Tips for Strippers Breaking Into the Business

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You're in, but you know you need some more help.

Tips for Strippers Breaking Into the Business

So you’ve made it into the stripping world, but you’re still a newbie. You’ve been on the floor and stage hustling as hard as you can, however something isn't clicking. Or you just want to be more aware of the business and how to adapt. So if you want to improve or just want some extra pointers, here are some things to help you out.

1. Invest in other side hustles like handmade jewelry, sewing, tarot readings, etc...

Since there’s gonna be a lot of slow nights, find other ways to make money. It’s never good to just depend on one job anyway. Think of ways you can bring in extra cash. What skills can you bring to the table when it comes to the club? Well, most strippers are really good at doing hair and makeup and at most clubs, there are house moms that make and sell outfits. So, they don’t need anymore of that (and you also don't want to step on anyone's toes). A good way is to learn how to sew and how to read tarot cards. When I was a dancer, I’d always used to make handmade charm and bead jewelry. Also, learn how to sew because dancers always need more tip bags, especially really cute ones that could go with their outfits. Also, if you’re into tarot readings, dancers love to get readings. Always a good place to find tarot clients is in the club.

2. Invest in your outfits—hair and makeup products.

Don’t just come into work with just one or two outfits. I know outfits can be expensive, but if you can start off with at least three to five outfits, that will be beneficial to your work. The more you can keep a client’s attention with your outfits—the better. You don’t want to blend in with the other girls. You have to be the best—remember that. If you're the best, you get more money. Also make sure you have solid hair and makeup products. You want to make sure you look perfect and have everything you need to make sure you’re there.

3. Always carry a second pair of shoes.

Don’t make the mistake of just owning one pair of work heels. It’s like a back up pencil. Bring another one just in case, because you never know if your first pair is gonna break, get uncomfortable to wear or you just want to change them up. Always carry a back-up just in case.

4. If you can, change your outfits throughout the night.

Say you get bored of the outfit you’re wearing, bring extra outfits so you can change it up. Like I said before, you never want to blend in with the other dancers—you want to always stand out. Bring outfits with you to change it up. Also, a strap could break or a jewel could pop off your outfit, or say there’s a tear in your outfit—that’s where back-up outfits come in hand.

5. Chose music that’s entirely different from the other dancer’s playlists.

When you’re on stage, you don’t want to dance to just generic "Top 40" music or same songs that other dancers have chosen. It’s like your outfits, you don’t want to blend in with the other dancers. Pick songs that are completely different from the others. Pick something that will turn heads right in your direction and have customers gather around you.

6. Find music that your body naturally gravitates too.

I am a full believer in that your body can only move to certain genres, songs, etc. There’s this saying that a lot of strippers like to say that, “Real strippers can dance to anything.” Honestly that’s totally false, okay? You’re a human being, you have things you can and cannot do. You’re not a robot--and that's fine. Some dancers can move to country, some to metal, some to rap. Find songs that you know you can move to.

7. You can do the same moves as other dancers, but make up ones of your own.

When you are first starting to dance, it’s honestly monkey see-monkey do. A lot of dancers who start off have no idea how to dance seductively and properly. So when you first get into the business, know that it’s okay to dance like them. Eventually you’ll make up some of your own and perfect your moves.

8. Do not, for any reason, let a client get away with touching you.

If some perv lays a hand on you, immediately call for a bouncer or a manager and they'll make it stop on the spot.

9. It’s okay to call yourself a stripper.

A lot of dancers hate the term "stripper." They act if it’s some sort of slur. It’s not. Don’t worry. If you want to call yourself a stripper, it’s fine. It’s not a dirty word.

Mardoll Gatsby
Mardoll Gatsby
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