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Top 4 Things You Didn’t Know About Foot Fetishists

If there ever was a fetish that wasn’t all that taboo it was the foot fetish. Pretty much everyone’s heard of it, and lots of people out there don't find it weird or even kinky.

By Jennifer WestPublished 5 years ago 2 min read

Today, we look at what it is about feet that turns people on, and what you can expect if you want to meet feet singles.

#1: They Like Other People's Feet, Not Their Own

It sounds kind of silly at first that a foot fetishist wouldn’t like their own feet to begin with, but it’s true. Not every foot fetishist out there is happy with the size or shape of their feet. They have very strong opinions about what a foot that turns them on looks like in terms of size, shape, length of toes, and the arch that is usually the single sexiest part of the foot that most fetishists are crazy about. And yet some of them don't even like having their feet touched by their partners.

#2: They Incorporate Feet Into Their Sex Lives

Foot fetishists like to worship feet during sex or foreplay in different ways. Lots of male foot fetishists who are into women like sex positions in which her ankles are on their shoulders, making it easier to kiss or touch her feet. Many of them like foot jobs, but that is not the only way feet can be incorporated into sex. They like to kiss and caress the feet or suck on their partners' toes, and many find feet sexy, because they're curvy and sensitive, making them erogenous zones not to be overlooked. Foot fetishists also like to be on the receiving end and love it when an innocent foot massage leads to great sex.

#3: They’re Open About It In Relationships

A foot fetish is so mainstream that it's risking its categorization as a kink, so foot fetishists usually don’t have a problem telling their partners about it. Many of them start by offering foot massages, and since most people don't have a problem with those, the person's foot fetish is easily introduced into the conversation. People who are confident about this fetish mention it early in the relationship when they talk about their sexual interests. Somehow they find a way to steer the conversation in that direction, and since it's so popular, their partners rarely consider them freaks or reject them because of it.

#4: They Want You To Try It

Foot fetishists are not really weirdoes like movies and TV shows often portray them, and they definitely consider their fetish perfectly innocent and safe, which it really is. That’s why they’d like you to give it a try, because it would be a shame to knock it before you even gave it a shot. If their partners have fetishes as well that helps, because they can go and explore them together instead of just putting the foot fetishist on the spot. Finally, if you try it and love it, they'll be thrilled, and if it does nothing for you no harm done.


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