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To Be Sexually Free...

Is a growing feeling inside of me!

By Kai StormPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Although I was speaking freely about my experiences at Secret Hideaways, I really didn't tell my whole story. Suddenly, I was overcome with a feeling of telling too much, over revealing and dry snitching on real life events. I started thinking about what people would think if they read that blog and realized that I was talking about them, if they would come after me in social media because they felt 'exposed'. Instead, I opened up everyone's curiosity about it. I was getting questions like 'is that story true?' and 'is that place real?' & when I answered with a resounding YES, everyone was in awe. It felt good to share a rare experience with those who never had the opportunity. This newfound feeling allowed me to be free to tell some more and I do hope you enjoy the ride along with me.

Let's proceed!

The last thing I told you I was doing was having an orgasm while my ex boyfriend's fingers were deep in my pussy while sitting next to his wife who was pretending to be unbothered; we knew she was. She was trying to engross herself with a very sexy couple sitting across from us but they were more entertained by the display my ex and I were putting on than any cries for attention the wife was begging for. After I came, I was ready to do something with the couple across from us but my ex wanted more from me. His wife then tried to get his attention by pulling his fingers out of my pussy to lick my juices off of them in a desperate attempt to join in. I was turned off by the whole scene and I had no real need to reminisce in that way so I got up, walked up to the sexy couple and initiated a threesome. Pussy and dick joined together and I was on my knees sucking both of them vigorously. Her pussy tasted like strawberries and his cum was incredibly creamy. When it was my turn to get sucked and fucked, they gave me their ALL! Everyone that was watching saw and felt every orgasm with me...well, let me correct that.

Of course, my ex and his wife made it clear that they were not happy with that outcome. All of a sudden, jealousy and loyalties were being questioned. I guess it was okay for him to fuck random pussy rather than him stroking his way down memory lane with pussy he's enjoyed before. He got mad that he didn't get to fuck me and she got mad that he wanted to fuck me so badly; both of them got to watch me get fucked better than I would ever have dreamed of. I certainly was happy how things turned out.

I actually spent the rest of the night with that couple. The whole experience was sexually thrilling and....dare I! They were my sexual gods and I prayed at their alter all night long. The deep dick strokes, the throbbing pussy licks and the tongue to nipple massages allowed me to have continuous orgasms and even when I was totally drained, I craved to continue the cypher.

I've never felt this type of freedom before, the decadence of it begs me to ride it, take it in deep inside of me and ride it till I have multiple orgasms on it. It tongue fucks my pussy hard and touches my G spot every time. I know I said I wasn't completely into this new lifestyle but my pussy is having her own thoughts...and right now I want her to lead the way!

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Author, Blogger, Podcaster for Motherhood Sex Marijuana, Writer for Fuego Magazine!!

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