for me, to help me move my office into your office. If you wear them out now, they will be of no use to us.

Thank you, God, for Colonel Gallagher was going through our heads.

Now we knew and understood why the General was so upset. He lost his office to a full bird colonel. We wondered how that happened as General Calvin huffed off and stormed away. Looking to make some unfortunate airman do push-ups. We walked up to the steps and Saw Colonel Gallagher wearing her dress blues. Wow, she was smoking hot. She had beautiful long tanned, muscular legs. Her tits seemed to push the confines of her blouse. She had her blouse tucked in pretty tight though to keep her big breasts in her shirt. We saluted her. This way, gentleman, she said. As we followed her, we tried our best to keep our eyes on the back of her brunette colored hair that was in a tight bun. Tim and I couldn't help but check out her ass as she led us to her old office.

This was going to take a while. Colonel Alexandria Gallagher had nothing packed, just empty boxes on top of empty boxes.

You boys aren't afraid of a little work, are you?

No, ma'am, we're not.

Keller, I know you wouldn't be. I've read your file. You grew up on a ranch in Nebraska.

Yes, ma'am, I was raised riding horses and feeding cattle. During the haying season, I would be tossing fifty-pound bales off and on semi's all summer. I also used post hole diggers and stretching barb wire from fence post to fence post for miles. I'm not afraid of work. One summer, I helped with wrestling cattle down so that my dad could brand them. Sometimes I can still smell the hair burning and the little bit of animal skin being branded with a hot poker with my dad's brand on it. I also helped him build a guest house and split five cords of wood one winter.

Specialist Newman, your dad was an Air Force Green Beret. Are you following your father's footsteps?

No ma'am. I can shoot a fifty caliber sniper 302 Lapuah rifle from two thousand yards out. I'm an Air Force sniper.

Alex responded as she walked up to me and slid a finger down my chest to my waist and bent over at the waist to rub her ass up against Tim's cock, saying, as she looked up to my eyes, I can tell that you two rare species of men have really stayed in shape. She gave us a playful wink from behind her wire-rimmed glasses. As she walked out, Alex said, you boys have until the end of the week to have everything from this office into the office down the hall.

After Alexandria, but she had everyone call her, Alex left. Tim looked at me and said, Casey, there is no way we are saying no to not tapping that sweet ass. I agreed, but how would we pull that off. She was an officer, and we're just enlisted Air Force men in our twenties. There would be no conjoining of an officer and enlisted men. It is highly illegal and punishable under the UCMJ, the uniform code of military justice. We would be kicked out. We didn't want to risk losing our dream jobs. Tim was terrific with his rifle. I was good at taxing jets and maintaining them and fixing and replacing parts on them. I could tell that Tim and I both that our minds were at work as we started folding and taping boxes shut and loading them up with boxes. We also had to replace some other boxes that were getting old and falling apart, and that's when it happened. A picture fell out from a book from one of the boxes that we were replacing. Tim asked me, what's that? I replied I don't know. I picked it up and turned it over.

It was indeed a picture, but it wasn't a picture of Alex or her husband or a boyfriend. It was a picture of our female Captain, Erin Brasher. She was in quite the position of showing off her perfect tits and shaved pussy in this picture. Our mouths must have looked liked they must have dropped and hit the floor and went through it and slammed hard against the first floor. Tim and I were always, it seemed at the wrong place, and at the wrong time, every time. Alex came walking in to remind us of a few things that had to be moved. When she saw us holding this picture, she immediately slammed the door and came rushing in at us and grabbed the image from my hands. Out came Alex's mom's voice. Where in the hell did you find this? Are you going through my personal things?

No, ma'am, we wouldn't do that. It was in this book, and it fell out as we were transferring items from this old broken-down box into a new one.

Which book was it?

Tim responded with War and Peace by Tolstoy. She knew that we weren't lying because that was where she left it and that we weren't going through her private things. Embarrassed and with her cheeks flushed, she walked over to the door and locked it. Alex knew of no other way to get out of this predicament.

Alex told us, I suppose if I let both of you fuck me that you won't say anything about me having a naked picture of your female captain Erin Brasher. I responded with, honestly, Mrs. Gallagher, we haven't thought that far ahead yet. We just picked up this picture and looked at it. But if you want us to, we will.

Colonel Alex Gallagher said that she had a better idea. She reached up with one hand behind her and swiftly pulled a bobby pin from her hair. Alex released the bun of her brunette hair to fall to the middle of her back. With her other hand, she unbuttoned her class A top to reveal to us her magnificent breasts nicely cupped by her green bra. She left her glasses on the end of her nose as she got down on her knees. Tim and I leaned up against the front of the desk as this coordinated woman quickly unbuckled our belts, and unbuttoned our pants and grabbed our trousers and underwear with one hand, and gave them each a good tug exposing our cocks this beautiful woman's mouth. Alexandria first started licking the tip of my penis while she jerked and slid her right hand up and down on Tim's cock. Alex began to gag on my cock as it got harder and hit the back of her throat. Alex then switched over to Tim's penis and started licking and sucking his dick while she jerked and slid her left hand up and down on my penis.

She took her hand off my dick momentarily to unhook the clasp on the front of her green bra. She had the biggest and the prettiest pink nipples that I had ever seen. She switched cocks again. She was taking my penis deep in her mouth until she gagged, and it was more than I could bear, and I was shooting my hot sticky load of cum in the back of her mouth as she swallowed every drop of my cum. Alex's right hand was oozing with cum as she jerked and slid her hand back and forth on Tim's cock until he climaxed his load all over her perfect tits.

Alex stood up, straightened out her dress blues skirt, then pushed her tits body up against my chest, kissed my lips, then did the same to Tim. She grabbed a piece of paper wrote down her address and told us to come to her place that was off base. Alex quickly pushed her tits back into her bra, clasped it shut and buttoned up her shirt, and did a quick tuck-in of her blouse.

She grabbed her long brunette hair, gave it a quick twirl into a tight bun, grabbed the pencil off the desk, and used it as a bobby pin, then unlocked the door and walked out and down the hall. Tim and I were still tucking in our black shirts into our pants by the time that she had walked out. We knew what just happened; we just couldn't believe how fast Colonel Gallagher was at putting herself back together.

Tim and I looked at each other and the notepad that had her address on it. We were going to be there, but we also had to finish packing her boxes and getting some things moved. We had to give the impression to other people in the building that we were working.

Ten minutes later, Tim finally said, What do you think she is going to have planned?

Man, I don't know, but don't you think that we ought to go to Mario's and get some oysters and a bottle of wine before we head over to her place. Good planning Casey, Tim said. Do you think flowers would be too much?

Tim, you did see how fast that happened, right? She was on both of our dicks licking and sucking and jerking us off in 10 minutes, then leaving. I don't think she wants us to romance her?

Casey, you're right. We'll just bring a couple of bottles of wine. We finished up with what we were doing, then heading back to our dorms and showered real quick. We threw on some jeans, our jump boots (they were more comfortable), and white t-shirts that made our arms look like massive guns. We walked to the guard shake at the front of the base, and hailed a cab. It was going to be close to two hours by the time that we got to her place. That would give us plenty of time to go to Mario's get a couple of bottles of wine, eat some claims then get to her home. This cab we got in was the cleanest that we had been in since we had been here at San Antonio. The smell of leather and lilac's filled our noses as the driver drove us to Mario's.

Back at headquarters, Alexandria told Captain Brasher, Erin, how she had two Airmen in her office and gave them blowjobs because they found the picture of Captain Brasher. Alex told Erin how she thought that a couple of blowjobs might not be enough to keep their silence and asked her to meet her at her place at 1900 hours. Erin agreed. As they hung up, a second lieutenant cornered Alex with a pile of paperwork that needed to be signed. She knew that she was going to be late meeting Erin, Tim, and Casey. The best that she could do was excuse herself to the ladies' room and send Erin a quick text message saying, do what you can. I'm sorry, I'm going to be late.

Erin's clothes just finished drying in the dryer. Her clothes would smell like roses by the time that she walked down the street to get them. It was one of her favorite flowers and scents. She hung up her phone after reading the text message from Alex then headed to the public laundry. It was a quick two minute walked that she always enjoyed. She liked watching the kids play on the playground and running and playing in the sand. It made her wish that her husband didn't have to leave to go to Iran on a temporary duty assignment. She was ovulating and was ready to start having and making kids with her husband. She walked down the alley towards the rear entrance of the laundromat, when she is attacked from behind. A black sackcloth went immediately over her head as the assailant hit her head. Erin, still semi-conscious, hears a familiar voice but can't make it out tried to listen to the conversation. All she hears is phase one, and phase two complete, proceed to Alex's place to intercept the packages. Erin mutters, what? WHACK.

Tim and I were finishing our oysters so that we would have enough stamina to forego with Colonel Alexandria Gallagher. We washed them down with a glass of Bordeaux and decided to walk the rest of the two miles to Alex's place. It wasn't precisely the Riverwalk that's light up with lights and colored umbrellas along with a gondola floating down the river with tourists snapping pictures at everything. But it was still an excellent walk—to smell the fresh air and the smell of fresh-cut grass throughout the neighborhoods. Tim sneezed again, but this time he didn't lose his ball cap. He and I laughed about it as we rounded the corner and saw a blue cargo van with its rear doors closed and in Alex's driveway. We wondered if we should call the cops until they saw Erin standing just inside Alex's place. She hollered at us, asking if we were going to come in or just stand on the sidewalk and jerk each other off. I tilted my head towards Tim, then shook my head towards Erin and said Shall we.

Alex's place was beautiful. It looked like a 4-star general with white gloves could come in and give her home a thorough inspection and pass with flying colors. Everything was in its proper little place; nothing was out of sorts. She had coasters on every end table. Outdoor Photographer magazines sat perfectly at a right angle to the edges of her coffee table.

Erin was sitting in a red leather chair, legs up over both sides of the armrests, and was completely naked. It was just like the picture that we saw. Are you boys going to come in and shut the door, or are you going to be rude and inconsiderate little pricks and leave a poor helpless woman to freeze over here on this chair? Alex called me and said that she was going to be a little late and asked me to interfere on her behalf.

These ladies got straight to the point. Tim shut her front door as we walked in. We stripped out of our boots and our pants. I got down on my knees in front of her and started licking her clit and fingered her pussy. Tim went behind the chair, and she tilted her head back over the headrest and took Tim's penis in her mouth. Tim's hands pushed the headrest of the chair down some more until Erin's head and mouth were at the perfect angle for him to throat-fuck Erin's pretty mouth. When he pushed the headrest of the chair down it thrust her pussy more into my face and made my tongue slide deeper inside her. Erin was able to take all of Tim's cock in her mouth as his strong arms and hands grabbed her by the tits and was pounding his dick in her mouth.

I wanted to feel her hot mouth swallowing my cock. I replied, switch. He pulled his dick out of Captain Erin Brashers mouth, I pulled my tongue and fingers out of her pussy, and we switched positions.

Oh, Fuck, her tongue and mouth felt terrific as she swallowed all 8 inches of my cock. I left her pussy so wet that Tim's cock slid right inside of her. He grabbed her hips and started pounding her pussy until a voice from behind us said. What the hell is going on? We stopped what we were doing and looked at the who was standing at the door. It was from Erin. Captain Brasher. How was this possible? We looked down at the woman who had my dick in her mouth and Tim's stiff pole inside her pussy, and we realized that she was a twin. I pulled my dick out of this twin's mouth and hid behind the chair, covering myself up. Tim got up and went and sat on the couch, pulled off his white t-shirt and covered himself up.

Tim Grabbed the bottle of wine on the floor, and with his strong hands and arms pulled of the cork off in one easy tug and took a long drink out of it, then handed me the bottle. I took a swig of it as Erin walked in and sat in the chair in front of us. She looked over at her sister and said, what the fuck do you think that you're doing? Those cocks are for Alexandria and I. This was quite the weirdest and strangest thing that ever happened to Tim and me. We just sat there in disbelief and drank one of the bottles of wine as Erin, and her twin sister Rachel were yelling at each other until another female voice entered the room. Colonel Alexandria Gallagher. Tim and I just shook our heads. Throughout all this confusion, our cocks were now limp like wet spaghetti noodles. Alex had no idea that Erin had a twin sister. We could see it in her face and her eyes that she was recalling and counting the times her an Erin had been licking, fingering and fucking each other and wondered if it was Erin or if it was Rachel.

Alex sat in the middle of the couch with Tim on her left and me on her right. Both of our shirts were off and covering our once-raging hard cocks. We shared the bottle of wine with her as Rachel and Erin finally concluded at yelling at each other. Apparently, Rachel was jealous of Erin's sexual relationship with Alex, and she wanted to join and thought that the best way to do it was posing as her sister.

The two twin sisters, Erin and Rachel, excused themselves to the restroom. Colonel Alexandria Gallagher pulled our shirts off of our laps and started jerking Tim and me off. She would lean over and kiss Tim then me as we helped her out of her clothes. Alex was soon bucked ass naked sitting on her couch as she was taking turns and licking and sucking our cocks. My right hand was on the left side of her head. Tim's left hand was on the right side of her head as we each took turns inside her hot mouth

The twin sisters Erin and Rachel jokingly and seductively wrote their names on their tits with a black sharpie marker. Erin came up behind me and pushed her tits against my back as Rachel did the same to Tim. It was Tim's turn while Alex was swallowing all of his cock in her mouth. Rachel pushed his hips forward until Alex was gagging on all 8 inches of his cock. As Alex pulled her mouth off his stiff wet pole, he blew his load all over her face. Rachel got down on her knees and licked the cum off of Alex's lips. Alex's left hand was jerking me off while Captain Erin Brasher was sucking my cock.

It felt and seemed like we were in a tornado of skin, lips, tongues, and tits and beautiful shaved pussies. Erin put her arms around my neck, jumped up into my arms, and wrapped her legs around my waist as my penis slid inside her pussy. Alex licked and sucked on my balls as I stood there and fucked Erin standing up. Erin's and I's tongues met in a hot dance of passionate kissing until I exploded my hot cum inside her sweet pussy. Erin's and I's juices flowed out of her pussy and down the inside of her thighs. Alex's mouth and tongue came off of my balls and licked up our juices coming out of Erin's pussy.

I had looked over at Tim. He and Rachel were in a sixty-nine position standing up. His massive strong arms wrapped around her waist, and he clasped his hands together, not to let her fall as he stood there licking her clit as her head and mouth moved back and forward up and down on his pecker. She moaned as he slid his tongue inside her pussy. Alex was back at sucking on Tim's balls. I got to admit it was pretty fucking hot watching two women on a dick. Rachel and Alex would take turns sucking the head of Tim's dick. Alex would then go back to sucking on his balls, while Rachel hung there in his arms with her mouth sliding back and forth on Tim's dick.

While Alex sat on her couch, Erin had climbed off of the top of my dick after cuming down my thighs and Alex licking it up, got down on her hands and knees, and put her face in between Alex's thigh's and started licking her clit and pussy. I grabbed my cock and spanked Erin's Ass with it until she reached up from beneath her with her right hand and jerked on my cock a couple of times until I was hard enough to slide my cock inside her pussy. I watched Erin lick Alex's pussy. I grabbed Erin's hips and shoved my massive slab of man-meat into her pussy. As I fucked her from behind, I pushed her face in between's Alex's thighs. Erin's tongue disappeared inside of Alex's hot snatch.

The only thing that Alex could do was moan because she already had a mouthful of Tim's balls. Rachel was still in a standing sixty-nine position. Licking the tip of Tim's dick, his shaft disappeared deep down into her throat until he shouted I'm cuming, I'm cuming. He put Rachel down on the couch next to Alex, and he blew his load all over there pretty faces and lips.

I was just watching all this hot action of mouths licking and sucking, nipples and tits and shaved pussies, Erin's tongue inside of Alex's wet box. I forcefully grab Erin by the hips and thrust my dick hard inside of her one last time, and I was going to be cuming again. This time I pulled my dick out of Erin's pussy from behind and shot my load all over Alex's pussy lips and watched Erin lick it up.

Thank God for those Oysters that Tim and I ate. We were and went above and beyond and ready to go again. This time though, it was Colonel Alexandria Gallagher that wanted to feel our cocks deep inside of her. The two twin sisters Rachel and Captain Erin Brasher, were involved in a hot sixty-nine position licking each other's clits and fingering each other's pussies.

Alex licked and sucked on her fingers and slide them up against her pussy getting her self wet and ready for one of us guys to slide our dick inside her pussy. Tim and I played rock, paper, scissors to see which one was going to be in her pussy first. Alex laughed at us and said, no, it's not going to be who gets the pussy first. I want you both at the same time. She licked and sucked on our cocks, getting us so wet and hard.

Casey lay on your back, she told me. She fingered her ass with one hand. Jerked me off with the other while she sucked on the head of Tim's cock. Alex positioned her sweet ass above my cock, which slid inside her tight ass. She screamed a little bit as she swallowed down on Tim's dick. I was pretty sure he and I were going to cum pretty quick. Like we did when she sucked us off in her old office. Her body moved up and down my cock in her ass. Alex leaned back up against me. Tim took that as the initiative that her pussy was ready for his cock. He positioned himself in front of her and slid his dick inside of her pussy. It was a new experience that Tim and I had done. We never fucked the same woman at the same time—me in Alex's ass and Tim in her pussy.

We could feel the tip of each other's dicks and shafts as we pounded our cocks inside of her. I wanted to kiss the back of her neck, but my head was pushed against the couch's seat cushions. Rachel, this time wanted to feel my tongue on her clit and inside her pussy. She rid my tongue and face as she pinched her nipples until she came on my face and lips.

Erin sat on Tim's shoulders in a reverse piggyback style riding his tongue while his dick pounded inside Colonel Alexandria Gallagher's pussy. This was one of the most amazing orgies that I had ever been in, and that it was with our military superiors and Captain Brasher's twin sister, was pretty fucking amazing.

Rachel and Erin had climbed off of our faces, and each took one of Alex's nipples in their mouths. Alex had grabbed fistfuls of there hair with each hand forcing their mouths deep on her nipples. Alex let out a scream. I'm cumming; I'm cumming oh my god, I'm cumming. She exploded her juices all over Tim's cock. Erin and Rachel's head went down and licked Alex's cum up as Tim continued to pump his dick in and out of Alex's pussy.

Both Tim and I were about to cum as well, fucking our hot female colonel. First, it was Tim saying that he was going to cum, then it was me. Alex slid her body off of our cocks. The three beautiful women laid there in front of us as we straddled there faces. Tim and I both blew our loads of hot cum all over there faces at the same time.

Finally, exhausted, Tim and I sat on the chairs opposite the couch that the women laid against it covered in our cum. It had looked like; an elephant had cummed all over the women. They literally looked drenched in our juices. I guess that's what happens when you eat a lot of oysters. The women laid there and rubbed our cum all over their bodies like it was a lotion.

Both Captain Brasher and Colonel Alexandria Gallagher practically said at the same time, that if we can always perform like that, then Tim and I would be guaranteed regular weekly booty calls from them and other female friends that they had. He and I gave each other a high five and said that we could most definitely service our female commander and Captains lesbian lovers and fulfilling Rachel's needs as well.

Victoria Cumming

Co-Authored By Casey Keller

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She has an excellent library of a lot of different erotic genres. All characters are fictitious except for a few details that have happened in my life.

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Casey Keller
Casey Keller
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