To Share or Not to Share?

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Keeping private pictures private

To Share or Not to Share?

Many people will try and add some spice to their sex lives, the question is should you keep your private and personal life private at all times? The usual way to share is with candid photographs or candid videos. These are simple to do with modern technology, but what’s best for them once taken. You might want to share your exploits but can you control what you share and what happens to them after you share them?

This sort of thing started pre-internet with adult magazines; along with models, they used readers wife’s photos as well. The wife’s pictures were paid for and anyone who bought the magazines could see the shots but nobody else. The pictures existed only in the magazines and wouldn’t be repeated in other forms unless repeated by the magazines themselves.

These days, while this medium may still exist, the usual method of sharing is electronic. From photo sharing applications on phones through to internet websites, there are numerous ways to share. While the phone sharing apps limit the viewers, the person receiving or seeing the original photos can in theory share what they receive themselves. If you go a step further and share directly online with any of the myriad websites that accept candid shots then in theory anyone can see them. Some sites will have passworded, members only access and will stop picture copying but these are a minority.

It is said that most of the highest quality private videos and pictures are shown many thousands of times on other sites. Though if this was to happen would it be a bad thing?

I do wonder about this, as I have appeared numerous times naked on a website that is at the top of Google search for its content. The site was technically non-porn but contained full frontal nudity throughout. The idea was to take shots of yourself or a partner naked with an outdoor object or scene in the picture. The site had male and female contributors of all ages, shapes, and sizes. You aren’t allowed pornographic photos and you have to write a story about how the shot was taken. Some people on the site decide to wear some sort of disguise or won't look into the camera, and nearly all use false names. Though whatever the rules I appeared over a hundred times, fully naked.

I never really considered the potential risks, I am sure my family wouldn’t understand and sure friends would be unsure. I have had to sell the idea to my girlfriends, one of whom went from no chance of posing to taking part in a few months. The only precautions we took was using different names; beyond that anything could have happened to the shots. In fact, one of my partner's friends used to copy their favourite pictures and email them to us with their comments, this proved how easy it was for people to reuse any shots we sent in

Nobody has ever mentioned seeing myself or the two partners I have appeared with. I have had contact through the site from other contributors as well as from complete strangers who have seen us. It’s a thrill to be complimented and congratulated. It’s also a bit mind boggling when you get emails from the other side of the world, you forget sometimes how big the internet is.

I know of others who have shared with websites and they have been very happy with what’s happened. They have had no come backs and enjoy the thrill of the initial picture taking. One of the sites used is the afore mentioned type with members only access and prevention of copying. There are thousands of members of this site though, so many will still see what you send. They also have chat pages to share compliments which help and reassure contributors.

In summary, it’s a thrill to see yourself online and know many others can see you too, who can see though is hard to control. Enjoy the thrill but bear in mind the risk.

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